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Log Entries for Flight Controls

Trim Tab Control in the full Nose Down position.
Trim Tab in the Full Nose Up position.
Trim Tab Nyrod Cable Sheath and broken epoxy seal.

Log Entry Date: Mar 26, 2013

Flight Controls

First Flight Issues
A moment after lift off on the first flight, the elevator went to full nose up trim. Trim control in the cockpit did not respond to any inputs. The elevator control was very responsive, but firm forward pressure on the stick was required to keep level flight. Stick position was held about neutral for level flight. Nearly lost complete control of the airplane in the first few seconds of this event. During the climb to altitude the oil temperature spiked at 240 degrees F. Aborted the flight and glided to an idle power landing at the airport still holding firm forward pressure on the stick. Bounced three times on the runway and damaged the nose strut.
Trouble shooting after the flight revealed the epoxy seal on the Nyrod trim cable sheath had broken. The center control cable was not damaged in any way. This allowed the sheath to move pulling the trim tab to full elevator up. The trim control would not return the tab to any other position.

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