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Entry Date Summary Description
2013-08-07 Ordered Hardware & Tools My first big task after making the Complete Airframe purchase was to order the required hardware from Aircraft Spruce. I cross checked the required hardware with the hardware sub-sets ACS offered. Order was placed on Aug. 3 and delivered on Aug. 7th while we were up in Canada on vacation. My ste-daughter had to drag in the large and heavy boxes that Fedex delivered and left on the door step.

I then went through the required tool list and compared to what I already have then made an order with Harbor Freight Tools. That should be delivered on August 16th, 2013.
2013-08-23 Sonex kit #1629 has arrived The kit arrived today via Conway freight delivery at around 2:15 PM. Was unloaded in the garage in 15 mins. Total of 11 boxes, tubes and pallet. Spent rge afternoon and evening unpacking and completing the inventory.
2013-08-25 Constructed work bench and inventoried parts Got all of the parts inventoried, and the work bench constructed.
Was able to store all of the needed small parts on my shelves and the flat aluminum sheet parts for the wings and fuselage under my work bench.
2013-08-28 Rudder Control Horn Gathered up parts for SNX-T-13 rudder control horn. Drilled with #40, clecoed together, up drilled to #30, took all parts apart deburred, and bent the 5.2 degree angle for the horn. Reassembled and riveted my first parts of this kit using CCP-44 rivets
2013-08-30 Missing parts and vertical stabilizer Turns out my control surface ribs are missing from the delivery so a quick email to Sonex, and after a little discussion Steve (warehouse manager) has shipped out the parts. Time to move on to another area. Vertical stab. While looking for the necessary parts I completed the inventory of boxes 6, 8 and 9.

Bent up the forward spar tie. Located all other preformed channel pieces and began to make my first part from 2x2x.125 angle.
2013-08-31 Completed the vertical stab structure Productive day and learned the hard way to double check the plans before beginning to rivet...had the rear spar vertical channel in backwards and had to drill out about 30 rivets and unbolt the connections.
2013-09-04 Skin is fitted and rudder constructed Spent a few hours tonight fitting the VS skin an working on the piano hinges. The new matched hole kit is great! Everything fits right up.
2013-09-06 Up drilled and deburred the vertical stabilizer Up drilled all the holes to #30, took apart the skin and deburred. This is twice for each hole or 4 surfaces for each rivet hole that need deburring. It's finished and ready for parts cleaning and reassembly. Will rivet it together this weekend!
2013-09-08 Completed riveting of vert stab Spent a few hours today and reassembled the vertical stab and riveted the skin onto the frame work. 172 rivets!
2013-09-08 Rudder hinge, up drilling and deburring Completed fitment of the rudder hinge, up filled all the holes to #30, then took everything apart to debur everything. Almost ready to reassemble and rivet.
2013-09-08 Rudder & tail tip Completed the riveting of the rudder assembly. Then I mounted it to the vertical stab. Trial fitted the fiberglass tail tip which required several rounds of measuring, trimming, fitting and final mock-up. Tail tip was then deburred and riveted into place. It's done! My first major component of the airplane is done!
2013-09-13 Rough assemble horizontal stabilize and spars Gathered all of the spars and channels/ribs and cleco'd the stabilizer together, then began up drilling the rear spar. Had to make two small angles and bend them to 10 degrees. Debur, refit then started to rivet. The tighter spots against the channel required a small wedge to fit on the rivet mandrel to allow a solid pull and flush head (at an angle).
2013-09-14 Horz Stab skeleton completed Completed drilling and riveting of the forward and rear spars. Then reassembled the skeleton frame and up drilled, deburred and riveted the frame together.
2013-09-15 Fitted and drilled horiz stab skins The laser cut match hole skins are really nice. Out of the box both sides were wrapped and temporary cleco'd on with 3/32" clecos in less than half an hour. Almost every hole matched right up!

