Log Entries

Project Location: AZ US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2013-10-19 Wing Team started making detail parts On the WIX-W13 dwg we made the -05R and L parts, deburred, trimmed and drilled 3/16 diameter holes on -01R and -01L details. On the WIX-W16 dwg we cut raw material for the -01, -08, -09, -10R and -10L details. Talked over ways to make the long cuts on the -01.
2013-10-19 Tail Team makes progress The Tail Team started on dwg WIX-T06. They trimmed the skins, fabricated the -03 and -07 drive plates, primed parts and riveted the -02R and -02L assemblies.
2013-10-19 Fuselage Team gets started The Fuselage Team worked on dwgs WIX-F25 and -F29. Most of the detail parts on F-25 were completed by the original kit owner. There may be a few parts missing. On the -F29 dwg the team completed the -04, -05, -06 and -07 details and primed them.
2013-10-26 Ruddervator Progress The Tail Team continued to make progress on the ruddervator. They made the hinge and drilled skin and ribs for riveting.
2013-10-26 Work on sheet W16 continues Most of the angle stock for detail parts have been cut to length. The -08, -09 and -10 parts are finished except for drilling holes as required. We hope to borrow a bandsaw with metal cutting blade by next weekend. That should speed up completion of the -01 and -03 details.
2013-10-26 Fuselage Team continues on sheet F26 and F27 The detail parts, less -01R and -01L, on sheet F27 are completed. They also made a long work table by adding to sheets of 4x8 particle board to two work benches with a splice in the center. We will add two support legs at the splice next week.
2013-11-02 Tail Team continues to make progress Today the Tail Team moved on to sheet -T11 and started to fabricate the ribs from the -Z02-04 channel stock. They also completed the -05 root rib clip using a arbor press to open the angle to 101 degrees.
2013-11-02 The Wing Team is close to finishing the -W16 details. Mentor Ron S. brought in his band saw today and that really sped up the parts fabrication. The Wing Team cut the -03 wing attach blocks and finished the -10R and -10L tie down fitting. The band saw made the long cuts on -01 angle with ease.
2013-11-02 Moving on to sheet -F24 The Fuselage Team spent almost two hours looking for the SNX-F24-12 airframe component only to find it was already used by the previous kit owner to make the -01 cross tie box assembly! After that, they moved on to the remaining details on sheet -F24.
2013-11-09 Sheet -W16 Complete The wing team finished the details on Sheet -W16 (less priming) and have one detail on sheet -W15 left.
2013-11-09 Did some rework today The team decided to disassemble the -F24-01 cross tie box assembly to remove some burrs. Started to rivet the assembly again.
2013-11-16 Oops! Realized that the -W16-07 angle was made from 1/8 material instead of the 3/16 called out. Made replacement parts today. Note that the drawing says to make from 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 angle but kit inventory says to use the 2 x 2 stock for this part.
2013-11-16 Sheet -W15 Also made the -W15-06 tip attach angles and match drilled to the SNX-W10-07 tip web and started to prep the Main Spar Web.
2013-11-16 Good progress today The fuselage team finished all the -F24 details and started working on -F23 parts.
2013-11-16 The tail is taking shape The ruddervator assembly is getting close to riveting. Ribs are being drilled. There appears to be a misprint on sheet -T11. The -09 to-012 ribs (rib 2, 3, 4 and 5) are called -10, -11, -12 and -13 where the lengths are specified?
2013-11-23 Continue parts prep The team continued making ribs.
2013-11-23 Working on -F23 Started making the parts on -F-23. It took a while to figure the best way to make the bends in the thick parts. The team finally settled on using the hydraulic press and bending one part at a time. They were really pleased how well the parts came out. The predrilled holes seemed to line up well.
2013-11-23 Main spar assembly prep Yes, the main spar drawing, -W14, is intimidating. Most of the parts are made and primed and spar webs deburred. Started to make the W19-08 and -09 root rib attach angles. Made the bends before trimming the side. Started to drill the W16-02 assembly for "tight fit hole". Not happy with the fit. Will look into using an NAS6204 bolt instead of AN4 for better fit. May have to remake one of the W16-02s.
2013-12-07 Ruddervator Continued working on the assembly of the ruddervator. Started drilling the -T06-05 hinge to T06-01R. Decided to prime all parts and inside skins along the rivet lines.
