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Project Location: CO US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2004-05-15 Inventory Completed the inventory of the empennage. Everything is in the garage. It's getting crowded.
2004-05-17 Move to hangar. Decided that I would like to lease a hangar at Meadow Lake Airport rather than the cramped space of my garage. This will be nice, but it's a little drive.
2004-05-17 Moving day. Moved the empennage and my supplies to Hangar #507 at Meadowlake Airport in Peyton ,CO. This will be a great place to work. Much more room than the garage.
2004-05-20 Shop setup. Completed setup of hangar.
2004-05-21 Beginning of construction. Started the construction of the verticle stabilizer. Here goes!!!
2004-05-30 Verticle stabilzer prep Started removing blue film and working parts.
2004-05-31 Shop cleanup. Cleaned shop and deburred verticle stab parts. I think I may be over doing this part.
2004-06-02 Paint booth supplies Deliverd plastic sheeting and PVC to construct paint booth. Deburred verticle stabilzer some more.
2004-06-03 Paint booth. Built paint booth.
2004-06-05 Setup Continued construction of paint booth and added additional shelving.
2004-06-07 Setup Finished construction of paint booth and worked on verticle stabilizer.
2004-06-20 Visit another local builder. Today I visited Jay Brinkmeyer, another RV-10 builder in Colorado Springs. He has completed the empennage and started the wings. He was very helpful to answer a bunch of my questions and his work looks great. He also told me about AFS primer, which I elected to use. It's good stuff. Great to meet a fellow builder in the same town.
2004-06-21 Setup Organized the hangar and setup more shelves. A little more work on the verticle stabilizer.
2004-06-26 Front Range Air Show. Visited the Front Range Airshow at Watkins, near DIA. There I introduced myself to the members of EAA Chapter 72 of Meadowlake Airport where I'm building. Nice folks. I also got to see the RV-10 from Van's in person. Very cool!!! I'm glad I chose this plane.
2004-06-27 Verticle stabilizer Worked on verticle stabilizer.
2004-07-03 Verticle Stabilizer Worked on verticle stabilizer and reorganized.
2004-07-07 Wing kit inventory. Received wing kit today in two large crates. Everything looks good except for a hairline crack in the gelcoat of one of the wing tips. It doesn't appear to be a problem, but I called Van's just in case. They said they would record our conversation in case I need help later. Started inventory and got almost all of the skinny crate done today.
2004-07-07 Wing kit arrival. Received wing kit today in two large crates. Everything looks good except for a hairline crack in the gelcoat of one of the wing tips. It doesn't appear to be a problem, but I called Van's just in case. They said they would record our conversation in case I need help later. Started inventory and got almost all of the skinny crate done today.
2004-07-10 Inventory Inventory of hardware for wing kit.
2004-07-17 Inventory More wing inventory. Lots of parts.
2004-07-18 Inventory Wing kit finally finished on inventory.
2004-07-19 Verticle stabilizer. Continued working on the verticle stabilizer. I think I'm overdoing the prep work.
2004-07-24 Verticle stabilizer Worked on verticle stabilize....cleaned hangar.
2004-07-25 Vertical stabilizer More work on the vertical stabilizer.
2004-07-31 Vertical stabilizer Vertical stabilizer, dimpled, debur.
2004-08-01 Vertical stabilizer Verticle stabilizer, dimple.
2004-08-21 Finished Finally, the verticle stabilizer is complete!!!
2004-08-22 Rudder Started prepping rudder parts.
2004-09-03 Rudder Separated and prepared rudder parts.
2004-09-04 Rudder Prepped parts for rudder.
2004-09-17 Rudder Reworked new rudder skins.
2004-09-18 Rudder Final drill and started dimpling rudder
2004-09-28 Fuselage kit arrives. This is the biggest shipment yet. The fuselage has a nice mixture of fiberglass and aluminum. This will sure take a lot more room in the hangar. I especially like seeing the canopy.
2004-09-28 Fuselage Received fuselage today.
2004-10-09 Rudder Primed rudder.
2004-10-13 Inventory Inventory of fuselage hardware.
2004-10-14 Inventory Completed inventory of fuselage hardware
2004-10-16 Rudder Began assembly of rudder.
2004-10-16 Inventory Completed inventory of fuselage.
2004-10-17 Finish of rudder Finished back riveting the skins. Applied Pro Seal to the aft edge and clecoed every hole. Tried to clean as much as possible. This stuff can get real messy. Used blind rivets on stiffeners. Applied weight to the aft edge. Need to let this set for a few days per instruction, then finish rivitting.
2004-10-17 Rudder Finished back riveting the skins. Applied Pro Seal to the aft edge and clecoed every hole. Tried to clean as much as possible. This stuff can get real messy. Used blind rivets on stiffeners. Applied weight to the aft edge. Need to let this set for a few days per instruction, then finish rivitting.
2005-01-08 Deburring Deburring HS ribs and spar caps.
2005-01-08 Horizontal Stabilizer Deburring HS ribs and spar caps
2005-01-22 Horizontal stabilizer Deburring horizontal stabilizer
2005-02-05 Horizontal stabilizer Deburring of spars on HS
2005-02-12 Horizontal stabilizer Primer HS rear spar w/AFS primer/sealer
2005-02-13 Horizontal stabilizer Horizontal Stabilizer, assembled spar
2005-02-27 Horizontal stabilizer Rear spar rework.
2005-03-05 Horizontal stabilizer Redid front spar.
2005-03-06 Rework verticle stabilizer I decided to strip the skin off of the vstab because of the nose ribs making small dents. Also, the dimpling of the forward holes was not great. Lots of extra work, but this bugged me too much to leave alone. Reprimed with AFS. Hopefully the effort will be worth it.

