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Log Entries for Leading Edge

2nd Landing Light Lens Mold without cloth

Log Entry Date: Feb 21, 2006

Leading Edge

Landing Light Lens Construction
10/31/05 Constructed a male mold from plywood ribs, aluminum flashing and cotton cloth to mold a 0.060 Plexiglas sheet heated to 275 degrees F in an oven. This approach yeilded a lens, but was awkward to handle the hot plexiglas, had too much warping and was not the proper shape to conform to the wing leading edge. The ribs did not properly support the aluminum flashing, which "oil canned" excessively.
2/21/05 The male mold of 2/6/06 did not properly support the al. sheet. Had too much oil-canning. Constructed another mold from solid lumber pieces screwed together and covered with cotton cloth. Narrow strips of solid lumber, covered with cotton cloth, were fastened around the mold with wood screws to hold the Plexiglas firmly in place as the heating and molding process proceeded. This second attempt, which produced much better results, still had a wave close to the apex that would not properly fit the leading edge. My molding technique still needs refinement.

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