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Log Entries for Flight Instruments

Instrument Panel Fit Check with all instruments, switches, lights and jacks in place.
Wiring the Panel - What a mess!

Log Entry Date: Oct 23, 2010

Flight Instruments

Started assembling instrument panel
The instrument panel and forward deck is one piece, attaches to the firewall with a curved bracket, to the side rail longerons with slightly curved brackets, a center brace directly to the C-box at the firewall and at the side wall braces. All screws use captive 10-32 stop nuts.
I made a bracket to mount the 14point7 mixture meter at the old 2-inch round hole originally intended for the LED bar display. The 14point7 meter is a rectangular box with a 4-digit display. The extra width meant nudging in the space for the Load meter. I made a spacer from 1/4-inch plywood for the Load meter to get the mixture meter mounting screws to fit.
All of the openings needed to be filed to clean off the paint build-up so all the switches and instruments would fit.
Did a fit check with the newly assembled panel on the fuselage. Looks good mechanically, now for some serious wiring.

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