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Log Entries for Flight Instruments

EDC-D10A Magnetic Compass Remote Sensor Installation. Wiring includes OAT Probe. Yellow dope is inspection seal.
EDC-D10A connector ready for attachment to the panel. Extra labeled connector will be wired to the panel as will the Headset connector at the right in the picture.

Log Entry Date: Dec 3, 2006

Flight Instruments

Installed EDC-D10A Remote Compass Wiring
Installed wiring at the EDC-D10A remote compass connector for connection to the EFIS-D10A Display and for the OAT sensor wires at the EDC-D10A connector. Butt splice at the connector is in accordance with the Dynon installation guidance. The EDC-D10A uses a data buss to transfer data to the EFIS-D10A; this saves lots of wire. Put inspection seal dope on mounting nuts and connector screws for the EDC-D10A.
Also installed the EDC-D10A wires to the quick disconnect for the panel to fuselage junction. This may introduce a wiring failure point with another connector set, but will help with the panel installation and subsequent condition inspections.

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