The Work Shop 26' x 42', 10' ceiling, oil heat and a/c
The work shop has 19 two-lamp shop lights for lots of light. I can take photos usually without a flash. The exhaust fan is rated for 62 cubic feet per minute; I have to open a window or door to keep from sucking air back through the oil furnace chimney. The central air conditioning is built into the furnace unit. The a/c can keep the shop at 60 degrees F on 95 F days. This is great for doing wet layups during the summer. Keeping heat on in the winter helps cure epoxy overnight. The ten-foot wide by nine-foot high insulated garage door allows easy access for big stuff, like the fuselage sans wings. The concrete floor is painted with water-based epoxy paint from Home Depot. Two ultrasonic beepers do a great job of keeping the bugs from setting up house keeping.

Sanding & Painting Booth
Sid is spraying acrylic latex house paint primer on the RH wing of N6242 in April 2007.

Sanding & Painting Booth
The 2 mil plastic sheets for the booth are not sealed at the edges or top and bottom. The plastic sheets are duct taped to 1-1/2-inch PVC pipe and roll up with some string and pulleys. The exhaust fan keeps a negative pressure in the booth so fine dust and fumes can only go through the fan and out of the workshop. Fresh air is constantly coming in the gaps from the workshop. I put two furnace air filters one behind the other at the open window away from the booth to filter dust from the outside coming into the workshop. Window screens stop the big bugs. During cold weather the oil furnace really works out to maintain a warm shop as the exhaust fan sucks out the warm air. The air conditioning gets some strain trying to keep things cool when I paint in the summer also.
The furnace heat helps to cure epoxy overnight.

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