2013-12-07 Continued progress on main spar After the thanksgiving break, reviewed parts made and concluded we needed to remake two of the -W16-03 blocks and one of the -W16-05 attach angles. Used one of the scrap blocks to practice making a tight fit hole for the AN4-15A bolt. Deburred the upper and lower spar caps and made the -W13-02R/L angles. Primed all these parts. Still have to drill for AN4 bolts to complete the details on -W16-16.
2013-12-07 Continued on sheet -F23 Concentrated on the -01 tail post assembly. Still a lot of drilling needed to finish this part.
2013-12-14 Ruddervator Progress The tail team is closing in on the ruddervator assembly. All the parts are fabricated, primed and fit checked. Final assembly is next.
2013-12-14 Wing spar progress The wing team finished all of the parts prep for the main spar and has started making the details for the rear spar.
2013-12-14 F23 progress The fuselage team continues to make progress on the -F23-01 tail post assembly.
2013-12-21 Sheet -T11 Started to prep the -03 hockey stick for bending by first drilling out the laser drilled pilot holes.
2013-12-21 Final prep of spar caps Finished deburring the upper and lower spar caps. Began prep to assemble the main spars for drilling. Also started to make reinforcement angles on sheet -W17.
2013-12-21 Continued on sheet -F23 Started to drill out the holes for AN3 bolts.
2014-01-11 Worked on sheet -F22 and -F23 Added pilot holes to -F23-07 detail. Reviewed parts on sheet -F22. Continued work on -F22-01 tail post assembly.
2014-01-11 Ruddervator Replaced MS20257-3 hinge with MS20257-4 to correct error in the 0.057 gap (Ref -T05 section C-C). The wider hinge allowed maintaining good edge distance. Also made the bends in the hockey sticks using an arbor press.
2014-01-11 Rear spar Cut the two ovals in the rear spars and laid out the rib locations. As suggested by other builders, made a "T" shaped tool to drill the pilot holes at the rib location (to be drilled later). Had to scrap one of the -W12-03 rear spar extensions and ordered replacement material.

Continued making the -W17-02 thru -09 reinforcement angles.
2014-01-18 Ruddervators Completed Riveted the ruddervator assemblies. This is the first major subassembly to be completed. Great work Tail Team!
Assembled all of the detail parts to build the -T08 stabilator assembly.
2014-01-18 Progress on the rear spar Drilled the rear spar using special tool to locate the holes for rib attachment. Finished -W17 gussets -02 through -09. Started to modify the forward and main ribs.
2014-01-18 Tail post finished Drilled and assembled the -F23-01 tail post assembly. Also worked on the -F23-10 channel.
2014-01-25 Began Assembly of Stabilator Began to assemble the stabilator substructure as shown on drawing WIX-T10. Parts positioning was helped by using the predrilled holes in the skin.
2014-01-25 Continuing with -F22 details The team continued working on the -03,-05 and -10 details on sheet -F22
2014-01-25 Continued with rib prep Started drilling pilot holes in reinforcement angles on drawing -W17 for ribs. Modified forward and aft ribs as shown. Somehow, one of the aft ribs got mismarked and cut too much off the main spar attach end. This will have to be replaced.

Also started to drill the gussets to the forward ribs as shown on drawing -W19.
2014-02-01 Continued working on rear spar Made replacement -W12-03R rear spar extension.
2014-02-01 Continued making parts Finished riveting gussets to forward ribs 1-4. Started to make gussets for aft ribs.
2014-02-01 Worked on right stabilator Completed drilling skin to ribs on the right stabilator.
2014-02-01 Continued making parts Replaced bolts on the -F23-01 assembly. Started making access panel cutout on the bottom aft fuselage skin.
2014-02-08 Continued work on stabilator Construction of the stabilator continued by laying ribs inside the skin to establish locations.
2014-02-08 Aft rib prep The team continued working on the aft rib prep. Also continued work on aft spar by drilling the -W13-04 doubler.
2014-02-08 Continued work on rear fuselage area Found error was made in construction of -F25-02L/R. Remade the parts.
2014-02-15 Continued stabilator assembly The stabilator assembly is starting to shape up. It seems like the team has assembled and disassembled it a 100 times. Also had to make new attach brackets.
