It isn't much, but it is insulated and heated!

How many of the condominiums that you know of, have a hangar?

Well, it may not be a hangar but for the time being it will do just fine. I do live in a condominum and unlike most, I have a fairly large garage by comparison. The floor space is about 14 X 24 ft. with a 9 foot ceiling, drywalled, insulated, painted and heated.

I know, you're probably wondering, how are my neighbors dealing with the noise created while building an airplane. My garage shares no structure with any other part of the building except for my own place. I do check with my neighbors from time to time to see if anyone is being disturbed by my activities, and I have had nothing but positive feedback and support for my project!

Be generous with lighting in your shop. It's very affordable, and will make the entire building process easier.

For starters, a simple work bench will do just fine.

The work bench shown is 6 1/2 ft. x 4 ft. When building your bench, be sure to leave a lip that extends around the edges so you will have something to clamp to. You will have many occasions that you will want to clamp something down to your bench, and having an edge you can clamp to will really help.

I built the entire empennage on this bench with no problem. I did have to remove the vise a couple times, but not having a large garage to work in, I'm forced to make the most of what I have.

Next to the work bench, is a bench I built for my larger power tools. It has wheels on it so I can move it to where I deed it. It also allows me to get it out of the way when I need to make room to work.

He who dies with the most toy's wins!

The combination - Polaris Quad / Plans Bench

As I was saying, I have limitted space for my project and again, I'm forced to make the most of it.

Several guys have built a drawer under their bench top to keep their plans, but I would have had to give up storage space under my bench to do that. Besides, the Quad is already taking up valuable real estate so I figured I may as well put to good use.

When I build the 10 ft. bench for the wing construction, I'll probably build a drawer on it to stow the plans. But for now, this arrangement works just fine.

Take the tools to the task, not the task to the tools - Life is much easier that way.

Portable Power Tool Bench.

This little bench on wheels allows me to move the heavier tools where I need them, without busting my buns.

I built the bench to be a few inches taller than my work bench. I did this to bring the tools up to a more comfortable height for me to work. It also give me more storage height under the bench as well.

Being able to move these tools quickly and easily gives the shop more flexability so far as making the most of a limited work space goes.

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