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EAA Major Achievemnet Award presented at Oshkosh in 2002.

About Sid Wood
I have been a member of EAA since 1982 and have been going to the convention in Oshkosh since 1985. I have been a member of EAA Chapter 478 since 1983, having served in every officer position including two terms as President and the Board of Directors. Chaired standing committees over those years, including Young Eagles, Fly In, Newsletter, Hospitality and Curtiss A-1 Replica construction. I have volunteered at the construction workshops at Oshkosh every year since 1986 and once at Sun-N-Fun. I was presented a Major Achievement Award at Oshkosh in 2002. I was a composites instructor for the SportAir workshops for several years. I have been privilaged to help construct three Lancair 360's, a LongEze, Foker DR-1 Triplane replica, three SE-5 replicas, two Corbin Aces and design the approach to landing TACAN navigation system for the Space Shuttle. I was a member of the initial User Equipment procurement committee that developed the first GPS receivers in 1979. It's time to complete my Tri-gear KR-2 now.
Bottom line: I believe the Experimental Aircraft Association is the best aviation organization ever conceived to afford the common man access to our ocean of air. Thank you, Paul.

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