2014-02-15 Starting to work on aft side panels Layed out and cut the large slot on one of the rear side panels. Also make the 14 deg bend after a few practice runs.
2014-02-16 Aft rib prep (Sheet -W20) Only one rib left to complete sheet -W20! Started to plan drilling of upper and lower spar to spar web.
2014-02-22 Stabilator progressing Made good progress today on the left stabilator.
2014-02-22 Started the main spar assembly Tried to lay the spar horizontal with pieces of 2x4 supports but they didn't raise it high enough and there was no easy way to verify that the spar caps were being held against the spar spacers. Decided to orient the spar in a vertical position for access to both sides. We drilled the top spar cap first (it's on the bottom) but should have drilled the lower spar cap before moving the spacers.
2014-02-22 The rear spar assembly progress Drilled out the right rear spar inboard end and the spar splice.
2014-02-22 Working on the side panels Layed out the two 3/8" wide slots on the rear panels. Cut the slots out and deburred. Be careful, they are in different positions on left and right sides.
2014-03-08 Continued drilling We finished drilling the pilot size holes through the upper lower spar caps of the right hand spar. Located the -W16-01 angle and -W16-02 end attach and pilot drilled them as well.
2014-03-08 Rear spars completed We finished the rear spar assemblies today.
2014-03-08 Good progress on aft fuselage Cut the upper and lower longerons to size and drilled to the aft fuselage side panel.
2014-03-22 Work resumes Got back to working on the horizontal stabilizer.
2014-03-22 Woking on the rear side panels Finished drilling one rear side panel, removed fasteners, deburred and primed along rivet lines. Started the second side panel.
2014-03-22 Continued drilling Got most of the spar to web holes drilled out to #30 size. Worked on positioning the various support brackets.
2014-04-12 Work resumes After a few weeks off, we continued working on the horizontal stabilizers. One side is almost completed.
2014-04-12 Right spar making progress We started by disassembling the spar and deburring. Then we reassembled and added a few of the angle pieces. We're going to open all holes to 5/32" and then the holes that get AN3 bolts will be final sized.
2014-04-12 Continued building aft fuselage sections The aft fuselage side panels are almost complete.
2014-04-26 Amost ready to rivet Work continued on fitting up parts and drilling. We're getting close to riveting.
2014-04-26 Side skin progress The side skins are pretty much finished.
2014-04-26 Right spar making progress Almost all of the drilling of the right spar is done. Next will be dimpling and countersinking.
2014-04-26 Started on the flaps Today we completed the flap drive rib assembly and drilled the hinge halves.
2014-05-10 Continued work on stabilator Still working on the stabilator.
2014-05-10 Almost ready for riveting Finished drilling all holes to size on the right main spar. Dimpled and countersunk all rivet holes per plans. Still have to dimple/countersink screw holes.
2014-05-10 Continued work on side panels Prepared side panel for riveting. Drilled pilot holes in bottom skin for access panel cover.
2014-05-17 Ready to rivet Finished c/sinking, deburred, and primed the right spar. This was the last build session in the school year. Ready to rivet when we regroup in August.
2014-05-17 Worked on building the mixer assembly Got the mixer assembly built and everyone had to "wiggle" test it.
2014-05-17 Right flap progress The flap skins are not predrilled, so we started to layout the rivet locations. Sorted the nuts and bolts and put into donated storage trays.
2014-09-13 Assembly starting We kicked off the 2014-2015 effort last week by dividing the kids into 2 teams that meet twice a month. Team B is working the fuselage and made great progress this week.
2014-09-20 Finishing up the elevators Team A met today for the first session of the 2014-2015 school year. Travis is finishing up the elevators.
2014-09-20 Starting the left spar We are starting to put the left spar together.
2014-09-27 Not much progress today Spent most of the day recovering from the summer break. Had to locate many of the detail parts we fabricated last year. Found one part needed to have some rivets removed for assembly access. Looking to make better progress on the next session.
2014-09-27 Not much progress today Spent most of the day locating parts we made last year. Found one part needed to have some rivets removed because access is needed for next assembly. Hope to make better progress at next work session.
2014-10-04 Getting closer Finished drilling all ribs, channel and hinges. Started to deburr and prime.
2014-10-04 Good progress on flaps Drilled the left flap skin at rib locations. Drilled ribs and hinge on left flap.
