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Log Entries for Leading Edge

RH Landing Light Cover - Lens & Mold.
RH Landing Light Cover & Mold - Reflection from overhead lights show warpage at edges.

Log Entry Date: Oct 31, 2005

Leading Edge

Constructed a Mold to make the RH Landing Light Cover
I traced the skin cutout on plywood scrap for inboard and for outboard of the right wing landing light. These were cutout and sanded to the line, then the pattern was transfered to larger pieces for the final pattern on 1/2" chip board. These end pieces were screwed to the ends of a 2x2x7" board. A piece of aluminum roof flashing was fastened around the chipboard with #6 flathead wood screws to form a replica of the leading edge wing skin at the landing light location. The screw holes on the edge of the chipboard were counter-sunk and the aluminum skin was dimpled by reinserting the flathead screws. This makes a reasonably smooth and uniform surface. The screw heads will be just outside the Plexiglas area during the "bending" process.

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