Primed all parts for the forward spar.
2005-03-07 Horizontal stabilizer Horizontal stabilizer, verticle stab
2005-03-10 Vertical stabilizer Reworked vertical stabilzer because I wasn't happy with the small indents made by the front ribs in the skin. The instructions don't discuss radiussing the rib's front corners until the horizontal stabilizer. This was a real pain to take all of the skin rivets out and reprime everything with AFS. The effort paid off though because the dents are now gone and I feel the primer is better than the original. I'm now an expert at the "do's and don'ts" of drilling out rivets.
2005-03-12 Initial construction Assembled entire assembly for final drilling. Everything was great except the fit of the skin on one of the outboard nose ribs. Sent e-mail to Van's for advice on this.
2005-03-12 Horizontal stabilizer Assembled entire assembly for final drilling. Everything was great except the fit of the skin on one of the outboard nose ribs. Sent e-mail to Van's for advice on this.
2005-04-02 Horizontal stabilizer Changed defective skin on HS and clecoed it back on. Lots of extra work. Final drilled a zillion holes
2005-04-03 Horizontal stabilizer Continued to final drill and deburr all parts. Disassembled HS. Lots to do!
2005-04-17 Horizontal stabilizer Dimpled all ribs and deburred one skin and then dimpled it too. One skin to go and then time for primer.
2005-05-15 Horizontal stabilizer Got a lot done in five hours. Deburred remaining skin and dimpled it. Also etched and primed all internal structural parts. Machine countersinked half of the inner spar and all stringers. Good day. Almost out of primer. Might need to lean out the spray gun some.
2005-05-23 Horizontal stabilizer Primed skins and touched up the spars with more primer. Started assembly and got almost all internal structure rivetted. Started nose ribs and they are not easy to rivet because of the spring tension in the skin. Need to be very careful so I don't dent or put smiles in the leading edge.
2005-05-24 Finish kit Received finish kit today!!! Crate did not look too great, but contents seem to be fine. Will inventory later. Lots o fiberglass and man are the landing gear legs heavy. Hangar is now getting crowded. Seats are normally included in this crate but I had them forwarded to Oregon Aero for primo leather upholstering and they are also building back seats (not included) at the same time. Should be here in about two weeks.
2005-05-28 Horizontal stabilizer Went to landfill with finish kit crate and rivetted nose ribs, not fun, and part of the forward spar of the horizontal stsbilizer.
2005-05-29 Horizontal stabilizer Rivetted a zillion rivets today. Got everything except one side of the rear spar. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow. Probably just a few hours left.
2005-06-01 Finish kit Inventory of finish kit hardware.
2005-06-03 Finish kit Completed inventory of finish kit hardware tonight. Only missing a few pins and got them on order.
2005-06-04 Tailcone Started tailcone today after watching airshow at Peterson AFB. Decided I would skip the elevators until later so I can get a piece that will allow the attachment of all the others. This will help in the storage of the plane parts. I also may skip the wings and go directly to the fuselage for the same reason.
2005-06-05 Tailcone Continued with initial work on tailcone. Did some fabrication of stiffeners and some of the rear pieces. Going well so far.
2005-06-06 Oregon Aero Seats Wow. I got my seats from Oregon Aero. After having the cores sent directly from Van's to OA, I got some leather swatches and designed an image to embroider into the seat rests. These seats turned out great and Oregon Aero said they may want to feature them in their next catalog. These seats are pricey but the best you can get.
2005-06-10 Tailcone Started to deburr the structural pieces of the tailcone. Rearranged some of the work space to store the HS and be able to set tailcone on sawhorses.
2005-06-11 Tailcone Completed deburring the bulkheads and started constructing the stiffeners. Didn't read the drawing correctly on the 45 degree cut on the ends of the stiffeners, so ended up scrapping all twelve as they were cut, but was able to recut six correctly from the longer ones. Need to order six of the eight foot pieces and do those again. Drilled holes and attached bottom stiffeners and bulkheads. Bent and notched longerons as instructed.
2005-06-13 Tailcone Able to borrow the j stiffeners from the wing kit until the replacements come in the mail in a few more days. Fabricated the right side stringers and installed them. Attached right side skin. Looks cool!
2005-06-19 Tailcone Today started off rough. The lock to the hangar door was jammed on the frame and would not open. Called the landlord and got permission to get in with my new hammer. Three swings and I was in. Worked a lot on the rear bulkheads, stiffeners, rear deck, and more. Also did a run to the landfill with the pvc paintbooth. Started construction on new paintbooth. Laid down more drop cloth and plastic. Rearranged canopy, doors, cowl etc. in hangar.
2005-06-19 Tailcone Spent most of the time today finishing the costruction of the new paint booth. This was very tough to get done by myself. Everything is a loose fit until the tarp goes on. Framework continued to fall apart as I put it together. Finished drilling the stringers on the tailcone, back bulkhead too. Cleaned shop and reorganized. I'm in pretty good shape for the upcoming EAA tour this Tuesday.
2005-07-04 Tailcone Attached upper front skin to tailcone and drilled three upper stiffeners. Took a moment to attach the tail feathers and take a look. Looks great al together! Very big this way. Not much energy today so I only got four hours in. Need to work at the house too. Hopefully I can get this primed before Brandon comes to visit.
2005-07-04 Tailcone preperation Attached upper front skin to tailcone and drilled three upper stiffeners. Took a moment to attach the tail feathers and take a look. Looks great al together! Very big this way. Not much energy today so I only got four hours in. Need to work at the house too. Hopefully I can get this primed before Brandon comes to visit.
2005-07-16 Tailcone Started dimpling and deburring tailcone parts. Tried the Burraway tools today. Very cool! Much more work to go.
2005-07-30 Tailcone Brandon arrived today! We made it to the hangar and did a little deburring and dimpling. Lots to do still, but with the extra help it will go quicker.
2005-08-01 Tailcone Finished dimpling and deburring all tailcone parts. There are so many. Thanks to Brandon for all of his help today. He caught on very quickly with the deburring and dimpling. He was also a set of hands dimpling the large skins. Got the skins primed too.
2005-08-02 Priming tailcone. Spent the whole day priming everything in the tailcone except the skins. Brandon helped me once again. It's sure great to have his company and help. Everything is now primed and finally ready for assembly. Whew!
2005-08-03 Initial tailcone construction. Started driving rivets into the rear bulkheads and brackets. Nice to see construction finally.
2005-08-05 Tailcone assembly. Started assembly of the bottom and side skins with the respective stiffners. Got one row of rivets put into the right side skin. Turns out that Brandon is a natural bucking the rivets. Need to make major progress tomorrow so we can get the aft top skin installed while Brandon is still here.
2005-08-06 Rivetting tailcone. Rivetting for hours today with Brandon bucking for me. We struggled on the first side skin and got more comfortable as we progressed. Got everything done through the bottom skin. Hopefully tomorrow we will get the other side skin and the aft upper skin on.
2005-08-07 More tailcone construction. Well, even with an early start today the construction took longer than expected. Our access to the inside of the tailcone was now much more restrictive and was much more difficult to buck rivets. Brandon was once again a great asset. Got all sides and bottom rivetted. The very aft end of the tailcone is the most difficult. I hoped to get Brandon in the aft of the tailcone to buck rivets for the aft top skin but we ran out of time. Another two hours and we could have made it. I'll have to figure out something else. Loyd Remus (Tech Counselor for EAA #72) stopped by and took a look at things. He said that everything looked good and didn't have any issues. He said to keep doing what I'm doing. It was good to get an expert opinion.
2005-08-10 Hangar Moved from hangar 507 to hangar 311 tonight. 311 is a larger end unit so I get an extra portion where one of the cut-ins usually is. Makes a big difference. Thanks to Jeff Lundborg and the company truck. We got all but the paint booth moved.
2005-08-11 Hangar Got Steve, Dave, and Phil to help me move the paint booth to the new hangar. It was raining hard, but we were all fine because we were covered by the paint booth as we walked it over. This moved saved me hours of tear down and reassembly.
2005-08-12 Hangar Did a final clean on hangar 507. Looks better than when I got it. Some concrete discoloration where the paint booth was. Moisture was trapped under the tarp....should return to normal soon.
2005-08-13 Tailcone Spent the entire time rivetting and bolting the rear deck of the tailcone. The big 470 rivets are not my forte. Hard to not get smiles or smear them. Drilled a few out. Did a little cleaning and organizing of the hangar.
2005-08-14 Move to new hangar and reorganization. Spent today finishing the reorganization of Hangar number 311. There is a lot more room now. Very nice. Need more lighting though. So much room that I decided to temporarily assemble the finished parts instead of putting them on a shelf. The assembly has a presence about it. Cool!
2005-09-03 Elevator fabrication Got a lot done today. Did almost all of the fabrication, initial construction, and deburring of parts today for both elevators. Lots of repitition doing everything twice. Fairly easy so far.
2005-09-03 Elevator prep Got a lot done today. Did almost all of the fabrication, initial construction, and deburring of parts today for both elevators. Lots of repitition doing everything twice. Fairly easy so far.
2005-09-04 Elevators Lots of deburring and some fabrication. The welded nuts for the trim cable are ridiculously thin welds. I will either replace these or have someone locally beef them up. Elevators seem easy but there are a lot of steps that aren't part of the usual construction process. Everything looks good though.
2005-09-05 Elevators. Disassembled both elevators all the way. Deburred everything for one of them and got a lot of the other one deburred as well. Getting close to dimpling.
2005-09-17 Elevator preperation Finished deburring, machine countersinking, and dimpling all elevator components today. The tedious stuff is done! Time to clean and prime.
2005-09-18 Priming Elevators Spent the day etching, scuffing, and priming all elevator parts. Lots of work accomplished and I'm at that cool stage of beginning construction next.
2005-09-25 Elevator assembly Started the assembly of the elevators today. It initially doesn't look like a difficult assembly, but the construction techniques for this part is different. It slows things down. Today, I got all of the ribs and spars assembled. I'm well into riveting the trailing edge and I created the foam ribs for the trailing edge. Except for the proseal part, I'm getting there.
2005-09-30 Elevator construction Did some of the final rivetting for the skins. This was tricky, as the access to the tip ribs is tight for the internal structure. Got it done.
2005-10-01 Elevator construction Rolled the edges of the elevators and used Proseal on the trailing edges. Always fun messing with that stuff. Seems like everything turned out great. I'll wait for a few days and continue from there. Tough stuff is done.
2005-10-05 Finished elevators Got a chance to sneak out to the hangar and rivet the trailing edge of the elevators. Attached the counterweights. Everything finished except the trim tabs and the glass. Looks like everything turned out nice.
2005-10-13 Rivetting Tailcone Got dad and Jason to the hangar finally. Prepared lots of cushion for Jason to crawl inside the tailcone and buck rivets. It took awhile, but got done. Looks nice and it's nice to finally have the aft skin rivetted to the tailcone. The most restrictive space is now done.
2005-10-15 Trim Tab Preperation I initially had some trouble bending the close out tabs on the ends, but found that clamping the blocks very tightly is the key. With a little practice, I got good results. Today, I was able to finish the bends, deburring, final drilling, dimpling, masking and priming today. Also, I got the hinges cut and drilled to the elevators. Tomorrow should be construction with more ProSeal fun.
2005-10-16 Trim tabs. Got the trim tabs rivetted on the bottom and prosealed. Need to let these dry for a few days in the clips, then I can rivet the tabs to the hinges on the elevators.
2005-10-18 Hinges Took a quick trip to the hangar to check out the status of the proseal drying. Looked pretty good so I drilled all of the holes from the trim tabs to the hinges on the elevators. Easy to do and turned out fine. I pulled the pin from the hinge allowing the halves to remain on the control surfaces. I also decided to leave the clips over the foam ribs a few more days to ensure the proseal is totally dry.
2005-10-19 Trim Tab Got one of the trim tabs and its hinge attached tonight. Not a big deal except for the bend you have to make with the hinge pin. I think I just had the wrong set of pliers for the job.
2005-10-22 Elevator attachment Rivetted the inspection covers and the elevators with trim tabs are complete! I took a little time to attach the elevators to the rest of the empennage. Cool!!!
2005-10-22 Inventory Started pulling parts for the bulkheads of the fuselage. Much thicker material for obvious reasons. These parts need a lot of work for smoothing. Ready to start.
2005-10-22 Bulkhead preperation I finall got started on the next kit today. The bulkheads to the fuselage are alodined and look great. I started drilling the seat brackets and some of the verticle pieces of the two main bulkheads. I was a little nervous to make the half moon cut in the center bulkhead, but it turned out great. The instructions for this kit seem a little more vague. Maybe a different author. It's interesting to actually get to see the cabin width and think about the associated parts that will eventually be part of this assembly.
2005-10-25 Bulkhead preperation. I got a rare weeknight session in tonight. Just a few hours but I was able to deburr the seat brackets and the verticle bulkheads. These parts are much thicker for strength and take more time to get smooth. All this adds up later.
2005-10-25 Center Aft Bulkhead Assembly Got the rest of the deburring done on the associated parts of the center aft bulkhead asembly. Also got the machine countersinking done for all the nut plates. All parts for this assembly are ready for priming then construction.
2005-10-26 Aft Center Bulkhead Today I got the parts for the aft center bulkhead primed. It was hard to get everything scuffed and etched before dark. The spraying went very well. I applied my usual three coats and this session went very well. No runs and leftover primer in the sprayer.
2005-10-27 Aft and Forward Center Bulkheads Took all the primed parts from the paint booth for the aft center bulkheads and placed them on the assembly. Took care of all the drilling for the forward center bulkhead, including landing gear mounts. Next step is deburring.
2005-10-28 Center bulkhead Worked on final drilling all of the #12 holes through the bulkhead and into the landing gear mount. The steel took a toll on the drill bits. I went through three of them trying to get the last few done. I'm glad airplanes are made of aluminum.
2005-10-30 Center bulkhead Got all the parts debured and primed for the center bulkhead. Started rivetting the seat brackets on the aft center bulkhead. Rearranged part of the hangar.
2005-10-30 Sneak peek I took the time to position the canopy and empennage together to get a good idea of the size of the plane. Wow!!! This looks cool!
2005-11-10 Bolts Started installing the bolts on the center bulkhead tonight. I didn't get much done because of the dreaded cell phone. Oh well, it was still good to visit the hangar again.
2005-11-12 Center Bulkhead I finished the center bulkhead tonight. I've had some trouble in the past with the 470 rivets and not putting a smile in them occasionally, but this went well. There are 96 of them to install where they can't be squeezed. I guess I got the hang of it.
2005-11-12 Rear bulkheads I got a lot done today. I started off by installing all the bolts on the center bulkhead. There were many. I then rivetted everything else. This took awhile and I had to drill out a few rivets and try again. I got all the parts deburred for the to aft bulkheads and clecoed them together. Temptation set in and I put the bulkheads together to get an idea of the size for this assembly.
2005-11-24 Rear bulkheads Finished deburring, final drilling, and machine countersinking the rear bulkheads. Used Alumiprep, scuffed and primed all parts.
2005-11-25 Rear bulkhead assembly. Assembled rear two bulkheads. Not many rivets and I got lucky with most of them being within reach of the pnuematic squeezer. Bulkheads now complete. Pulled parts for next section. Lots of them too.
2005-11-26 Parts preparation Started the center fuselage. This will be the baggage rea to just behind the front seats. Deburred and primed the seat belt anchors for the front seats and the inboard center ribs that are also the tunnel. Temporarily assembled the center fuselage for a look.
2005-11-29 Parts preparation Got a quick hour in after work. Just had time to deburr some of the parts in the next section for the outboard seat ribs. The temperature has really dropped. In the 20's and close to zero with wind chill. The big metal hangar is a big walk in freezer. Got a propane heater to take off the edge.
2005-12-11 Outboard ribs/wing cradle Dropped by Home Depot on the way to the hangar today. I've been wanting to build a bench for dimpling and a wing cradle for quite some time. Got all the supplies and got most of the cradle built today. Finished the dimpling, countersinking, and deburring of the outboard midfuselage ribs. Ready for priming if it's warm enough tomorrow.
2005-12-11 Fuselage/wing cradle Dropped by Home Depot on the way to the hangar today. I've been wanting to build a bench for dimpling and a wing cradle for quite some time. Got all the supplies and got most of the cradle built today. Finished the dimpling, countersinking, and deburring of the outboard midfuselage ribs. Ready for priming if it's warm enough tomorrow.
2005-12-11 Priming Primed the outboard center fuselage ribs. Rivetted the nutplates on the inboard ribs. Beefed up the wing cradle constructed the previous day.
2006-01-01 Seat ribs Finally, I got a chance to put in some time on the plane. Christmas was a very busy time and the end of the year stuff at work was something as well. I have slowly been starting construction of a table for dimpling. I got a little done on this today. Also, I rivetted the seat belt anchors to the inner and outer seat ribs. These have been painted with Aircraft Finishing Systems paint. It seems to handle stress fairly well after hitting it with the mushroom set for flush rivets. I chose a very light gray, almost white, and high gloss. I did this because it will be easier to clean and more durable. I know reflection of all this shiny paint can be an issue, but most of it is in the lower portion of the interior. Once the headliner is installed and the door panels, it will take care of most of that issue.
2006-01-02 Center Fuselage Today was another of multiple tasks. I got most of the work bench constructed, primed a few more parts, and final drilled the seat ribs to the rear center bulkhead. I am now in a position to rivet and bolt these parts permanantly.
2006-01-03 Seat ribs. Got a little time in tonight after work attaching the flap bracket and angle. Also got the bolts torqued and sealed in the seat ribs for the outboard and inboard sets.
2006-01-06 Seat ribs. Got the inboard and outboard seat ribs rivetted tonight. All went well. The only challenge was the small access for the inboard ribs between the seat brackets. Had to use needle nose pliers to get the rivets in the holes. On to the next step.
2006-01-07 Rear seat ribs. Today was very boring, but necessary. I drilled, dimpled, deburred, and fabricated the rear seat ribs and rear main spar. Also got most of the dimpling table finished. Ready to etch and prime parts.
2006-01-08 Rear seat ribs Got the rear seat ribs scuffed, etched, and primed today after church. Lots of parts....can't wait to permanently attach these. It will make the entire assembly about twice as big. Also, got the dimple table finished.
2006-01-10 Rear seat ribs. Very cold at the hangar tonight so my time was limited. I basically rivetted the seat belt anchors to the four rear seat ribs and then clecoed them to the bulkhead. Time to go.....cold.
2006-01-12 Rear seat ribs Got most of the rear seat ribs rivetted tonight. Very cramped on the outboard ribs with the bucking bar. Not much left then on to the next step.
2006-01-13 Seat ribs. Tonight I got a chance to get to the hangar while the sun was still up. I finished rivetting the last four seat ribs to the rear main bulkhead. My reach was not good enough to get the last few ribs from an outdside stance, so I got myself into the foot wells and was able to reach much better. I decided to attach the baggage bulkhead and baggage ribs. I will drill them tomorrow.
2006-01-14 Baggage Ribs Worked on drilling, deburring, dimpling, etching, and priming the six baggage compartment ribs. Much easier than the previous section. Also adds about three more feet to the assembly. Rivetted the rear seat ribs to the rear main bulkhead. Used hand squeezer.....no smiles. Had to head for home because the Broncos are taking on the Patriots in the playoffs at 6pm. Go Broncos!!!
2006-01-15 Baggage ribs Attached the baggage ribs and the brackets for the side steps. Removed the film from the inside and the bottom rivet rows of both skins. Clecoed them on for final drilling.
2006-01-19 Drilling Tonight I got the holes for the platenuts, floor stiffners, and the aft skin drilled. I also added a lot of clecos to keep the skin flush.
2006-01-27 Final drilling Tonight I got the skins for the center fuselage drilled and some of them deburred. Lots of holes to attend to with these skins.
2006-01-28 Skins Had to go to work today for 7.5 hours. After....I ran out to have a load of fun deburring all the holes in the center fuselage skins. I did most of these with the hand tool. I messed with the Cogsdill and had decent luck. Also started deburring all edges with the die grinder and a 2 inch wheel.
2006-01-29 Dimpling Today was busy. Dimpled both skins after some additional deburring. Finished the floor stifners. Primed everything, including the center rear main bulkhead assembly. Machine countersunk all areas as described in the plans. Need to dimple the bottom of all ribs and then assembly can begin.
2006-01-30 Dimpling Tonight I got a chance to dimple the bottom tabs of all the ribs. I was dreading this step, but it really wasn't a big deal. I got all this done in about 45 minutes. I then started to hang the skins in preparation for riveting. That's next!!!
2006-01-31 Rivetting Finally, construction of this piece. I began setting rivets in the rear skin tonight. My plan for now is to get a few key rivets in the right places, then tape and back rivet the rest of them. It should be much more manageable for me and usually procuces a better result.
2006-02-03 Rivets Tonight I had a tough time getting things started thanks to the old cell phone. I finally got started putting rivets in and taped them in place. It was cold, about 20 degrees in the hangar with the heater on, so my hands had a tough time grabbing all those little rivets. This will pay off tomorrow.
2006-02-04 Rivetting skins Today was a big day. I'm basically finished with the center fuselage. Jeff Lundborg was nice enough to stop by and lend a hand. What a difference that made. I have a few rivets to drill out and replace, but overall it looks very good. Onto the firewall section.
2006-02-05 Rivetting I just did a little rivetting today to attach the nutplates along the sides of the skin. I also took a little time to cleco a few af the side skins on the piece so I could get a feel for how it will look someday. Cool!!!!!
2006-02-18 Firewall Finally....back to the hangar. Today's high was around 8 degrees without the windchill. The hangar is not insulated or heated so the LP heater could not put a dent in the cold. I attached all the rough parts for the firewall assembly and forward tunnel. Just for kicks I put it next to the center fuselage to get an idea of how it will all look. I placed the rear seat cushions in as well.
2006-02-19 Firewall It was much warmer today....about 27 degrees. Final drilled all of the parts of the firewall. Spent a little time cleaning the hangar too. Rivetted the recess of the firewall. Easy stuff.
2006-02-26 Technical Inspection Today was great. Loyd Remus, a lengendary builder at Meadowlake and also an EAA Technical Counselor for Chapter 72, was kind enough to stop by and conduct a requested inspection of my progress on the empennage and the fuselage. He was great to offer some friendly advice and helpful shortcuts. His report stated, "Excellent craftmanship, great attention to detail, excellent planning and implementation". This made me feel great coming from a person that has built over a dozen planes. A tremendous boost of confidence and reassurance for me going forward. The report was turned into the EAA under his TC#.