2014-10-04 Making brackets for aileron Started to make the brackets and spacers for the aileron bellcrank on -W18 drawing.
2014-10-04 Left spar fabrication continues Continued with drilling the left main spar. Added the -W19-08 and -09 root rib attach angles.
2014-11-08 Started rudder fab Worked on the WIX-T04-03 part for the rudder.
2014-11-08 Continued with left spar Continued drilling out all holes to #30. Disassembled spar to debur. Reassembled spar.
2014-11-08 Left flap Layed out the hole pattern on left flap skins.
2014-11-08 WIX-W18 drawing details We made one of the -09 clips last build session and realized we needed 7 more! Got them made and primed. Also worked on the -02R and -02L brackets. Got the bushing holes drilled and pressed in the bushings on the -02R part.
2014-11-15 Continued with rear fuselage Work continued on the rear fuselage. Will try to get pictures and status by the end of this year.
2014-11-22 Started rudder assembly Got the rudder skin trimmed. Installed the fiberglass cap and drive horn assembly. Drilled all pilot holes with #40 drill.
2014-11-22 Left main spar drilled out Got all of the holes in the left main spar drilled out to final size. Next time will deburr, dimple and c'sink holes.
2014-11-22 Rib No. 9 Dwg -W18 Located and drilled the vertical channels on the two ribs. Got the -09 clips on the right rib ok. Trimmed the 4 clips as shown in the detail and realized that two of the clips need to have the opposite corner trimmed. Started to make replacement clips.
2014-11-22 Working details on Dwg -W04 Started to fab details of the -09 channel assembly.
2014-11-22 Continued with flap fabrication Drilled all holes in left flap to final size. Started layout and drilling of holes in right flap.
2014-12-13 Left spar drilled Finished drilling the left spar to final size. Deburred, dimpled and countersunk holes.
2014-12-13 Contnued with -W04 details Finished making the -09 channel details (need 2, drawing says 1). Also drilled the -05R and -05L drive rib assemblies.
2014-12-13 Continued Rib #9 We continued making the details for the #9 ribs.
2014-12-20 Left flap riveted Primed the inside at rib locations and flanges of all ribs. Started to rivet the flap together.
2014-12-20 Continued working Continued getting bulkheads fitted into rear fuselage.
2015-01-10 Right Flap Layed out rivet lines and drilled right flap.
2015-01-10 Getting close to riveting Assembled the left spar. Installed bolts and nuts on both right and left spar. Decided that we can use a C-frame to rivet the inboard rivets. Will confirm that will work on the next session.
2015-01-10 Continued working the bellcrank rib Had to remake the support channels for the Rib No. 9 Dwg -W18.
2015-01-24 Right Flap Got the right flap ready for riveting.
2015-01-24 Rudder done Finished the rudder assembly.
2015-01-24 Started riveting We are experimenting with different techniques to rivet the spar. The pneumatic squeezer is best for the outboard rivets which are more accessible.
2015-01-24 Reworking the aileron rib Decided to remake the aileron support brackets.
2015-01-31 Parts prep Riveted the ribs to the drive plate. Started to assemble the aileron counterbalance.
2015-01-31 Continued assembly work Located and drilled the rudder to the aft end. Drilled the aft shear web to the longerons.
2015-02-07 Continued riveting Finished setting most of the inboard flush rivets using rivet gun and bucking bar. Need to borrow a 5/32 cup set for the AN470 rivets.
2015-02-07 Left flap progress Finished the riveting flap.
2015-02-07 Continued with the aileron details Drilled the left an right aileron hinges. Drilled out the aileron counterbalance ribs. Studied the aileron skin drawing and began layout for cutting.
2015-02-21 Riveting Continued riveting the left spar.
2015-02-21 Cut the skin Measured and cut the right aileron skin.
2015-02-21 Continued rework Almost done with prep of rib #9.
2015-03-21 Rework Had to remake a bracket that fits in the bottom of the rear fuselage to support the last bulkhead. In order to match drill to the existing hole pattern, made our own hole duplicator. Working from the forward side, we were able to match drill both #30 and #12 holes.
2015-03-28 Main spar finished We lined up the 5 holes that sets the wing dihedral and drilled them out to 1/4 inch as specified. The main spar is finished!
