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Log Entries for Flight Controls

Log Entry Date: Nov 11, 2006

Flight Controls

Replaced and re-routed rudder cables
After the conversion from convential gear to tri-gear the rudder cables still had the tail wheel cables spliced on. Today, removed all the old cables and installed new rudder cables. The rudder ends of the cables were not terminated due to waiting for the rudder installation. The rudder is waiting for painting. The rudder cables are routed through 3/16" nyla-flo tubing in the cockpit area to preclude chafing on the fuselage, upholstery and people. 3/16" nyla-flo tubing has been faired into the aft fuselage wall to exit the rudder cables outside the fuselage.
Moved the right cable eye attach bolt on the pedal to give better clearance from the fuselage wall. Moved the left cable eye at the pedal from the outer to the inner side of the bracket to give better fuselage clearance. There is still plenty of room for my left shoe.

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