I also got a chance to start machine countersinking and deburring the structural pieces for the firewall. Another hour of that and time to prime.
2006-03-04 Firewall Today I finished countersinking the structure of the firewall. Also, got to prime them. Brandon, my son has moved back to Colorado. It is great to have him back. As you can see he has a sense of humor. He also is a qualified rivet bucker.
2006-03-05 Firewall Deburred and dimpled the firewall today. That stainless is much more work than aluminum. Started to rivet the primed parts to the firwall. So far so good.
2006-03-07 Firewall Continued rivetting the firewall. Got all the parts attached except the center verticle pieces and gissets per the instructions. Looks good.
2006-03-11 Firewall and forward ribs I readdressed the rivets that I didn't like in the firewall. I replaced a few of them. I also started drilling the forward ribs and the associated powder coated pieces to #30 size.
2006-03-17 Firewall and forward ribs Tonight I got the forward ribs, tunnel, and the associated pieces attaching them to the firewall final drilled and deburred. This includes the fuel selector bracket and heating ducts. Just need to dimple and prime, then assemble.
2006-03-18 Firewall and forward fusleage ribs Got the associated parts dimpled and primed today. Not sure if I should rivet the fuel selector valve since I will be installing the Andair Valve. Also, the location could be too far aft if I install the AeroCrafter's panel and center tunnel.
2006-03-19 Firewall Started construction. Got the rivets in the W-1004s and the forward fuselage ribs. I hate those 470 rivets. Still tough for me to keep from getting the ocassional smile in them. Should only need an hour or so to finish this section.
2006-03-25 Firewall Today I finally got the forward fuselage ribs attached to the firewall. More 470 rivets....I drilled a few out. Got the entire assembly constructed. Just need to use Proeseal in the recess gaps and I'm done with this one. I initially thought the firewall assembly would be quick and easy. It surprised me a little.
2006-03-26 Firewall I Prosealed the firewall recess and the heater intakes today. As always, be careful with this messy stuff. All went well. I also consolidated some of the shelves so I could take a few home to use in the garage. Nice to have some additional space, but I decided to bring in some pallets to make a fuselage stand with wheels. This way I get my bench back. Brandon as always was there to lend a hand.
2006-04-08 Front bulkheads Started to deburr the seat brackets and bulkheads for the front seats.
2006-04-10 Priming Today I got the pleasure of priming all of the forward seat brackets and bulkheads. Finally a warm day, it made things much easier.
2006-04-14 Front seat brackets Got a late start tonight and quit around midnight. Long day with work. It doesn\'t look like a lot got done, but the front seat brackets and the bulkheads have quite a few rivets and nutplates. All done with that now.
2006-04-15 Front seat assembly Today I continued with the front seat assemblies. This is now a mixture of pried and non-primed parts. Everything is going well so far. Jay Brinkmeyer, another 10 builder stopped by for a visit as well.
2006-04-16 Forward fuselage bulkheads Great day. After Easter Service we grabbed a bite to eat and then made our way to the hangar. The weather was perfect and we opened the big door to the hangar. I finished drilling the #12 bolt holes on the column mounts and the right side. It is tedious because you have to bolt everything, then take one off, drill the hole, reinstall it, then do it again to the next spot until you\'re finished. I took a moment to look at the rest of the parts in place for this section. This will be the part where I get to see how much seating space I will get.
2006-04-22 Firewall attach Got the firewall attached to the front fuselage today. Drilled all holes, stripped rivet lines.
2006-04-24 Attach forward fuselage Today I finally got to the point of attaching the forward fuselage. It is great to see such a large piece together. Too bad I have to take it apart agin for final construction.
2006-04-26 Drilling Tonight I got a chance to sneak out to the hangar with Brandon. We threw the football around a little then got to work drilling the joined skins and the main bulkheads. Easy stuff. I don\'t look forward to taking these apart again, but I guess I have to sometime. The creeper made the process nice.
2006-05-20 Forward Fuselage preparation It's been awhile since I got a chance to work on the plane. Today, I got a chance to take care of alot of deburring and dimpling. This was after seperating the front fuselage from the mid-fuselage. Tough to see that big piece turn into a couple of smaller ones. Not much left and I can prime all these parts.
2006-05-28 Priming I dread days like today. I finished deburring all the parts of the forward fuselage and then dimpled them. I figured I should go ahead and scuff, etch, and prime too. It was a non-stop work session today. It is good to be done with this process. I look forward to reassembling this piece and joining it to the mid-fuselage.
2006-05-28 Forward fuselage construction Started initial construction today. I hand squeezed some rivets and it is a real workout after the first few #4's. I should now have quite a deadly handshake. I started to backrivet some of the floor ribs and systems brackets. I will just tack them into place for now so I can flip the assembly over and make it easier to tape the remaining rivets in place. Almost 90 degrees today, so it was toasty mixed with labor. I have to be careful to keep all the left and right parts away from each other, they all look the same after priming them white.
2006-06-03 Construction Lots of rivetting today. I got the forward fuselage floor ribs and the firewall attached. I elected to use Proseal on the joint of the firewall and the forward bottom skin as recommended. Messy as always. I proceeded to rivet the center ribs, the tunnel, and found out I needed an extra pair of hands. Too difficult for just me. I have a feeling I may be drilling out a few rivets. Overall, things look good.
2006-06-05 Assembly Tonight I got a hand from my trusty son, Brandon. He is great help with the bucking bar. We finished the rivets attaching the forward fuselage ribs to the bottom skin and the floor ribs to the firewall. I drilled out about a dozen rivets I didn't like from trying some of this on my own before tonight. Better now.
2006-06-06 Construction Tonight was cool. I did some more minor assembly and then was able to rejoin the forward and mid-fuselage. I still have to rivet both lines along the bulkheads. Almost on to the next section.
2006-06-08 Bolts I got a few hours in tonight installing the wing attach bolts and deburring one of the forward floor skins. The replacement floor skins look much better than the previous ones. More work, but better outcome.
2006-06-09 Rivetting Tonight, Brandon gave me a hand rivetting the forward fuselage to the mid-fuselage. He did great bucking rivets. We made good progress down the forward mid-spar line. There are a few rivets under the seat brackets that have us confused how to buck them. We'll figure it out sometime.
2006-06-11 Rivetting Brandon and I decided to return to the hangar so we could attempt to install the final rivets joining the forward and middle fuselage. The rivets under the seat brackets were very difficult to buck. I traded spots with Brandon and gave him the gun so I could find a way to get the bar on these rivets. We worked it out with fairly good results. I also found out that the rivets under the gear braces need to be double flush. My plans do not stipulate this. I'll replace those later.
2006-06-13 Construction I was able to bolt the bulkheads for the seat assembly. This made the entire front fuselage much better structurally. I also took a minute to temporarily attach the rudder to the vertical stabilizer. The rudder had been lying around the hangar for awhile and I thought it could get damaged. Looks good.
2006-06-14 Construction Tonight I finished bolting the forward seat brackets. I also rivetted the center plate to the vertical bulkheads and bottom skin. It's all good.
2006-06-15 Seat pans On to the seat pans. I constructed the required angle supports and got all edges deburred. All holes drilled and initial fitting.
2006-06-16 Seat pans Tonight I got the seat pans almost ready for priming. I finished deburring and machine countersinking everything. I also got the right front floor skin deburred and dimpled. Seat brackets too.
2006-06-17 Construction and priming Busy day. It's been a long time since I had a chance to put this kind of time into the project. I finished prepping parts for priming, installed the landing gear for drilling new holes through spacers and the extension leg of the bracket. The landing gear bracket took a long time. Some of the bolts and nuts are very difficult to get to, so I improvised. Also, the steel is murder on the drill bits. Small bits go right through everything fine, but the #12 gave out quickly. I went through several bits trying to get it done. Just need to finish construction of the seat pans and last seat brackets then this section is complete. Looking ahead.....it will really be a fuselage after the next section is complete. Finished the day watching some powered parachutes flying around until dark. Good day!
2006-06-18 Assembly After early church, I got a chance to assemble the seat pans and the final seat brackets that mount on top of the landing gear brackets. I put this together on the fuselage and everything lines up nicely. I also took some time to get the hangar ready for the upcoming hangar tour with the EAA on Tuesday night. I prepped on half of the fuselage to near completion and left the other at the skeletal level to show the structure. Lots of cleaning too.
2006-06-20 Hangar tour Tonight was the annual EAA Chapter 72 Hangar Tour. About 50 people dropped by to check out the project. Lots of questions and looking. It's always a good time to see the other's progress.
2006-06-22 Longerons On to the next section. I started constructing the longerons. I began bending the first one to the template as perscribed. This is tricky because as you correct the bend in one area, it changes the radius on the other side. I have to get all of these within 1/16 of an inch of the edge of the template. It'll happen in time.
2006-06-28 Landing gear Tonight I drilled out the seven outboard rivets that are under the landing gear mount when it is in place. The regular rivets sit too high after driven, so there was a modification to the plans to provide double flush rivets. Brandon helped and we got it done. This setion is now complete!
2006-07-01 Longerons and skins Started a new section today. I got an early start ater traveling to Denver and back. I had to get Brandon on a 7am flight. We hit the road at 4:30 and barely made it.

I started by bending the shorter rear longerons. The template seems to get people in trouble because the reference to it changes orientation often in the plans. I proceeded carefulyy. The bend must be within a sixteenth of an inch to the template. This makes lots of adjustments necessary to get it right. I eventually got it and double checked before I drilled the holes. I repeated for the left side. It has more holes than the right to drill. Trial fit looks good.

I was going to get the long set of longerons done too, but the revision of plans I have does not give the right dimensions. I was not happy about this, so elected to proceed to bending the rear skins.

Bending the skins worries most, and that includes me. I set everything up according to the plans and began the initial twist. At first it seems the skin is too stiff to bend, but a little more twist and pressure, then it starts to go. I completed the task and took a look on the rear bulkheads after using clecos to fasten. It seemed a little under radius, but fit well after a few attachments were made. I did the other side, where the baggage door is, and it went even better. I'm happy with the way these turned out in the end. Oh yeah, I had to drill out all the platenuts for the wing attach strips to get the skins on.