2015-03-28 Right aileron Finished fitting the outboard rib on the right aileron. Seems like we may have trimmed the bottom side of the skin a little too much, but were able to fit the rib in. In making the cutout for the counterweight, the cutoff disk nicked the skin past the inside corner radius so we had to file away some material to eliminate the error. We also laid out the cut lines on the left aileron.
2015-04-25 Resumed work on stabilator Revisited the stabilator to determine what needs to be done to finish. The left one is close to being done but needs more work before riveting. The right one needs more finishing work. We made some progress today, but are not ready to rivet yet.
2015-04-25 Layed out holes in skin for drilling We measured and layed out the locations for pilot holes in the skin of the right aileron.
2015-04-25 Counter weights almost done Got the two counter weight structure riveted.
2015-04-25 Ready to rivet aft fuselage Finished drilling all holes to size. The aft fuselage is ready for riveting.
2015-09-19 Resumed work Continued working open issues with right stabilator. Drilled all rivet holes to #30. Made replacement brackets and matched drilled in place. Need to open bolt holes. Next step is to disassemble, debur and prime.
2015-09-19 Resumed work Finished laying out the rivet locations on right aileron skin. Drilled out with #40. Positioned and drilled the center rib.
2015-09-19 Wing Rib #9 Continued working the #9R/L ribs.
2015-10-10 One ruddervator finished Finished riveting one more control surface.
2015-10-10 Left aileron skin trimmed Finished trimming the left aileron skin.
2015-11-21 Right Aileron Decided to replace the right aileron due to incorrect positioning of the counterbalance ribs. Cut out the new skin and laid out hole for new center rib.
2015-11-21 Tips fitted Fitted the tips on the stabilator. Found that the ruddervator hinge was installed in the wrong position. Drilled out the hinge for replacement.
2015-11-21 Rib #9 Finished Made new clips for the #9 ribs and installed the clips.
2015-11-21 Left Aileron Positioned and drilled the ribs on the left aileron. Fitted the outboard tip rib and drilled. Still need to prepare and drill the hinge before riveting.
2015-12-19 Finished Drilling Right Aileron Got all the skin/ribs drilled out. Removed protective plastic and started to deburr holes.
2015-12-19 Replaced hinge on ruddervators Found that the hinges were misaligned and decided to replace them. Tried to match drill new hinge but too many holes were not lining up with existing hole underneath. Was able to drill new holes in between existing misplaced holes.
2015-12-20 Replaced hinge on ruddervators Found that the hinges were misaligned and decided to replace them. Tried to match drill new hinge but too many holes were not lining up with existing hole underneath. Was able to drill new holes in between existing misplaced holes.
2016-01-09 Completed ailerons Finished riveting the left aileron.
2016-01-09 The ruddervators are done Finished riveting the hinges on. This completes the tail group!
2016-01-09 Moving ahead on the aft fuselage The aft fuselage was worked on by the team last year. We are now ready to resume construction. Here we are fabricating some of the components for the next phase.
2016-01-23 Continued with parts for the aft fuselage Spent some time reviewing where we are with the aft fuselage. This was done by a different team last year so we need to get up to speed.
2016-01-23 Began to assemble the right wing Dusted off the wing ribs and labeled everything for assembly. This is where we left off at the beginning of this year.
2016-02-06 Rib Installation Right Wing Began riveting ribs on right wing.
2016-02-06 Riveting Rear Fuselage Started to rivet the rear fuselage starting at the front and proceeding to the rear.
2016-02-20 Started wing skinning Leveled and squared up the right wing. Drilled the aft top skin in place.
2016-02-20 Continued riveting Working our way from front to rear we continued with riveting cross ties.
2016-04-02 Right Wing Progress Got the forward skin on without any damage. Drilled the bottom side to #30 size. Drilled the flap hinge and hung the flap. Hinge pin is a little hard to insert.
2016-04-16 Right wing drilling complete Finished drilling the right wing skins to final size. Mounted the aileron and fitted the wing tip.
2016-04-30 Almost ready to rivet right wing Deburred skins and ribs. Primed along rib flanges and rivet lines on skins. Started to make a doubler plate for the premade pitot-static tube. Plan to use 6-32 nut plates to mount the assembly.
2016-05-14 Right wing bottom skin riveted Today was the last session for the 2015-2016 school year. We had hoped to get the right wing done but were only able to rivet the bottom skins.
