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Log Entries for Baffling And Cooling

Left Plenum and VW Shroud
Right VW Shroud with mods and anchor nuts
Left & right Plenums. The stick bolted to the spinner base is the target for the 4" cooling hose.

Log Entry Date: Aug 12, 2008

Baffling And Cooling

Engine Cooling Shroud ready for paint
Fitted the left and right shrouds to the VW baffles. Captive metal anchor nuts, MK1000, installed in the baffles and shrouds to facilitate assembly.
Riveted 0.028" aluminum edge strips on the VW baffles to close the air gaps next to the engine case. The VW parts mechanic said the stock baffles have leaky gaps, but that does not bother the cooling on the Bug engine. Well, it bothers me, so I am closing the gaps.
The shrouds need adapters to attach to the 4" cooling hose coming from the lower cowl. I plan to make the adapters from fiber glass. Because the shrouds are set at a different pitch on each side due to baffle placement and clearing the ignition module (old distributer), the adapters will be unique for each side.

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