Gas Welding Torch
This torch is an old aircraft welding torch I have had for years. It got updated tips from Metal Technologies. I had to use a die and thread the end of an existing tip to accept the new tip 1/4 x 28 thread. I also added a light weight hose to make it easier to manipulate while welding. I used 1/4" hose and slipped the ends on to the standard hose fittings. I then put small wire ties over the end to keep them in place.


Aluminum and wood Band saw
This is a bandsaw I picked up at a second hand store for twenty bucks. Dont get in a hurry and it works fine. It actually cuts as fast as my eyes can keep track.


Router Table
A quick router table for router trimming the wing ribs.


Drill Bushings
I purchased some 3/16" drill bushings on ebay. What an item no elongated holes. Drilled the hole undersized then pressed the bushings into the MDF.


Surplus air tools from Ebay
I got these air tools on ebay for a very good price.


24 " Metal brake
This is a fairly sturdy sheet metal brake . Grizzly and others have the same one.


HF 9x20 Lathe
Rebuilt and painted this Harbour Freight lathe. I have already made several fittings, and will use it to make my landing gear, gas caps, as well as notch tubing , and make my axles.


Benchmaster Mill
Traded an aero tech school out of the mill and am adding a Grizzly mini mill head to allow both vert and horizontal milling capabilities.


Gas welding outfit
I bought this setup from a friend who didnt use it. It came with a cart, tanks, regulators, and a Henrob torch outfit. One of those good deals.

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