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Log Entries for Flight Instruments

OAT Probe mounted on the bottom of the right stub wing outboard of the inspection panel. Right gear leg is in the backround.
OAT Probe with label made by a Brother electronic label maker. Wonder how long these labels will last outside in the weather and getting washed.

Log Entry Date: Nov 25, 2006

Flight Instruments

Installing OAT Sensor
The Outside Air Temperature sensor is wired to the same connector on the EDC-10A compass module. Temperature data is multiplexed along with the magnetic heading data in the compass module and sent to the EFIS-D10A for display. Installation guidance says the sensor should be on the under side of the aircraft for shade from the sun, out of the exhaust gas and engine cooling streams and any other heat source. The bottom of the right stub wing, outboard of the inspection panel and forward of the main spar, was selected to meet the installation guidance and to permit simple routing of the wire cable to the EDC-10A aft of the passenger seat. The sensor has adequate cable supplied for this purpose.
The outer skin was taped to prevent scuffing the new pretty paint. Drilled a 3/8" hole using a brad-point drill bit for the OAT probe. Hogged out the urethane foam around the hole. Made a 1" square x 0.063" aluminum backup plate with lots of small holes. Floxed the backup plate under the fiberglass skin with West System epoxy and cotton flox, clamped with a 3/8" bolt and nuts coated with mold release wax.

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