the Team ... Martha, Max (in the back), and Tom

The 2 year Commitment (Gads!)
Yes ... it's been a long time consideration ... do we build this, OR regret NOT building for the next "how many" years?

In the past, I always thought that I did not have the expertise and (as my Dad used to call it) "stik-to-it-ativeness" to complete such a long term undertaking.

BUT ... we made the commitment. Martha says, and I agree with her, that we can accomplish what ever we set out minds to ... even a project of the magnitude of completeing a complex kit aircraft that will in 18 to 24 months carry us aloft to new adventures.

So the question is ... how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. As with any long term project, it's important to do something a little bit each day. So, while the day to day progress seems glacial at time, progress in made every week, and every week or two ... you can actually see the progress.

Once you have tasted flight,
You will wander the earth with your eyes turned Skyward.
For ... It;s there that you have been.
And ... It's there you must Return.

- Leonardo da Vinci

I really had it made ... but now its time for some new adventures.

Family Flying
Both Cammie and Morgan have joined me in flying outings. While they both enjoy it, Cammie seems to need stable air to enjoy it most. Here is a picture of Cammie in the back of a GCAA Citabria on Fathers Day 2003.

Our Past ... and Motivation for the future!
Our Honorary Mascot ... and Proprietor of "The Doghouse"

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