2016-08-20 Right wing top skins ready to rivet Drilled out the hole in bottom aft skin for tiedown attach point.Installed eye bolt. Installed forward and aft top skins with clecoes. Ready to rivet.
2016-08-27 Right wing riveted Finished riveting the forward and aft wing skins except along the rear spar. Fit checked the flaps and ailerons. A slight rubbing between the aileron counter weight bolts and end rib. Considered replacing AN bolts with flush machine screws but will try filing down heads first. Also a slight interference between rear spar/aft skin and flap in the neutral position. Need to decide if we can file or move hinge outward.
2016-08-27 Started left wing assemlby Got the ribs cleoed to main and aft spar for fit check. May need slight position adjustment of the outboard ribs.
2016-09-17 Aileron mounted on right wing Had to grind down the six AN bolt heads on the counterweight to eliminate rubbing. Riveted the aileron to rear spar. Inspection showed the hing half on the rear spar was installed upside down. Removed all the rivets and replaced the hing half. Matched drilled the new hing. Also Wwas able to shim between the outside rib and counterweight to achieve zero interference.
2016-09-17 Flap installed on right wing Clecoed the flap to the right wing and set the aileron to neutral position. Lined up the flap with the aileron and verified no interference with rear spar or rear skin. Riveted the flap to the right wing.
2016-09-17 Prepairing left wing Clecoed ribs 1 to 12 in place. Centered the rear ribs on the aft spar and drilled mount holes with #30 drill. Started to prep ribs by for priming mating surfaces. Removed the inboard brackets to allow mount of the forward and aft root rib.
2016-09-25 Working on left wing Got ribs 1-12 primed. Riveted ribs 4-12 to main and aft spar. Leveled the wing placed the top skin on top. Will position and drill in next session.
2016-10-08 Prepairing left wing Positioned wing on table. Leveled across front and rear spars with bottom side up. Positioned bottom aft skin.
2016-10-22 Started drilling left wing skin Drilled bottom skin to aft ribs. Turned over and drilled top skin.
2016-11-05 Left wing skinning Positioned and drilled top forward skin. Drilled skin to ribs. Turned over and used ratchet straps to pull skin down. Drilled skin to ribs.
2016-11-19 Worked on fitting inboard ribs Removed some clecoes to access the inboard rib. Matched drilled the ribs to bracket at main and rear spar.
2016-11-19 Fitted left wing tip Had to remove some of the aft spar web to allow wing tip to install flush with skin. Made cutouts to fit wing tip but did not drill to skins.
2016-12-17 Left wing drilling completed Finished drilling skins. Disassembled and deburred.
2016-12-17 Left wing tip drilled Had to trim a little more on the aft spar to fit the wing tip. Still have some gap at the leading edge that will have to be filled.
2016-12-17 Installed flap hinge on left wing Mounted the flap hinge and held the flap in position to assess alignment with aileron. Looked ok. Drilled hinge to the rear spar.
2017-01-07 Primed forward skin Primed the forward skin. Installed inboard ribs 1-3 on the left wing. Riveted gussets to left inboard rib. Started to reinstall bolts.
2017-01-07 Reworked right wing aileron bell crank bolt Started to address the connections for the aileron push rods on the right wing which was already skinned. Found that the aileron bell crank bolt on the right wing was installed upside down. Working through the inspection opening proved very difficult. Finally able to remove the bolt and install correctly. Need to reinstall cotter pin and finish the long and short push rod attachments.
2017-01-21 Aileron control rods installed Installed the aileron control rods in the right wing (working through the inspection access). This was quite difficult to get two hands in at the same time. Also installed the control rods on the left wing prior to skinning. Much easier.
2017-01-21 All ribs installed Riveted the 3 inboard ribs at the rear spar. Installed bolts for root rib and torqued.
2017-02-04 Left wing skinning Riveted all skins on left wing except for aileron and flap hinges. Forgot to leave out rivets for wing walk material. Will remove these rivets next session.
2017-02-18 Left wing done Finished riveting the left wing. Removed the rivets in the wing walk area that we forgot to leave out. Also finished the wing tip attachment drilling.
2017-02-18 Began turtle deck prep work Located the turtle deck skins and put in the notch on the bottom rear corners. Drawing -F19 seems to show a notch at the center line but can't find any details on the drawing. Will ask factory.