Long day...finished around 9pm.....going home.

2006-07-02 Longerons After early church, I got the revised measurements of the curve for both of the longerons that run the span of the fuselage. Lots of hammering later, I got these finished. Also, Jay Brinkmeyer and Jack Dhoogee came by for a visit. Jack will be my flight instructor shortly. Attached skins for a look. Lots of planes flying today made it difficult to concentrate.
2006-07-03 Fuselage skins Bonus...I got Monday off. More hangar time after a few errands. I got to attach the skins again and started drilling through them into the longerons. I had to mark a lot of spots where I cannot drill or dimple on the skins. Lots of holes to drill. Also fitted some additional ribs in the baggage compartment. Used the angle drill for some hard to reach places to join the bulkhead and upper longerons. Even had to use an inspection mirror to see if my alignment was correct. I spent almost an hour just looking at the assembly at the end of the day. It is really turning into a plane.
2006-07-04 Longerons Lots of drilling tonight. I match drilled all of the holes into the 1013 longerons in the mid-fuselage area behind the main bulkhead and forward of the tailcone. Also final drilled all the other holes in these areas. Hundreds of them. I got a chance to mark the bend line for the front left skin so I can make the bend. I started to do this, but found out it was not going to work with my clamps. I'll have to pick some up and try again later.
2006-07-05 Front skins Rolled the front skins tonight. I started to do this yesterday, but didn't like the way the c-clamp vice grips could hit the skins. I got some new and different ones from Grainger after work. Much better. The front skins were tougher to roll than the mids, but the same technique applies. Got these finished with no problems. I'm happy to be done with this process and get a good result.
2006-07-06 Structure I started fitting the forward structural components tonight. Everything seems to be going together well. There is a little tension in the skin, but not too much. I can tell that this may be interesting to rivet later.
2006-07-07 Structural Tonight I continued deburring some of the structural components for the front fuselage and drilling them. This is a little unnerving as the powder coated steel attach points to the firewall are not predrilled and I have to accurately transfer holes into them through the skins. Easy to get offline and end up having to take parts off and replace them as the engine's weight will be transferred to these parts. My initial attempt at the first four locations all came out well. It's a relief, but I have more to go.
2006-07-08 Drilling Today I drilled. Then I drilled some more. After that, I did some more drilling. Still working on the left front attach points with the aluminum to steel connections. Very easy to mess this up if you don't plan ahead. It's good to use lots of clamps and always check and recheck the position of things before you pull the trigger. The right side is complete and turned out fine. I also took a minute and clecoed the upper fuselage and instrument panel together so I could get a feel how it will look. It sits higher a farther aft than I expected. It's getting tempting to jump in and have a seat for the first time. I think I'll wait and only do this as a reward for meeting another weight loss goal. Always looking for motivation. Flight training starts next Sunday at 9:30 at Classic Air. Piper Cherokee 180.
2006-07-15 Drilling I was away or business this week so this is the first chance I've had to hit the project. I finished drilling the steel flanges from the firewall to the longerons on the left side. I'm glad this is finished because if this gets messed up it's a big deal. Everything should be just fine.
2006-07-29 Deburring Well, I'm at that point where I get to disassemble all of the progress for this section and clean it up, then prime. This is the toughest part mentally and physically. But the reward later is huge. I got the skins off of the left side. Many interruptions with the phone and visitors so not much progress. I'll try again later.
2006-08-03 Dimpling I continued with the mundane and deburred and dimpled the left mid-sideskin tonight. Per the instructions, I removed the baggage door upon completion.
2006-08-04 Deconstruction Tonight was more removing the thousands of clecos in the fuselage. The plane took a giant step backward in appearance. Can't wait to get the primer on and then rivet it back together. Also, I will be replaceding the lower 1041's because the angle drill wobbled out the holes. This will also make me replace the 1003 firewall bracket.
2006-08-05 Deburring skins Today I got a few hours in deburring the holes and edges of the right mid-skin. Also, I removed the vinyl on the rivet lines. I had a chance to start dimpling it too. Jay Brinkmeyer, another local builder, asked me to lend a hand rivetting his front and mid fuselage together at the wing spars.
2006-08-07 Deburring Got to debur more parts tonight. These were all structural parts, including the longerons. I got probably seventy five percent of these parts finished tonight. I still have to countersink a lot though. Picked up a lift table and roller cart. These will be handy.
2006-08-08 Deburring and rework Today I got a chance to take off the lower brackets from the firewall and install new ones. The reason I did this is I don't like how the holes I drilled in the 1041 lower braces and these mate to these brackets. This assembly supports a lot of stress from the firewall forward. Not taking any chances. When I rivetted the new brackets on, I had a chance to use some new and oddly shaped bucking bars I recently got. This allowed me to properly align on some rivets I had poor results with the first time. This time.....very good.
2006-08-09 Miscellaneous Another bonus day off. Today I took on many tasks at once.

I started by match drilling the holes through the 1041 supports to the steel firewall brackets, 1003's. I was nervous of this because of all the extra work of undoing my first attempt. No angle drill this time and it turned out perfectly. Worth the effort and I feel much better about the structural integrity.

Deburred all of the remaining structural parts.

Began machine countersinking various parts.

Deburred and dimpled one of the forward side skins. Only one left.
2006-08-11 Machine countersinking and dimpling More countersinking and dimpling tonight. This was on the rivetted parts that mate to the skin and the loose stuff yet to be assembled. One more good session, and I should be ready to prime.
2006-08-13 Priming and construction The dreaded day of priming. I chickened out and primed most of the parts, and saved some for later. I got the first three skins primed and went for the fourth when I discovered I hadn't yet deburred any of it. The next hour or so was deburring holes on both sides and then the edges. Dimpling followed. After I got that primed I went for some of the structural pieces and finished those. Some of the parts dried and I took the chance to put some together. Not usually a good idea with fresh primer. No problems, but I ran into a few rivets that I will have to get very creative to drive. I'm anxious to get the skins on again.
2006-08-14 Rework Tonight I corrected a problem I caused by skipping ahead in the plans. I could not access the top two rivets in the seat back side braces because of the angle and the gussett above it. I should have installed these rivets prior to the gussetts. I decided to drill out about sixteen rivets and did it over again. It turned our great....no more issues.
2006-08-17 Deburring and countersinking Tonight, I finished the deburring and dimpling of the rest of the parts. That's nice to have finished. I also countersunk the rest of the mating pieces in the airframe except for a few holes behind the big bolts holding the main spars together. I will need to remove these for access. I just need to prime and then I can continue with assembly. I may be able to start the skins this weekend.
2006-08-18 Priming Tonight I finished off the priming of the remaining structural parts. I also removed the wing attach bolts for access to get the last few holes in the centerplate countersunk. The real pain was dimpling the rivet holes using the pop rivet gun.

I finished it off by priming any areas I disturbed.
2006-08-19 Construction Toiday was awesome. I had a flight lesson scheduled, but it got cancelled due to weather. The fun part was watching all the high speed fly-bys of RV-4, 6, 7, and 8's from the EAA Chapter 72 Fly-In just across from the hangar. It made it difficult to fully concentrate on working with all those cool planes zipping by so quickly.

I got to finish rivetting the final connection with the main support pieces to the firewall brackets. This was a little tricky in spots, and with a little trimming of corners from some of the angle supports, I was able to take care of it. Other builders have done this same thing. This presents no structural issues.

I finished at night fall by clecoing all of the skins back onto the structure. I first had to back rivet the baggage compartment ribs to the 1070 mid-skins. No problem.

It's good to see this assembly with all its parts back on.

Now for the rivetting......
2006-08-20 Skins Today begins the process of rivetting the skins. There are alot of them this time. Not all are easily accessible either.

I started installing the double rows that are on the seem joining the skins at the wing spar. I followed the line under the deck and contine aft.

This will take time.
2006-08-22 Construction Good 'ol Brandon gave me a hand tonight with rivetting the curved part of the mid-skin just below the baggage compartment opening. All went well with the exception of a problem rivet under the step mounting bracket. An "oops" rivet saved the day. Very nice results with this part. I also got a chance to rivet the staggered row on the forward skin near the wing spars. This allowed me to secure the bolts again for strength.
2006-08-23 Rivetting Tonight Brandon and I attacked the curved bottom joint of the 1070 mid-skin. This is under the baggage compartment. We had great success and it looks great. It's good to see the curved skin with no creases or dents.
2006-08-25 Construction Lots of rain today. Hopefully I can still get a flight lesson this week. It's been three weeks since the last one.

I continued rivetting the longerons rear of the wing spar. Most of this is fairly easy with the occassional challenging rivet. Got the seat back ribs rivetted and the 1013 longerons to the front of the door opennings. The 1046 longerons are complete. Brandon helped a little tonight and then I concluded by rivetting the double rows of rivets that join the 1069 and 1070 skins at the wing spars.

Lastly, I reinstalled the eight bolts connecting the spars.
2006-08-26 Construction Marathon rivetting today. I was able to almost get the left side of the plane rivetted today. There are still some front areas to take care of, but much of the rest is finished. The right side got some attention too, but has more to go.

Looks good so far. Maybe I can do a little more tomorrow if time allows.
2006-08-27 Construction After church, then a flight lesson, I got a chance to finish off the rivets at the bottom of the skins aft of the wing spar. These are not easy to hit in some spots. Also, there are a couple of rows that the instructions call-out rivets that are too small. I substituted some of these and got a better result.

Before I left for the day, I got the forward-upper fuselage and attached it. Relatives are on the way for a visit and they may want to see this.
2006-09-16 Construction No flight lesson today. We had variable crosswinds up to 30 mph. Not good conditions for learning.

I continued with the rivetting and got some of the difficult rivets driven. The tough ones still remain and I will need help reaching the rest of them.

I decided to use Evershield, which is a ceramic coating from AFS (I am using their primer) on the forward bottom skind, tunnel, and firewall. It is suppose to help deflect heat.

I also took a few minutes to install some of the insulation. Not too tough.
2006-09-17 Construction Today, Brandon and I tackled some of the remaining rivets on the front fuselage. Most of these were the "tough" ones everyone speaks of, and they were right.

We probably installed 200 rivets today. A couple dozen of them took hours because of cramped space and the lack of leverage with the bucking bar. We still have some of these left on the right side and a few corrections to made on some of the rivets already driven.

One of the most difficult parts of the project is almost complete.
2006-09-23 Construction Finally......I got the rest of the rivets completed today in the forward fuselage. This is a big relief. I now have quite the assortment of bucking bars for tight spots. I also used Proseal to run a bead at the intersection of the firewall and skins to keep H2O and CO out of the cabin. I finished off the day by rivetting the main cabin decks that will later be the bottom of the door openings.

I'm glad this part is done.
2006-09-24 Construction I got another flight lesson in today. It's been tough lately with the weather. More touch and goes at COS. Big commercial jets and military mixed in with me. This time I handled much of the radio stuff.

I also made arrangements to start ground school this coming week. It will take six weeks if we go twice a week. The airport is almost twenty miles away from home, but thankfully the ground school lessons are at the instructor's home two blocks from here.

I got a chance to finish some of the insulation on the pilot's side floor, and put most of the rivets in it. I got started bolting on the gear bracket too.
2006-09-30 Construction/Landing Gear Braces This morning's flight lesson was awesome. The air was still and I got a pretty good group of touch and goes with some good radio work. These landings were my best yet.

Later, Brandon gave me a hand and we got the copilot's floor insulated and mostly rivetted. I finished bolting the left gear bracket and got the right one in place.

Great day!!!
2006-10-07 Construction Another beautiful day at MeadowLake. We practiced crosswind landings this morning with decent results.

I got the right side floor finished off and the landing gear bracket installed. The last rib on the side skin got rivetted too. I started construction of the rear side vents.
2006-10-08 Rear vents Cold and rainy today. I finished deburring and primed the rear seat vents. I also took a minute to touch up some places in the fuselage with some primer.

Section 29 is Finsihed!!!
2006-10-08 Steps On to the steps. This is one of the shortest sections in the book. I drilled the holes in the delrin blocks, drilled holes into the mating rib on the left and test fit the left step. All looks good so far.
2006-10-14 Steps Bad head cold today....no flight lesson. Too bad, it would have been perfect conditions for it. Lots of planes out today.

I finished the right rear vent and then drilled out a few of the rivets on the doubler for the right side. I hit it with the machine counter sink and added a little more depth. Much better result. I finished installing the right step and added a couple of bolts to the engine mount to get it off the ground.
2006-10-22 Canopy cutting I skipped ahead and started trimming the fiberglass canopy to size around the perimeter. What people say regarding this being very messy is true. Brandon gave me a hand placing this canopy on the fuselage for a look. Wow....what a difference!

