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Scott's Sonex #1629
Welcome to my web-site for the building and documenting of my Sonex experimental kit airplane, a tri-gear powered by the AeroVee 2.
My kit arrived in late August 2013, and the airplane was completed in mid-May 2016. After receiving my airworthiness certificate on 5/18/16 a few more weeks were spent with the engine preparing for first flight. This occurred on June 4, 2016 and was successful/uneventful. The first 5-6 flights were used for dialing in the engine (mixture settings, secondary ignition timing).

As of early November, 2016 Sonex N629SX has completed Phase 1 flight testing. Throughout 2017 I continued to make minor improvements to the airplane, and in early 2018 Iíve got the minor bugs worked out. The Sonex is now flying better then ever and has clicked over 80 hours Total Time.

Iím currently searching for a larger 4-place aircraft so the Sonex will soon be posted for sale.

Disclaimer (It sucks we need to do this)

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