Also made the F20-10, 11 and 12 brackets and the -07 splice channel. When making the F20-10 clips, only drill pilot holes in 3 pieces (on the 1/2 inch wide flange) and match drill the other 3. Keep these together as matched sets as the holes need to match up on installation (see -F19).
2017-03-04 Started turtle deck Build up the center channel and attached skins. Started to install on fuselage. Fitted and drilled aft bulkhead.
2017-03-11 Continued turtle deck installation Finished drilling the bulkheads to the turtle deck skin.
2017-04-01 Started on forward fuselage We started making some of the detail parts for the forward fuselage. Bent some of the stainless firewall parts and fabricated one of the stiffener bars.
2017-04-08 Continued making detail parts Made several more of the detail parts used in the forward fuselage.
2017-04-22 Prepare turtle deck for riveting Removed the turtle deck and formers. Deburred and primed parts. We are ready to reassemble and rivet.
2017-04-22 Continued making detail parts Made some more of the detail parts for the forward and center fuselage. Laid out and drilled pilot holes in parts made at the last session.
2017-05-06 Continued turtle deck installation Worked on installing bolts in the rear fuselage, primed inside of turtle deck skins and mating surfaces of the formers.
2017-05-06 Continued making detail parts Continued with making some of the details for the forward fuselage.
2017-05-13 Almost done with turtle deck We got all of the inside formers installed and riveted in place. Only have to rivet the skin. This was the last session before our summer break. Looking forward to next years team.
2017-08-26 Riveting continued Gave each of the new students a chance to rivet the turtle deck. Got most of the rivets in. Good job!
2017-09-09 Almost finished Went to finish the riveting of the skin in the rudder area and found that the rivets interfered with the Y-structure. Had to remove most of the bolts to rivet and then reinstall the Y. Very difficult access at this stage of assembly.
2017-09-09 Firewall assembly started Began to put the firewall together. First step was to get the two flanges bent. Did a few practice pieces before making the final bend. Then continued with the assembly process.
2017-09-09 Started the spar tunnel Began to assemble the spar tunnel. Pilot drilling done. Need to open holes and dimple/countersink for flush rivets. Plans say to not rivet until later.
2017-09-23 Finished Added some missing rivets in the rear of fuselage and 8 bolts in the front. The aft fuselage is now complete (we are leaving the bottom skin off as long as we can)!
2017-09-23 Continued building the firewall Got most of the upper firewall done. Slow drilling of the stainless.
2017-09-23 Continued making detailed parts We continued making the many details that are needed for the forward/center fuselage.
2017-09-30 Detailed parts fab continues We continued making detailed parts for the forward fuselage side panels. We also did some assembly of the upper firewall piece, riveting the flange strip to the top.
2017-11-04 Detailed parts fab continues We continued making detailed parts for the forward fuselage. Had some problems with mirror image parts, so used up some of the angle stock. Hardest parts to make were the long angles that needed to be reformed to 93 or 87 degrees.
2017-11-18 More Detail Parts Continued making detailed parts for the forward fuselage side panel.
2018-01-13 Ready to start side panels We finished making all the detail parts for the F12-01 side panels. Working ahead now on the detail parts for later.
2018-03-03 Began assembly of fuselage sides We started to put together the forward fuselage side panels. Made an error in labeling a right part as "left", so drilled the wrong part to the right side. Then we measured the location of the landing gear attach angle. Convinced our measurement was correct, we shortened the part to make it fit our dimensions. We finally realized the mistake so decided to remake the modified part and order a new side skin.
2018-03-03 Working ahead on more details Started to make up the seat pan by shearing the 0.025 aluminum to size. Glad we have a shear that can do this.
2018-05-19 Side panels done It's been a long time coming, but we finally finished fabrication, assembly and riveting of the forward side panels. Today was the last day of our 2017-2018 school year. Looking forward to next year.
2018-09-08 First build session this school year We had a great turn out for the first build session for the new school year. We started to mate the forward side panels to the fuselage. Others worked on some detail fuselage parts that we will need later. Having to move the project to a smaller work area did involve a lot of searching for parts as everything was in a new location.
2018-09-22 Lower firewall started Had to trim two bottom corners to get the lower firewall installed. Started to drill in place. Moved on to the lower splice plates that need to be drilled to the bottom skin. Going to be a challenge as the rivets in this area limit our access.