Vans RV-10. I am building one of these!

Project sold 1-24-2009. Bummer!

Thanks for visiting my site! This site is designed to provide historical reference and illustrate the construction of my Van's RV-10 Aircraft. Many hours of preparation go into every assembly prior to construction, but before you know it another section has been created. will fly!

First solo 11/04/2006

I've always been fascinated by airplanes. I suppose this is not unique, but building an airplane and then flying it sure is. I've been blessed for sure.

This is not only about aircraft for me. When I first squeezed into a Cessna 172 for a trial flight, a harsh reality became very clear. My weight and size would be a real issue. Time to do something about it!

Future fighter pilot?

Please use the Guest Registry if you get a chance. I would like to hear from you!

I flew this plane the day before this picture.

Wow...I used to fly that plane!
Took a look at the Meadow Lake website tonight and got a HUGE surprise. The Cherokee 180 I've been training was shown stuck in a tree short of the runway. Thankfully, the pilot was fine.


UPDATE!!!!!'s the latest. Installing Van's Wiring Harness. Also, got the custom Stainless Steel Brake Lines installed. Very Nice!!!

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