This is the OG SONEX. I saw this plane at Sun-n-Fun 2003. I've been thinking about her every since
Here's John & Jeremy flying a SONEX
Truth be told, I think I am more in love with the engine than the airplane. The Aerovee engine is definitely cool

Building the SONEX

I find myself at the beginning of middle age and thinking about the fact that tomorrow isn't guaranteed. I have always wanted to build an airplane, and so here we go.

Feel free to lurk as often as you wish and follow me through this fantastic journey. I promise to be honest and not sugar coat the details of this project.

I decided to build the kit after struggling with the option of scratch building for a few weeks. It all came down to wanting to build the nicest airplane I could. It's hard to argue with those beautifully cut laser parts.

According to my calculations, the difference in price between scratch building and kit building was that the scratch built was less than $2000 less expensive than the kit. However, I know there are other factors to be built into that equation. But honestly it wasn't as big of a price difference as I expected.

My two sons taking the first flight. (No they aren't gay... at least I'm reasonably sure one of them isn't).

Tail Feathers Complete

Today we finished the tail feathers. Christopher and I fitted the horizontal stabilizer tips and then Nick and his girlfriend showed up and acted like they helped.

Here's the mandatory tail complete picture.

Now on to the wings.

I know, not the best picture, but the camera decided to act like an ass when I was taking the spar mated picture. Oh well, look at somebody elses web-site if you don't like it...

Spars All Done
Here are both main spars all done. SONEX sells an upgrade pre-assembled spar for an additional $2200. I probably have about 40 hours total in them. Lots of hard work, but if I was building another set, could easily get them done in 25 hours.

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