Much to do with this still.

Lots of visitors today before and after my lesson at Classic Air. Jack, my instructor, had me stay in the pattern doing nothing but touch and goes. We had variable crosswinds, so it made it tough to land sometimes. When we were finished, Jack said the next time we fly and it is calm, it is time for me to solo!
2006-10-29 Upper Forward Fuselage Today I got a brief chance to start creating some of the parts for the upper forward fuselage. Most of this was easy. Started deburring some of the parts.

Got another couple of lessons in this week. My instructor said I'm ready to solo when we don't have all the wind. Got some good crosswind training this weekend.
2006-11-04 Upper Forward Fuselage Finally......today I soloed the Cherokee 180!!! I did a total of 10 touch and goes and dealt with heavy traffic due to a Young Eagles Rally. Started getting choppy and the crosswind was increasing perpendicular to the runway, so I called it good.

I continued with the upper forward fusleage final drilling a deburring. Most of that is now complete. I still have to final drill the skin and dimple.
2006-11-05 Upper Forward Fuselage I got to fly my second solo today. At first, I was a little nervous, but I progressively got better and better with the landings. Much less traffic today compared to yesterday.

Before and after the flight, I continued drilling, deburring, and dimpling all the parts for the upper forward fuselage. Boring stuff, but necessary.
2006-11-08 Upper Forward Fuselage It's been awhile.....I got to put a little time in during the week. Tonight I got a chance to finish all the dimpling and deburring for all parts. Always tedious, but nothing compared to Section 29. Priming is next.
2006-11-12 Upper Forward Fuselage No flight lesson today. It started snowing and got fairly windy.

The day started by going to get refills on the three LP Tanks. Gotta get the place warm for priming.

Priming was fun as always, but not too bad this time.

After priming, I delicately started some of the construction. I was asking for trouble doing this so soon after the application of the primer, but it worked out fine. I got a few rivets in place on the structure and a few of the nutplates.
2006-11-18 Upper Forward Fuselage Today's flight lesson was eventful. First, the left brake had air in it and the pedal kept going soft. The brake was useless at times. Then the radio was giving me a hard time. After three touch and goes, I decided to bring it in and call it a day.

I got a little extra time because of the short training session and finished rivetting the upper forward fuselage. I thought it would be cake, but a few parts of it were challenging. I just need to install the nutplates and this part is finished.
2006-11-19 Upper Forward Fuselage What a beautiful day! The temperature was near 70 degrees and there was no wind. I ran over to Classic Air and jumped in the Cherokee 180 for touch and goes. Surprisingly, there was little traffic in the pattern except for a couple of fly-bys from an AT-6 Texan.

I got some good practice in today. The landings are getting more consistent. Once in awhile, I get an ugly one, but most of them are not embarrassing now. No left brake again!

I finished the nutplates on the panel support today and had to locate and drill a couple extra holes for the front mounts of the throttle quadrant. This assembly is complete now. Tailcone attach is next.

Cleaned the hangar today as well. Could have visitors during Thanksgiving.
2006-11-26 Main wheels Crosswind practice today in the Cherokee. Nee to keep practicing.

I couldn't wait anymore and decided to put the tires and tubes on the wheels. Easy to do and hopefully I'll get to put these on the gear shortly.
2006-11-26 Side Steps I got to reinstall the right step today. Same thing as the other with a larger bolt. Primed again.
2006-12-02 Talicone attach More snow and cold today. No flight lesson. Took my written yesterday and got a 95 percent.

I got the tailcone temporarily attached to the fuselage. It was tough to get things aligned on the proper height and pitch so it would match, but I got it. Clecos are in place and its ready to be drilled. I did drill the longerons and set four bolts on each side.
2006-12-03 Tailcone attach No lesson again today. Ice on the runway.

I final drilled and match drilled all the connections of the empenage and fuselage. Also, I made the shims that the plans call for and machine countersunk the proper areas.

Lastly, I tried drilling the last two bolt holes for the engine mount but the bit gave up and won't go through the last of the steel.
2006-12-10 Tailcone attach Started flying the Warrior today. Less horsepower, but not too bad. I'll miss the 180. The guy that put it in the tree sure was being watch out for upstairs!

I disassembled the tailcone from the fuselage and deburred almost everything. It won't take much to finish the rest then dimple. I need to make up my mind if I will go ahead and attach everything or wait until I do some things in the tailcone.
2006-12-16 Tailcone attach Today, I got to solo the Warrior. It's different but not a big deal. Very unusual crosswinds made the day fun though. Good practice.

I finished deburring and dimpling all mating pieces. I then shot some primer on any overlapping areas.
2006-12-17 Tailcone attach Today, more wind and fairly strong. Jack and I went to COS and started instruction on soft field take offs and landings. They went really well and even with a good crosswind. Good radio practice in a controlled area, so this will help me get ready to solo to COS in the near term.

I took a little time to get the empennage and fuselage clecoed together. It was tough to get all the dimpled layers together in the correct orientation, but I eventually got it.

Things are ready to rivet.
2006-12-23 Tailcone attach We flew after the big blizzard. It was cold and the drifts at Meadowlake were over six feet in places. The piles of snow from clearing the asphalt were nearing twelve feet. More soft field practice in COS. It went well.

I started the big step of joining the empennage and fuselage. Lots of interruptions today, but I got some of the rivets in place.
2006-12-24 Tailcone attach Another cold day. More snow and wind too.

I continued attaching the tailcone and fuselage. Some of this was tough to do by myself. I got the ribs attached to the bulkhead and quite a few flush rivets set. The rest will require help.
2007-01-22 Rivetting Brandon gave me a hand rivetting some of the rivets I couldn't reach. It was night and about 15 degrees. Man, that rivet gun was cold. We go over half done, but couldn't stick around any longer....too cold.
2007-01-27 Conduit Ran conduit under rear seats and baggage compartment. I devised some brackets for the exit into the tailcone through the lightening holes so it will be suspended and not rub. I got this idea from Tim Olsen's site. I still have to get final details in place, but the majority of this part is finished.
2007-01-27 Cable fairings I shaped the cable fairings from the stck rectacgular shape to a rounded triangle to make them look a little less plain. These will really help the appearance of the exit points of the rudder cables.
2007-01-27 Rudder pedals Deburred and final drilled rudder pedals. Made spacers for the master cylinders and temporarily assembled the pedals in the fuselage.
2007-01-28 Conduit Finally, a break in the weather. We flew into COS for more practice doing short and soft field take offs and landings. It went well and Jack said he wants me to solo into COS next weekend. Commercial jets, Military jets, and the works in Class C airspace.

I got a chance to finish off the brackets that support the conduit exits to the tailcone. Also, created the rear seat brackets and took care of some miscelaneous things.
2007-02-03 Fitting Today's flight lesson was interesting. We had direct crosswinds from the west near the limits of our plane's capability. We took off to Pueblo to get some instrument work in with the foggles on. We got to 8500 feet and all heck broke loose with the turbulence. I hit my head on the roof and was still wearing foggles, so couldn't see anything. Also, the mode C and transponder were not working. We decided to head back to Meadowlake shortly after we were advised of a severe turbulence warning. It took forever to cover a short distance getting back for an interesting landing.

I spent the next several hours sanding the canopy to try and get a good fit to the fuselage. I used a variety of tools to do the job and removed alot. Still too tight to fit. I made a big mess and itch like crazy. Can't wait to do that again.
2007-02-05 Tailcone attach Tonight, Brandon surprised me and volunteered to go to the hangar and help finish with the final assembly of the tailcone attach. We didn't have all that much left to do and got it done and looking good. This is a great milestone in the project.

If you wiggle the front, the back moves too!!!
2007-02-09 Preparation Tonight after a very busy day at wor, I started deburring the edges of the back seats skins and drilling some of the holes into the ribs. I investigated some of the conduit runs and antenna placement. Lots of planning at this point for systems.
2007-02-10 Preparation Well, I soloed into Coloado Springs today. Since it was my first time with this alone, I was a little nervous about all the radio stuff. It was intersting as the tower had me negate my first touch and go and exit on A5 to the Jet Center. I did not have the frequency for Ground Control, because we never did this before in any lesson. I went to the Jet Center as instructed after I looked up the frequency on my sectional chart and asked if I could return to 17R for touch and goes. Very unnerving since I never did any of this before and I was alone. I got back in the pattern and did 4 touch and goes then returned to Meadowlake for a few more. Whew!!!

I got some good time in today since the weather was decent. I continued final drilling, deburring and fabricationg the needed items for the baggage area and rear seats. Lots of holes to deal with. I started dimpling a little too.

I need to get my Technical Advisor to perform another inspection soon before I button this section up for good.
2007-02-11 Com Antennas I almost finished prepping the rear seat area for final assembly. I need to do some more miscelaneous things, but not much more.

I started creating doublers for the Com 1 and Com 2 antennas. I just used some of the baggage door excess material from the original skin to fabricate them. Should work fine.
2007-02-17 Dimpling Today, we got another snow storm in the morning so no flying. I put in 14 hours at the office with 1.5 hours of sleep the night before and I'm still dragging.

I got Loyd Remus, EAA Technical Counselor and professional RV builder to performa second inspection. He was very supportive and complimentary. It always makes me feel good to have someone so experienced say that kind of stuff about my work.

I finished deburring the back seats and dimpled them along with everything that they connect to underneath. I also made another antenna doubler for the right side.

Not too much more and I can get going on the priming.
2007-02-18 Preparation I got a flight lesson in today. My first trip to Pueblo and we used VORs to get there. I flew blind and used intruments only. The radio was squeeling like crazy, probably the alternator repair caused this. We shut the alternator off and it got better. The phone was ringing when I got on the ground it it was work stuff again.

I squeezed a little time in before returning to the office for more fun. I finished off one baggage floor complete with access cover intallation. Finished off the other rear passenger floor too. Lots of other parts are ready now for primer.
2007-02-24 Priming Blizzard again.

I heated the hangar as best I could and finished a bunch of multiple tasks, then primed. Lots of little parts.

I got the remaining reat passenger floor mostly installed after priming it. Installed some sound proofing.

Long day with the cold.

2007-02-25 Rivetting Back to Pueblo. More foggles, more bumps, better radio work, awesome landings. Good time.

I back rivetted the stiffners on the baggage floors, access panels, and nutplates for the rear seats. Turned out great.

I messed around with the antenna doublers. The alodine pen is worthless. I'll have to do something else. I also got some of the holes for the smaller conduit run taken care of for the strobe wires.

For fun, I applied a vinyl N number to one side. It's big!!!
2007-03-02 Doublers and prep Tonight was cold again. Got the nutplates installed in the doublers. Drilled and dimpled mating surfaces. Installed some of the anchors for the zip ties. Custome bracket for conduit exit installed.
2007-03-03 Alodine and more No lesson today. Another broken plane. Trim tab is stuck all the way up. High winds too.

It was cold in the hangar. Had to run and buy a jacket from the nearby Farm Supply Store. I alodined the doublers. Never did this before today. Not a big deal. Turned out fine. Also removed some primer from the mating bottom skin and applied alodine there too.

Installed more soundproofing, drilled holes for small conduit runs, dimpled some ribs, and other miscellaneous tasks.
2007-03-04 Construction What a beautiful day. Got a good flight lesson and the temperature was in the upper fifties. No wind, too.

Today I got a chance to get everything in the baggage area ready for construction. Wire ties, soundproofing, conduit, and a few very tough rivets along the sidewalls interior and exterior. I ran some of the coax through the smaller conduit and out the bottom for connection later.

Clecoed the left side and it's ready for rivets!
2007-03-09 Rivetting Today I got a chance to rivet the left side of the bagage area. Those blind rivets sure are easy to deal with.

I decided to order a new vertical baggage seal and had to drill a large hole to drive the rivets in the nutplates. No way to get these otherwise.
2007-03-10 Construction I got to try out the pnuematic blind rivet gun big time. Got all rivets set for the baggage area and the rear seats. Set all nutplates in these skins. Got the seat hinges set. A little more soundproofing, touchup primer, fine tuning access panels for the steps.

Started to rough fit the side panels for the interior sidewalls of the baggage compartment and the corregated rear closeouts.

Looks great!
2007-03-11 Priming With the exception of the anti-wear blocks for the corregated baggage covers, the baggage area is complete. This section took much longer than expected. I think it was all the consideration of wiring and antennaes. Stuff not in the plans.

I installed alot of nutplates to the bulkhead. Installed the right cover panel after shaving some insulation thickness. Primed as usual. Started the anti-wear blocks. Need about half an hour to finish it off.
2007-03-17 Rear seats After my lesson, I decided to begin working on the rear seats. These look easy and I wanted to get something done quickly for gratification.

