D. Mabe
I first flew in 1976 when my dad decided to use up his G.I bill. One flight and I was hooked. God really blessed me in that my flight instructor Lou Murphy of Carson City , Nevada ,wanted to help me out. He gave me his instruction time for free. Also there was a lady on the airport that owned a 1957 Cessna 172 who donated me the time on her plane. The trip was short to my license. I recieved my Private Pilots license in 1977 with 52 hours. I worked at the airport for a couple of years until joining the Marines in 79. Didnt fly after that for 23 years. I was able to pick up where I left off in June of 2003. Again God blessed me and allowed me to finish my Instrument/Commercial in August of 2004. Now I am building a Bearhawk. I plan on using the building time to get my A&P, and to pursue missionary aviation. With three grand children spread out over three corners of the U.S I plan on a lot of cross-country time. Sice I started the Bearhawk a couple months ago, I have accumulated numerous surplus ac parts as well as a warehouse of tools.

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