2004 S6S Really a sweet flying plane
New hangar with heat and ac.
Hangar S6S is in with new hangar in background

About Us
Robert and I were partners in a C Store for over 12 years. We decided we wanted to fly and decided to build a HKS Chinook Plus 2. It took us about 7 months to actually build it. I then started taking lessons and learned to fly. We got tired of low and slow so we decided to build a S6S Rans. Bought the compete kit and sold the chinook about the same time. Robert decided we needed a plane now so we got one in Calif. and my instructor and I flew it home to Oklahoma. Well we then decided it wouldnt be any fun build a plane we already had so that is how the S-19 came about. I am very lucky to have a partner that likes airplanes so much and he doesnt even want to learn to fly. I guess I am a lucky guy.. We also have our own grass strip that is 2200 ft long and two nice hangars that we built. The last hangar we built has a hyd door (that we built), insulated, heating and air conditionin. Makes it nice on those hot or cold days.. We did sell the C-Store about a year ago so I lots of time to work on the plane. I also like to build and work on harleys. We take several motor cycle trips a year.. I guess I am blessed.

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