If we happen to get lucky we might end up with something like this!
This says it all.

Sonex plans #929 purchased!
After several years dreaming about building a Sonex, That day has finally arrived! My building partner Roland and I will be sharing this experience together with the hope of producing a truely unique and exciting aircraft! Neither one of us could be more excited! and to be joining such a great fraternity of builders (Sonex builders) will be a truely gratifying experience. Of all the people that I have met in ventures flying I have yet to meet somebody that "Trumps" the spirit, passion and generousity of a Sonex builder! Once plans arrive early this week I will take pictures and post again. Along the way I hope we can provide some interesting, helpful, and possibly entertaining information!

B-E-A- utiful!!!

5/25/07 Sonex 929 has ARRIVED!!!
So it begins! Our plans are in! All I can say is WOW, I consider myself by any and all standards to be a novice (at present time), but from the first couple drawings down to the flight manual these plans are excellent. How reassuring! It sits now just a bunch of drawings and numbers but I can't help but to get excited knowing whats in front of me now on paper will soon be taking flight....

John Koser and Sonex #167!!!

It was a beautiful day for flying!
"We're only gonna climb out at 800fpm" John said to me as I watched about 500 ft of the 3000' runway pass until we lost contact with the ground. I then thought about flying in the Cherokee 140 that I logged most of my time in. If I had 2 grown adults in it with a tank full of fuel the only way I would see 800fpm would be to spontaneously eject my passenger from the front seat while simultaneously having them siphon fuel from my tank on their way down. My thoughts are interrupted by Johns' comments on the crosswind being stronger than expected but still not to bad. Finally we level off about 3300msl and a glance down at the airspeed indicator catches my eye 150+ wow with 80 horses and gas being sipped like the foam from a cold glass of beer on a hot summer day. If we were to stop flying now I would have been completely impressed but thankfully that was only the beginning of my Sonex voyage. After some basic manuevering and getting an overall feel for the aircraft John asks if I would like to take the controls, before he could even get the words out my hands were firmly agrasp the fighter like stick sitting convieniently at arms length. It's a match made in heaven, almost as if the aircraft knows my thoughts and its waiting for me acknowledge its abilities. I think right turn to a westerly heading and with little to no coercion we are turning in perfect coordination to our destination. As we get a little more aggresive into the bank "more right rudder, ball center" (in my flight instructors demeaning voice) pops into my head only to glance at the turn coordintator and see the ball lackadaisically resting in its "cage". Just then Johns hangarmate Bill (also Sonex owner but with a jab 3300) comes up on frequency with a postion report. The hunt was on! After a few glances in his vicinity we spot each other and quickly close the distance between us. It must of been a beautiful sight from the ground, because from the air it was fantastic, 2 Sonex flying wingtip to wingtip. Now I am convinced I am a fighter pilot flying in formation back from a seek and destroy mission! Soon Bill asks if we want to see what the Sonex can do and of course I eagerly oblige. As I split my eyes between the horizon and Bills' Sonex I'm caught off gaurd as he pulls his Sonex into a high G climb only to bank into a full barrell roll! As he rolls back to wings level he departs 3300msl for lower building speed and momentum, suddenly he goes stick full aft and completes an amazingly executed full loop rolling out with the grace of a soaring eagle and back into position on my wing! As I sit grinning from ear to ear thinking of my plans at home I hear "Well what do you think?" I don't remember exactly what I said but it probably didn't make much sense or sound like anything in the english language, suffice to say he knew my answer. As we headed back to the airport I realized I was now armed with probably the most important tool in my workshop. Determination. I knew at that moment that this project WAS going to be completed and that NOTHING could possibly prevent that from happening. Again I wan't to thank John and Bill for their amazing generousity! He is, as I talked about before, exactly what I mean when I talk about Sonex builders being the best in the business!

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