I got all the pieces fabricated, drilled, and ready for deburring. I promised Jay Brinkmeyer (another RV-10 builder) I would give him a hand rivetting his tailcone to the fuselage. Had to go.

Also, rough fit the fiberglass canopy.
2007-03-18 Rear seats Finished deburring and prepping the rear seat parts, both sides. Primed everything in preparation of assembly.

Cut the jog in the front side of the canopy. I could only estimate where this should be. It will need some more work.

Cleaned the hangar. Company next week.
2007-04-22 Drilling J Channel No flying today, too windy for my last solo XC. Very tired anyway....probably best.

I completed drilling the rest of the J Channel on both main spars. I can already tell the wings will be endless repetition with so much area to cover. One sentence in the work instructions can take days to complete.
2007-04-27 Drilling After a long week at work, I needed a break and headed for the hangar.

I tapped the brackets for the tie downs and drilled them to match the spar.

Drilled the remaining holes where the J stiffners were not located.

Deburred some of the J stiffners.
2007-04-28 Preparation What a day!!!

I got through much of the tedious tasks of drilling, machine countersinking, deburring, and spot priming the main spars and J stiffners.

Each hole gets lots of work with all of these steps and there are hundreds of them to work.

Got all of this done except the #6 and #8 holes. Got most of the nutplates on as well.
2007-04-29 Countersinking I finished this section today after flying. I was a little concerned about the #8 and #6 countersinks for the tank attach points. These have a tendancy to wobble and get out of round easily. Thankfully, these turned out fine.

Attached the wing tie downs, spot primed, and got the bolts and brackets installed.

Many before me have said thi section is a lot of work, without the visual evidence to show for it. True.
2007-05-06 Trailing Ribs Well, here goes. Tons of deburring ahead as I start the trailing ribs for both wings.

Today, it was snowing, so once again no flying. There was also a Class 5 tornado and leftover activity near the area in Kansas I was supposed to go.

I got a few of the inboard ribs prepped and fabricated spacers and the bearings for the aileron tube brackets. Also, got some of the flap brackets prepped.

Tons to go!
2007-05-11 Deburring ribs and brackets Started getting the modified ribs and aileron/flap brackets prepped. Of course, tons of deburring. Going slow for now.
2007-05-12 Deburring More deburring of the ribs and brackets. Got the brackets finished and only 20 ribs to go. These are BIG wings.
2007-05-19 Deburring I continued deburring the aft ribs for the left wing. Lots more of the same: scotchbrite wheel, small file, green pad, swivel deburring tool, and die grinder. I completed the ribs for the left wing.

2007-05-25 Priming Tonight, I started priming the aft ribs for the left wing. I got five completed with the associated parts for the bearing assembly.
2007-05-26 Priming and construction Today was a marathon of priming and everything associated with it. Lots of ribs later, I got the left wing completed for this section on the preparation side.

I also got a chance to install all rivets and just need to add the bolts to complete the left side for this section.
2007-05-27 Bolts I finished off some of the construction and then got all the bolts installed and torqued in the left wing. Also, used inspection laquer to mark them afterward.

I will store this assembly until I get the right side up to the same spot. The ribs are not stable yet, so I clecoed the top skin and rear spar for stability. Very nice.

2007-06-03 Deburring ribs Continued with the right side trailing ribs/deburring. Made a modification to the inboard bearing bracket so it doesn't interfere with the lightening hole bevel.
2007-06-17 Priming right rear ribs Ugggghh. I got the right side rear ribs all etched and primed. Too many, but finished.
2007-06-19 EAA Chapter 72 Hangar Tour Another tour from the EAA Group. About seventy five people and lots of questions. All went well, but quite hot.
2007-06-22 Bolts Installed and torqued bolts for rear ribs of right wing.
2007-06-30 Practical Test Well......today was a big day!!!I spent two hours in an Oral Exam and 1.6 in the Practical. After much studying, training, and preparation......I'm a PILOT!!!!!!!

2007-07-04 Rear spar Started the rear spar for the right wing. Began deburring doublers and aileron brackets.
2007-07-06 Aileron brackets Deburred three of the four aileron brackets tonight. These took more time than you would think. Each is composed of three pieces and the interior sections are fairly rough and require alot of filing.
2007-07-07 Rear spar Got the rear spar completed today for the right wing. All the usual deburring, scuffing, etching and priming. Then the rivets. It went fine. Now for the left side.
2007-07-08 Left Rear Spar Started deburring, drilling, and match drilling the components of the left rear spar. Got almost everything completed with the exception being the actual edges of the spar. Also, finished construction of the aileron hinge brackets.
2007-07-22 Priming Finished deburring and priming the left rear spar and doublers today. Anxious to get these installed so I can start the skins.
2007-07-31 Left wing I bought a big plane that takes lots of time to get finished. This has been evident in the past, but even more so today.

Drilled, deburred, taperred, dimpled, etched, primed, machine countersunk to all skins, J Channels, doublers, rear spar and ribs.

Ready to rivet.
2007-08-01 Right wing .....more of the same. Drilling, deburring, etching, priming.

Ready for rivetting.

2007-08-02 Top Skins Brandon was good enough to give me a hand today. We back rivetted most of the top skin for the right wing. He is great help and has a good touch at bucking rivets. The result is very good. Too bad the whole plane can't be back rivetted.

If I can get another day like this, we'll pretty much be done with this section.
2007-08-05 Baggage door I unfortunately dropped the original baggage door months ago during installation. The result was a nasty bend on the extgerior flange just below the lock. I tried to straighten it with "so-so" results. Mayby filler would take care of it, but I decided to change it. Only one way to take care of this....build another door.

I built door number two today. Some of those rivets are tough to get, but they all went great. I tried to recycle the the original hinge, but that didn't give a good enough result with positioning. I made a new one and eventually got a much better result than the original fit. Glad I took the time.
2007-08-06 Top skins Brandon and I finished off the right wing today and got started on the left. We got about 150 rivets set and the rivet set snapped at the pin. I have to get a replacement before I can continue.

I also received two HIDs and the Gretz heated pitot today. The roll servo is on the way. $$$$$$$
2007-08-11 Main gear In preparation for the move to a different hangar, I spent the day elevating the current stand with larger wheels that will roll down the road better and ended up installing the main gear legs.

In the process of doing all this, I sure thought about how close I must be to disaster if the plane moved from the "temporary" supports while I made the change. Thankfully, it went well.

I noticed a slight curve in the nose gear and a twist logitudanally that I will address with Van's.
2007-08-12 Top Skins rivetted I dragged Brandon out for another marathon session of rivetting. It took us awhile, but we got the left wing's top skin rivetted. The quality is great with backrivetting. I had to buck about fifty of the rivets on both wings alone by the back spar where the forks are. No clearance.

Getting ready to move to another hangar in a few weeks. I'm nearing the end of Aluminum and want to get as much of this primed as possible before the move. I'm tearing down the paint booth.
2007-08-18 Fitting Removed the canopy and further removed materials where the front post jogs. Got a better fit after a couple of tries. The canopy now sits flush with the aluminum in that area. Worked on other miscelaneous items.
2007-08-18 Skins Started another section of building fun. The leading edges don't appear very difficult. I stripped the vinyl from one skin, got the J-Channels fabricated for both, built the holding jig, and deburred a few ribs.

Ran conduit in left wing.
2007-08-19 Wheel installation In preparation for the move, I continued to install the main gear wheels. I finished the brackets and installed the brake back pressure plate and associated hardware. This process was simple. I just need to locate the hole through the nut for the cotter pin. It should be possible to get an angle drill in there to mark the axle for the cotter pin.

Looks good on the mains. Waiting for a replacement nose gear from Van's.
2007-08-22 Rib preparation I squeezed in a few hours after work tonight. Got all the ribs for the right side fluted and deburred. They ar clecoed in place and ready to final drill. The nose is tight like the horizontal stabilizer was.
2007-08-24 Right leading edge Final drilled all ribs and the double rear rows of the skins. MAthc drilled the stiffner. Added 480 pounds of sandbags to the fuselage front for the move next week. Tired now, need to go home.
2007-08-25 Priming Long day.....got the deburring of everything for the right leading edge finished. Dimpled, machine countersunk transition strip, and primed. Hopefully, I can get the same finished tomorrow....running out of time befor the move on Friday. No more paint booth.
2007-08-27 Left side After work, I ran out and finished drilling, deburring, dimpling, machine countersunk, scuffed, alumiprepped, and primed everything except the skin.
2007-09-03 Rivetting After the big move, I finally got a chance to work on the plane some. I began rivetting the leading edge per the instructions and cut the access hole for the stall warning and the tab that protrudes from the leading edge. Things went fine, but it is stressful hacking holes in something that took so long to prepare.
2007-09-09 Access plate Got the rivetting finished to the last few in the forward section of the ribs. I'll need help bucking these.

Finished installing the stall warning access plate.

Started building stall warning.
2007-09-15 Stall warning and HIDs Multi-taksing today.

I finished off the stall warning and access plate. Created wiring per plans.

Held my breath and cut my first leading edge for the HID installation. It went well...thank God.
2007-09-16 Right HID I cut and finished the right side HID in the leading edge. Again, very careful and tedious. It went well again. I'm relieved to have this part finished.
2007-09-22 Oil cooler bracket I've been puting this of for awhile, but decided to go ahead and construct and then install the oil cooler bracket. It looks tough to rivet to the firewall in spots. I've also heard things from others about the difficulty.

Typical construction of the assembly. I backrivetted the box to the firewall. This was challenging by myself, but I got it. The results are pretty good.
2007-09-23 Landing lights I got the left landing light bracket constructed and painted. I've decided to paint it all flat black and the bay of the wing too. This should make the light look like it's floating in there when not lighted.

The kit is pretty good, but some of the directions are not really descriptive. This side is about half finished now. It will look really good when finished.
2007-09-26 Rivetting Brandon gave me a hand and we got the last of the rivets for the upper forward leading edges finished. Turned out great. Now I can move on and finish the landing lights. After that, they get attached to the wings.
2007-09-29 HID installation Manufactured, primed, and installed left HID with lens. Lots of work to this. I got it in good standing, but wasn't quite happy with the lens gap against the skin of around a sixteenth of an inch.
2007-09-29 HID assembly. Long day....more stuff.

Got the rest of the HID installed on the left wing. The four screws that hold the assembly to the ribs must be tightened from the from and are very tough to get started. You must reach through the cutout in the front of the wing. It is awkward and cramped.

Got the lens cut and installed. It came out fairly good, but I may try again later.

Lens is also tough to install. Must be pulled with tape from the front, then retaining screws get put in the bracket to hold it. Don't use Duct Tape....it will slip and you will punch youself in the nose Very Hard!
2007-10-12 Landing lights Finished off the right wing's landing light. These ended up being tougher than expected. They will be nice though.
2007-10-13 Attachment I wasn't happy with the fit of the HID lens of the left wing. I fortunately purchased an extra and tried again, this time with better results. At this point, the HIDs are complete. This was more difficult than I thought.

I also clecoed the leading edges to the wings for installation. What a difference this made in appearance. These wings are huge.
2007-10-19 Rivetting Brandon was nice enough to buck more rivets to attach the top side of the leading edge on the right wing. It went well and as always, he did a great job.
2007-10-20 Rivetting I got to finish installation of the right leading edge today after a very rough flight in the pattern at 00V. Bad stuff over Judge Orr Road.

The right leading edge is complete with solid rivets on the inboard and outboard edges, then blind rivets on the rest per plans. Some of the blind rivets were tough to access with the tool, but I got them. Connection to the spar with the 426 flush rivets was simple.

Onto the left side next.
2007-11-10 Deburring Time to bite the bullet and start the fuel tanks. This should add some hours to the project!

I started by detaching and shaping the stiffeners for both tanks. Sounds like nothing, but there are twenty eight of them to produce. There are all in "sticks with rough indications of where to cut, then produce the taper. Lots of deburring after.

I got a few ribs deburred and fluted as well.

The blue film on the interior of the first tank took some effort to remove! Makes me wonder if I should go ahead and take the rest of it off the plane.
2007-11-11 Deburring / Fluting Beautiful today in Colorado. This is my favorite time of year.

I continued deburring and fluting ribs and other parts for the fuel tanks. The nose clecoes are tougher to install on the tanks compared to the leading edges. The skin seems to be thicker and more rigid.
2007-11-20 Nose wheel Lately, I've been tackling a few of the items I've been dreading for awhile. The nose gear is one with the compression of the neoprene disks and the modification to the axle and spacers.

I used the advice of other builders to compress the front end with a ratchet strap. IT took all the tension I could get with it, but I got it!

