Top Speed (Vne) 175 mph, IAS
Cruise Speed (260 hp) 150 mph (62%), TAS (varies with builder,engine,weight)
Cruise Speed (180 hp) 135-140 mph, TAS
Landing Speed 40 mph, IAS
Takeoff Roll 200-500 ft, demonstrated (depends on engine)
Rate of Climb @ gross 1,500-1,700 fpm (varies with builder,engine, etc.)
Range @ 65% est. 650 mi.
Range @ 50% est. 900 mi.
Empty Weight 1150-1350 pounds (varies w /builder /engine /prop)
Gross weight 2500 pounds (2700 pounds on floats)
Useful Load 1350-1150 pounds (varies w/ builder/ engine/ prop)
Fuel Capacity 50 gallons (standard) 68 gallons (optional, w/aux tanks)
Wing span 33 ft.
Wing Area 180 sq. ft.
Length 23 ft. 6 in.
Cabin Width 42 in.
Cabin Length 9 ft 8 in. (firewall to back of back of baggage area)
Engine HP range 150-260 hp


Bearhawk Cargo Door
The Bearhawk cargo door is much like the Maul. I like the cargo door opening for it's size. It would be easy to load anything you can take into the backcountry. This door would help to make the BH a great missionary plane since the missionary pilots often have to load awkward cargo. Looks as though a stretcher would be equally easy to load.


the flaps have a full down deflection of Fifty degrees.


Landing Gear
The landing gear is a oleo spring design. The entire gear , including all parts for the oleo strut are contained in the well done plans. On my site you will see the picture of the bench top lathe I have for turning the oleo strut parts.


Cargo Doors of another Bearhawk
This photo shows the great cargo door size.

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