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Log Entries for Leading Edge

Left Cabin air duct. Right side is mirror image. Two Adel clamps secure the duct to the PVC conduit for wing wiring.
Left cabin air duct. 2-inch Inlet opening can be seen as a dark spot along the leading edge of the stub wing.
Access cover for the right cabin air inlet duct. Left cover is a mirror image.

Log Entry Date: Jun 24, 2010

Leading Edge

Installed Cabin Air Ducts
Installed air ducts on both side of the cabin using chet ducting. Round hole was cut into lead edge of stub wing using a 2-inch hole saw 18 inches from the fuselage side wall. Made a fiber glass duct by laying up 3 BID on a mandrill spiral wrapped with vinyl tape. After the West System epoxy set green, pulled the tape out to release the tube. Cut the tube to fit and floxed in place to the wing skin. Floxed a plywood bracket to support the inboard end of the tube. A duct goes to each plastic valve, left and right, fastened to the cabin side wall forward of the main spar. Air valves are just below pilot left knee and passenger right knee.

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