I installed the front axle and checked the spacers for movement under torque. They moved.....not good. I took about a sixteenth of an inch off the axle then tried again. This time, no spacer movement and the described stiffness in the wheel rotation. Bingo...should be good.

2007-12-01 J Channels Installed both J-channels in both tanks. Started changing the amount of curve on the deluxe fuel caps to better fit the skin. Had to remove quite a bit material. Couldn't get them perfect, but close. Proseal will fill any gaps.
2007-12-02 Deburring A little more deburring today. Took care of one set of the attach Z's. Continued work on the fuel cap flanges. Got help from Loyd placing the second wing in the cradle. Set a few of the rivets for the leading edge bottom.
2007-12-08 Rivetting I took a break from the fuel tanks and riveted part of the leading edge for the left wing. I'll get help with the rest.

Just for a look and better storage, I clecoed the bottom skins on the right wing.
2007-12-09 Fuel Tanks I didn't get much done today. Basically final drilled one tank and deburred some of the parts for the inboard ribs.
2007-12-15 Overhead console I decided to purchase the optional overhead console that allow overhead airvents, lighting, and if I get crazy....a drop down DVD Player. This will really add to the "production" look of the plane's interior.

Later, A/C can even be added.

I started by finding the centerline of the unit and trimming the outside flanges. This is my first work on the plane's fiberglass and I know there is much to learn.

2007-12-29 Drilling Squeezed in a little time after Christmas comapany departed. Drilled the remaining #40 holes, both tanks.
2007-12-30 Rivetting I finally got Brandon to help buck rivets on the remaining wing's leading edge. We made quick work of it and with great results.

I sure enjoy having the cradle on wheels to move the wings around.
2008-01-01 Drilling Continuing with the fuel tanks, I finished drilling both of them. I also deburred the remaining attach Z's.

Need to machine countersink, then take them apart to debur and dimple.

Took much of the blue vinyl film off of the fuselage. Made a big difference on appearance.
2008-01-05 Machine countersinking I machine countersunk the rear baffle to skin holes and made them just a little deeper than usual with the same approach of the special dimple die that does the same thing.

Took care of the left tank Z attach brackets and got the nutplates on them. Also, got the inboard hardware and shims installed.
2008-01-06 Deburring/ProSeal I continued with the Z attach brackets and the bearing assemblies until completion. I ended up short of supply on the K1000-03 nutplates and will have to get more.

I deburred about a quarter of the holes in the skin of one tank and got the patches and fittings attached with ProSeal on the end ribs.

Just as everyone says, "what a mess"!!!!
2008-01-12 Multitasking Whew.....deburred tank holes, edges for the right skin. Scuffed the rivet lines, dimpled skin. Backrivetted the bottom twelve stiffeners with Proseal. Used masking tape to keep it neat.

Got good "flow" of the Proseal on the rivet heads.
2008-01-13 Fuel cap flange I finished the attachment of the stiffeners on the top of the tanks and attached the fuel drain.

Worked on a replacement fuel cap flange and changed the contour to fit the curvature of the skin. Machine countersunk the flange and dimpled the skin to match.

Brandon lent a hand so I didn't get Proseal on everything.
2008-01-19 Fuel cap flange Attached the fuel cap flange after some additional fine tuning of the contour. Got it pretty close and slapped on a heavy dose of sealant. Also riveted the small inboard half rib.

Began shaping the contour of the other side's fuel cap flange. Sure gets hot, even with gloves, while on the belt sander.
2008-01-20 Rib Brandon helped me install one of the full sized ribs. This was a little more challenging than I thought it would be. We were not on the same rivet a few times (my fault) due to the sealant coverring the rivet and our view.

Got the next rib ready to go, but the sealant was starting to setup. We'll try again another time.
2008-01-31 Construction Got the last rib, outboard, on the right tank installed. Extra Proseal was applied to this one to ensure no leaks. Took a few minutes to touch up a few areas with extra sealant.

Fabricated my first vent line out of aluminum tubing. I flared it without too much trouble. I think the secret is good deburring of the cut and oiling the flare area.
2008-02-01 Vent line Continued by installing the J-Channel and the vent tube. Easy to bend this soft tubing per plans. Touched up some of the other sealant with some excess I had mixed.
2008-02-03 Inboard rib The last rib, inboard, for the right tank was installed. Made all connections for the vent tube and sealed. Installed the attach fork prior to this step. Made a mess making sure enough sealant was applied for no leaks.

Looks like a tank. Need to install float and rear baffle to complete, then onto the left tank.
2008-02-09 Floats and senders After much confusion, I figured out the floats that were sent with the kit are correct. It appears at first the right sender is not correct because it is only the left depicted in the plans. If you assume a mirror image for the right, it looks wrong. It is not a mirror image.

Made the bend to both units and trial fit them. Everything travels as it should.

Installed the right unit with Proseal, no gasket, as this seems to be the best insurance for no leaks according to others.

Added more Proseal to the interior ribs connections after inspection.
2008-02-17 Baffle and Zs The final step. I attached the rear baffle and attach Zs.

I thought this would be a fairly simple install. Wrong! I laid down lots of Proseal along the rear rivet line and all end os the ribs. Finally a bead on the end ribs and a "glob" in all four corners.

Next, I placed the rear baffle in as squarely as possible to squeegy the Proseal into place.

I used the pneumatic squeezer to handle the flush rivets, and the blind rivets with the air puller. The blind rivets for the middle ribs were difficult to get in because of slight alignment issues. Twirled all blind rivets in Proseal as instructed.

Finished the process by cleaning everything and laying down tape and working Proseal into place on the exterior connections.
2008-02-21 Multitasking Finished the right tank by installing the nutplates on the attach Zs. Everything is setting up with the Proseal and I anxiously await the time I can test it.

Located and drilled the fuel cap flange for the left tank.

Spent time deburring the holes of the stiffeners and J channel, as well as some of the the ribs for the left tank.
2008-03-01 Left tank prep I hate this part!

Continued deburring the rivet holes in the rib flanges, rivet holes in the skin, scuffing the rivet lines in the skins, smoothing the skin's edges, and scuffing/dimpling the stiffeners and J Channel.

Got a lot done and can start construction tomorrow.
2008-03-02 Construction Deburred the rest of the tank skin and dimpled it.

Created "patches" for tooling holes on end ribs, installed with Proseal. Installed flanges and nutplates.

Got the drain flange, and fuel cap flange installed with sealant and rivets. Used tape to keep straight lines and minimize the mess.

This went a little quicker with the left tank than the right. Experience helps.
2008-03-09 Left tank construction Continued to scuff the rib flanges and dimple some of them. Started to construct the inboard half rib, attach bracket, rear half rib, and next outboard full rib. Lots of Proseal!

I skipped the sequence of construction by installing the rear half rib early. Realized later this will make it more difficult to install the vent line. I can still do it, but that'll teach me.
2008-03-22 Float sender Installed left fuel sender. Made the typical adjustment in the bend of the vent line to gain clearance. Works well. I've elected not to use the gasket, just Proseal. Seams to last longer.
2008-03-27 Baffle and Z's I'm nearing the end of the second fuel tank. Got the last items scuffed and ready for installation. Had to enlarge the holes for the baffle/skin rivets to 1/8" on both tanks because of the machine countersinking being too deep. Substituted AN426-4-4's and it worked great.
2008-03-28 Left tank Another marathon of fun. I worked until 3 am to complete the installation of the baffle, attach Z's, and lining various spots with additional sealant.

This episode went a little quicker than the right tank, but still tough. Good to have that out of the way. I'll just let this tank cure for a few weeks, then hope for the best on the leak test.

Why is it when you have gloves on and Proseal residue all over, the cell phone always rings?
2008-03-30 Leak Check The big moment arrives!!!

I installed the leak check test kit from Van's. Inflated the balloon and held my breath. No leaks to be found initially on the balloon so I proceeded to douse the entire tank with soapy water. No bubbles either!

Decided to tie a string around the balloon to see if it decreases in size noticeably in the next few days. I realize temperature and barometric pressure can have an effect, but the hangar is climate controlled, so it should be in the ballpark..

So far....so good.
2008-04-05 D cell On to the ailerons. These are very similar in construction to the rudder and elevator. It will be a welcome change after the fuel tanks.

Started by deburring the spar and ribs of the first aileron. Got the stainless steel counterbalance in place and match hole drilled it. Using the extended bit and drilling through aluminum and a round piece of stainless is tricky.

2008-04-06 Right tank attach I was able to prime and attach the right tank today. The wing looks very impressive with it attached. There are a tremendous amount of screws used. Got all bolts installed, too. Glad to be finished with this part.
2008-04-12 Left wing attach Finished the Proseal of the final rivets on the "skipped" holes of the left tank. Did the leak check.....no leaks!!! Installed the left tank to the wing. Tanks are finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-04-12 Crossbar For some reason, I skipped the installation of the crossbar's closeout support behind the rear seats. Got it done today.
2008-04-13 NACA vents Measured about five times to try and keep the attitude and approximate level of the existing front NACAs with the cut-outs for the rear set. Held my breath and cut them with a Dremmel and cut-off wheel, followed by a small detail file and Scotch Brite pads. Went well!
2008-04-13 Tank attach Finished the tank attach of the right wing.
2008-04-19 NACA vents Held my breath and continued to cut the holes for the rear NACA vents that will feed the overhead vents. One mistake on this would be huge. Fortunately it went well. The actual vents were installed with Proseal and blind flush rivets. I got the ducting and clamps installed as well.
2008-04-19 Drilling Continued drilling the D-Cells and the Stainless Steel counterbalances.

Finished fabricating the stiffeners and drilled them to the skins.

2008-04-20 Template Prepared a template of the rear baggage closeout to sent to Abby at Flightline Interiors. She is currently fabricating the interior out of two colors of leather and accenting with cobalt blue per my design. Brandon came up with a very cool idea to have a picture of the plane embroidered on the rear baggage close-out panel and add LED light where the position lights go on the wingtips. COOOOOLLLL! It's being produced at this time.
2008-05-02 Dimpling Had to go to Phoenix last weekend. Sneaked out to the hangar after work and deburred and dimpled one set of skins and stiffeners.
2008-05-03 Priming Got the skins and stiffeners scuffed and primed. Eventually riveted all stiffeners to the skins.
2008-05-06 Final drilling Prepped both ailerons for the final drilling steps by reassembling them.
2008-05-26 Final drilling Continued to final drill the second flap. Got that finished and started the long process of deburring parts. There are a ton of them to do. Much like building another set of wings, just smaller. Got the lower skin of one flap, half of the leading edge and the main spar done.
2008-05-30 Engine arives Another BIG DAY!!! My brand new Lycoming YIO-540 D4A5 Engine arrived today.....dropped off right at the hangar. All went well, except trying to skip out of work to be there at the guesstimated time. Missed an appointment with the Mayor of COS.

This engine is manufactured by Lycoming....at Lycoming....and uses the new roller tappet cam system. Nice warranty, and other accessories.

I was surprised to see the topside of the engine was in a cardboard box, strapped to a pallet. They did use foam injection to fully surround the engine.

This event drew a crowd of interested people. I wish I had more time to spare checking it out, but had to run back to work for month end duties. Also, going to TX again next week.

Just need to install some hard-to-get fittings on the rear accessory case and then will hang it to the airframe.
2008-05-31 Engine I decided to remove more of the packing foam from around the engine. I made a huge mess, but got it where hooking it with the hoist will be easier.

Gotta go away on business for a week...continue it later.
2008-06-08 Engine installed I started the day by installing the fittings on the accessory case at the rear of the engine. It was suggested I do this prior to hanging the engine and I'm glad I did.

The most difficult thing about this episode was the nut tightening of the ears. They lie in a cove produced by the angle of the ears as they all point slightly inward. Access with any traditional tools is no good. A couple of buddies gave me a hand and we eventually got it. I dabbed the studs with some permanent LockTite, as I plan to never have to remove the ears from the engine.

I borrowed a hoist from a few hangars down the row, then bought a leveler. That made a real difference.

I had help installing the motor to the Lord Mounts. Started loosely on the tops and got the bottoms eventually by adjusting the pitch and height.

Torqued everything and installed cotter pins, then inspection lacquer.

The aircraft just increased its length by a few very expensive feet.

The propeller should be here in a few weeks.
2008-06-14 Spinner mounting plates Tonight, I got to work on the fabrication of the rear spinner mounting plate with reinforcement plate and front mounting plate.

The rear plate was tough and required a lot of material removal. This was not accessible with regular tools and I had to use a combination of files, dremmel, polish wheels, pneumatic jig saw, and jeweler's files to get it right.

Primed and painted both plates. This got a little teasing from some local builders, but I want this stuff as good as it can be.

