Wings to Warehouse
Welcome to my Bearhawk construction log. My name is David Mabe, and am a commercial pilot with instrument rating. I have looked for a bush plane to build for some time, and after looking at all of them,I decided on the Bob Barrows Bearhawk. There are others out there, but I believe this to be the best in performance, speed, builder support, and buildability.

CoPilot Max
Well Max the copilot was let off his chain and is now no longer.


Nice View of the BearHawk
Nice aerial view of the Bearhawk.

Other Builders

Water jet cut steel parts forthe wing.

Flat Steel Parts
I recieved my flat steel wing parts back from the water jet cutter. After sending them to Bob Barrows for inspection, I will be able to offer them to builders. Not sure when yet, but trade a little cash for a lot of time.

Parts made so far for my tailwheel.
Threading practice on the lathe.

Latest Shop Project
I just finished the body of my tailwheel, and the spacer ring for my tailwheel. I am using a 400x4 schweitzer 126 tire, and the spacer will allow the tire to spread out and give a larger footprint.

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