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Airworthiness certificate on the table and signing the test area assignment.
Ready for Testing at 2W6

Home Page for Sid Wood KR-2 Construction
This site provides a log of the construction activities for KR-2 N6242. Construction started on July 3, 1986. Since then, my wife and I have put two kids through high school and college, got them married, got five grand kids, operated a school bus contracting business for 25 years and sold the business nine years ago, added a master bedroom suite and two-car garage to the house, retired after 35 years from my Navy electronics engineering job and went back to work as a full-time consultant for ten years, was part-time, now retired and built the 26'x 42' shop. Sold the house and shop and moved into a retirement community near the airport. I have been renting spam cans all the while since 1960. Celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary December 28, 2011.

On some construction entries I have put multiple dates in the same entry for on-going repetitive efforts such as sanding to log the additional time each day.

Link to KR-Net http://www.krnet.org
Link to Experimental Aircraft Association http://www.eaa.org

3/23/13 I made the First Flight at St. Mary's County Airport for Phase I flight testing.
4/25/14 Had serious CG issues. So, have moved the engine forward 2-inches from the plans call-out. Had to make a new cowl. Made the fourth flight on 8/16/14; still have CG issues. Removed the not needed elevator balance weight for better cg. The aircraft resides at St. Mary's County Airport, K2W6. This website has had over 32,000 hits since it went public in June 2005 on the KRnet. I would have never imagined there would be so much interest in my halting attempt to build tri-gear KR-2 N6242. Thank you, one and all, for your help and encouragement.

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