Also, cut the holes for the propeller blades to exit the spinner.
2008-06-14 Heat Boxes I initially followed the plans for the cabin heat boxes and installed the stock aluminum set. The plans also do not forewan you that there is a nutplate to install for the cables. It cannot be done when the boxes are installed on the firewall. Oh yeah....they also have you seal the boxes with Proseal to the firewall.

I was eventually able to detach the aluminum boxes and Proseal from the firewall. I then got the holes and nutplates on the replacement stainless steel boxes and installed them with the supplied sealant. It is rated to 1800 degrees F. High temp RTV is only 600 F.

Much better product and eliminates a potential fire hazard.
2008-06-14 Pics I needed to change some light bulbs in the hangar and decided to drag the camera up with me. Got some different views from up there and snapped the photos.
2008-06-15 Spinner Continued with the construction of the back plate and forward plate for the spinner. The real challenge was to locate holes that are equally spaced on the centerline of each flange. You can kind of see through the fiberglass of the spinner to locate the plates, but not really well.

I tried to remember the geometry lessons from long ago to determine these points on a conical shape. Also measuring the circumference in the mid-section was difficult because getting string or other materials to stay put was impossible on such a slick surface.

Lots of head scratching later, I used a wide rubber-band to get the rear line in the middle plate identified. It stayed put. I then used a string against the upper OD of the rubber-band to get a circumference measurement. Divided this by six locations,and got the relative measurement for spacing. Also, as a cross check, I ran a string from the 180 degree opposed holes in the bottom plate across the pinnacle this gave me an indication on the middle plate of the 180 degree opposing holes.

Drilled the holes, installed all the nutplates, and test fit the spinner with propeller. Seems to be correct. Whew!
2008-06-17 Propeller installation I was advised to wait on the installation of the prop until the cowl and baffling are installed. It is simply more accessible.

In light of my lack of patience and the 2008 EAA Chapter 72 Hangar Tour tonight, I got a hand and hung the prop.

This was not difficult. I still need to torque the bolts and safety wire them still.

Tried spinner, too. Looks good.
2008-07-04 Right flap Machine countersunk the trailing edge VA-140s, both sides.

Weighted down the flap to keep it flat after smearing Proseal on the trailing edge.

Clecoed every hole to the homemade bucking bar. Need a few days of dry time.
2008-07-05 Left wing closeouts This is an easy step, but a fair amount of work. The rear spar closeout is a long angled part that cups the ailerons and flaps, while enclosing the rear spar.

I match drilled, deburred, machine counter-sunk, scuffed, cleaned, primed, dimpled skins and closeouts, riveted, and inspected my work.

One down, one to go.
2008-07-06 Right flap Today, I found out if the homemade 8 foot long bucking bar was worth all the effort in creating for a straight trailing edge on the flap. In short...yes. The big moment came when I removed the clecos and began back-rivetting the trailing edge. Got one side done and flipped the flap over to do the same in reverse to that side. Cleaned off the excess sealant and took a look down the edge. Very straight!

Temporarily mounted the right flap to the wing. It looks good and makes the wing look much thicker. The flaps are quite large. Now...I need to finish the left.
2008-07-12 Aileron push tubes Cut and constructed the push-tubes that stay inside the wing and attach to the bellcranks for the ailerons. Tese are the longest set of push-tubes in the plane at over 90 inches each.

Primed everything inside and out. Had difficulty getting the tapered cones back in the tubes after primer build up. Got it with the persuasion of the dead blow hammer and took care of the rivets and hardware.
2008-08-10 Inboard aileron linkage Match drilled the powder coated parts that construct the inboard aileron linkage assemblies. It was confusing in the plans for the bar that connects the horns as it is not a powder coated part. You must fabricate the pair from a stock piece of steel tubing. Of course, this must also be primed inside and out.

Connected the horns in the offset fashion indicated in the plans. Got them installed in the inboard wing spars.
2008-08-10 Autopilot servo Installed the autopilot servo for roll control into the right wing. This was not difficult even though the TruTrack installation instructions are a bit cryptic. Bought the wiring harness from SteinAir and ran it through the conduit.
2008-08-10 Ribs Started the dreaded deburring/scuffing of the right flap ribs. Lots of detail work on this. Oh well, gotta get it done.
2008-08-16 Flap controls Drilled the flap actuator and the powder-coated steel linkage and horns. Cut the delrin blocks for attach points.
2008-08-20 Rivetting right flap Got busy rivetting the nose ribs and doublers. Got the main ribs and nose ribs attached to the main spar. Have to pay close attention to the sequence and orientation.
2008-08-22 Right flap Stripped vinyl, deburred, dimpled, and primed leading edges and skins for right flap. Began rivetting the ribs and doublers to the spar of the right flap.
2008-08-23 Right flap Continued riveting the right flap top and bottom skin. Got trailing edge Prosealed and weighed everything down flat for cure using special giant bucking bar.
2008-08-24 Bottom skin Started the cutout for the heated pitot. This was tough, as you have to locate and drill a few holes through the doublers from the inside of the rib pocket with the bottom skin in place. Cut matching eliptical shape in the bottom skin for the pitot base penetration. Fabricated the support bracket. Primed everything and installed nutplates.
2008-08-31 Deburring I've put it off for quite awhile and it has nagged me enough to redo the vertical stab from scrap. There is also a service bulletin to incorporate and it just makes sense to go again.

Started with the usual deburring and final drilling. This is so much faster than the initial construction of this same part over four years ago. Quality is also better.

Got the mundane part finished and will dimple and prime next time.
2008-08-31 Left flap Finished construction of left flap. Happy to get this finished. It turned out lasar straight on the trailing edge. Installed on the left wing. Movin' on.....
2008-08-31 Flight controls Got the rough fit for the two sticks installed. Linkage still needs final sized. Deburred and reamed brass bushings and spent good amount of time making sure everything rotated smoothly.
2008-09-06 Rough cut Started cutting the door shells for a rough fit. These reportedly are the most frustrating part of the project. I plan to chip away at them as I continue with otherparts of the buiold. Might help the attitude.
2008-09-06 Deburring and priming Finished the deburring and priming of the second vertical stabilizer. Started riveting the ribs and spar. Incorporated the service bulletin.
2008-09-07 Rivets Finished construction of the second vertical stab and it turned out much better than the first. Experience from the first piece produced in the project is evident. It was also good to have the service bulletin in place.
2008-09-13 Empennage fairings Installed the elevator tips. They tend to not lie flush between rivets if you don't install them symetrically. I got a pretty good result. Just had to final drill and countersink for blind rivets.
2008-09-14 Empennage tips Continued rough fitting the fiberglass tips to the working surfaces of the tail. Some were rivetted and others need close-out walls built.
2008-09-17 Right flap Got all the dreaded ribs and doublers deburred and scuffed. There is a lot of detail work with this. I use a jeweler's file in all the relief notches of the ribs. This is the case for the entire project of like parts. I won't miss this part of the project and am thankful these are the last of these type of parts! Ready to prime so I did that, too. Will do skins next time.
2008-10-18 Intersection fairing Cut the intersection fairing. Also did the backlighting technique for locating the holes that need drilled. Not a big deal. Got a good result.
2008-10-25 Cowling hinges I thought about it and queried other builders. I'm going to install the stock piano hinges for the cowling. Some of the ears have broken from the bottoms ones on other planes, so I'm installing .060 plates with nutplates in those areas. All pins are being substituted from aluminum to stainless. Had to make .020 shims per the directions.

Got all of them drilled. Won't be able to rivet the top ones for awhile because I want to be able to leave the forward upper deck loose for the instrument panel acces for now. I can cleco everything on and it will help in fitting the cowl.
2008-10-26 Top cowling Took the big step of making the rear cut for the upper engine cowling. I leveled the plane laterally then used plumb bobs with equally spaced lines to determine the front to be level with the plane. Marked everything per direction.

Improved the fit with the overlapping parts of the top and bottom cowling for the prop area and intake. Drilled one pilot hole on each intake for reference to the fit.

Made my first attempt at eighth inch spacers for the backplate/cowling clearance. Too flimsy....will try something different.
2008-11-08 Engine cowling Made sure the top cowling was still tight in place. Followede the directions for marking the lower cowl from the fuselage. Made a series of cuts and got everything very close. Nesting the bottom cowl over the top along the sides has caused a very slight misalignment in the front opennings, but most of that will get resolved when I make the longitudinal cut. Glad to have this part to this point. It's one of those things that fights you as you fix it.
2008-11-28 Engine cowl..... the good and the bad Finished the longitudinal hinges on the upper and lower cowl today. These began as easy to install pins, but when I completed riveting the pins are now much tougher to install.

I have some finish work to do on the fit, then all the pinholes. Otherwise, the cowl is on and I'm fairly happy with the fit.

I should be happy about all this....but....I found four large areas of delamination in the upper cowl. The exterior shell is not bonded to the interior. Obvious airpockets. I wish I would have seen these before I spent hours and hours getting this fit and attached. I'll call Van's and see if there is a feasible solution instead of replacement. Also of interest is a small area where someone applied a dab of filler before it was sent to me.

2008-12-06 Interior painting I stripped all interior items for the plane in preparation for paint. Once this is finished, I will be able to begin installation of the various systems and controls.

I've primed the entire internal structure of the airframe with StewartSystems Primer/Sealer. Good stuff! I thought I would try their silver metallic high gloss for the interior. It was easy to mix, but very difficult for me to correctly spray. I got some sags in the vertical surfaces and removed them. I decided to go with a dark bronze Rustoleum Hammered Finish. I used a bunch of cans and it looks good. I literally cannot feel anything in my index finger now from all the spary cans.

It seems the paint is adhearing well. I let it go a few days and test it.

My hangar mate's plane is due to arrive back to our hangar with a fresh exterior paint job. I need to get my messy stuff finished.
2008-12-07 Interior painting Continued painting the interior. I also got many of the interior panels painted. There are many. I'm tired of this, but it will be worth it, although much of it gets covered with the interior.
2008-12-12 Interior paint I brought out some of the interior panels to see how they look next to the paint. Unfortunatley, th dark bronze looks really brown next to my black and gray panels. I decided to paint over the whole thing with Rustoleum Black Hammered Finish. Much better.
2008-12-23 Control systems Spent a lot of time today installing flap system and control tubes. Installed heat reflective material in the center tunnel as well. Temporarily installed heat blanket on firewall. The bolts in the pocket for the flaps were very difficult to install. There is no room to push, torque, manipulate, anything in there. I dropped lots of hardware. Glad to have a magnet handy to get it again.
2008-12-23 Rudder pedals Got the final installation of the rudder pedals done. I waited on the tubing for now. I do not like the stock plastic tubing used in the kit. I used Bonaco, the people I got my gear leg brake lines from, to get these brake lines made from the same stainless stell with teflon coating produced instead. They will be royal blue to compliment the interior.
2008-12-31 Interior panels Continued painting the rear seat backs and front seat pans.
2009-01-04 Wiring harness I began placing some of the runs of the wiring harness. I started with the main feed from the battery through the firewall and then to the contactor. Not too tough, except the final penetration through the firewall. Stainless is much more difficult to work. The Van's wiring harness will save me tons of time. I'll just have to add the addiitonal items it does not address as I go.

Attached both engine grounds to accesory case and engine mount.
2009-01-04 Fuel system I fabricated the short fuel line that connects the filter to the pump. Placed everything in the tunnel and temporarily strpped the assembly in place. Got the fitting thought the firewall in place. Need to figure out the placement of the Andair Valve and then run the lines from the wing roots to the valve. Can't connect to the firewall fitting until I purchase a FloScan that mounts in between.
2009-01-11 Brake Lines I installed the new brake lines I purchased from Bonaco in CA. These are stainless steel braided lines that have an outer sleeve for anti-chafe. I chose royal blue to match one of the accent colors in the interior of the plane. In my opinion, these lines are superior to the Van's stock arrangement of plastic tubes. I will probably do the same thing for the interior fuel lines.
2009-01-11 Andair Valve I located, drilled and temporarily installed the bracket for the Andair Fuel valve. It is lower than the stock location, and will provide a better ingress for the scat tube.

I attempted several times to fabricate the solid aluminum tubing for the fuel lines that runs in the tunnel and then the wings. Too tight to make it nice, so I'll go with stainless steel braided flex lines. These should handle vibration and flex better anyway.
2009-01-18 Engine cowl replacement I previously posted the difficulties I ran into with the stock top engine cowl and several spots that are delaminating.

Only one solution in my mind....replace it with a new one. Got started today on the new one. They are now pink. Tough on the eyes, but better quality.

I got the front and rear lines cut. Good fit so far. Need to still make the longitudinal cuts, then rivet the hinges.
2010-12-12 Left tank initial fit After getting the Z bracket bolted, I sat the left tank in place. It looks great, and all the seams line up well. There is a slight gap between the skins, but it shouldn't be a problem once I clamp it all together.