Up drilled all holes to 1/8" or #30 size and its ready to pull apart to deburr (this is a tiring process)...that's probably it for today and the weekend.
2013-09-16 Elevator Hinges Cut both horz stab side of the elevator hinges to 35.5" and fitted, drilled, and up drilled them to the stab. I am now ready to completely disassemble the HZ skins and debur!
2013-09-19 Deburring and Riveting! Deburred the starboard (right) side skin and structure and have it fully riveted (except for where the tip goes). Started deburring the port (left) side and have the skin finished just need to do the structure and cleco it back together then it's riet time!
2013-09-20 Horizontal Stabilizer Riveting Finished deburring the skins and structure and completed riveting the Horz Stab.
Just need to trim the tips and build the elevator and this part is complete.
2013-09-25 Elevator preparation and assembly With the elevator we are given two pre-bent skins that are over-sized. Layout for the cuts are required. I used a combination of the band saw and Andy sheers. From there is is a matter of laying out all the support ribs, control horn, and hinges. Once layout was complete then every pilot hole has to be drilled parts matched up an then up drilled and riveted once its deburred.

Only had a small issue with the left side elevator binding when it was moved up. My hinge layout was a lite low on the last 8" or so - which was fixe by drilling out the rivets, realigning the hinge and re-riveting.

Almost complete with the tail surfaces. Just need to trim and fit the tips and its finished!
2013-09-28 Elevator completion Both elevator halves are attached with the hinge pins and the root rib an control horn - marked in place, drilled and riveted in place. Slight issue with the root rib pulling in the hinge. Will see if this is an problem to resolve in the future.

Next on to the fiberglass tips.
2013-09-30 Fiberglass Tips Marked the rough cuts and made them using the bandsaw. Sanded the edges and test fitted the tips. It's very difficult to install these after the skins are complete on an riveted in place. If I had to do this again I would better fit them ahead of riveting the skin.

Tips were fitted, drilled with 1/8" bit (fiberglass only since aluminum skins and ribs were already drilled).

Final step was the riveting process.

The tail surfaces are substantially complete! Just need to drill the hinge retaining holes for the cotter pins.
2013-10-03 Rear Spar parts preparation Time to start on the wings!!!!

Turned to the wing assembly pages SNX-W13 and began to gather up the rear spar channels, pre- cut and bent parts. With the newer complete kit the rear spars are one pier and do not require the joiner plate. I do however have to make two pieces for the root rib rear clips for right and left side, and 4 spacer blocks.

Got the two angle clips made and prepped, and the right rear spar cleco'd together!
2013-10-04 Right rear spar riveted and complete Finished mating all of the parts to make the right rear spar.
Up drilled, adjusted the fit of a few pieces (through sanding), and then deburred and reassembled.

All holes that needed rivets were completed. The root rib attach clip angle gets two rivets (inboard holes) an the outer holes get one each 7A bolts washer and locknut.

After this was done I rough assembled the left rear spar channel with clecos. This one should go quicker since I know the steps now.
2013-10-05 Completed left rear spar assembly After completing the root rib clip drilling and up drilling of the doubler plates it was time to tear everything apart, deburr and then put it back together, and rivet and bolt the required holes for the root rib clip.
2013-10-06 Tail is complete! For my Cub Scout meeting this month we are working on the Craftsman Badge. Part of project will be building a section of the control surface. I set up the horizontal and vertical sections as a display while we complete this project.
2013-10-09 Cutting and fabricating angle parts for Main Spars Started to layout and cut angle parts for sheet W11. Completed four of the 1"x1" angle parts and rough cut two from the 1-1/2" x 1-1/2". Still another 8-10 pieces to finish.
2013-10-11 Polishing Horizontal Surface Recently purchased some metal polish called Granitize. Tried the course "titanium" grit with the wool pad, and the stepped up to the blue foam pad and "medium" polish. Starting to see a little shine.
2013-10-13 More Main Spar angle fabrication All of the parts are now fabricated and some more are completely finished. SNX-W11-02 lower support angles were complex but turned out great! Some new tools in the workshop are helping with this work. A new 6 tpi wood cutting bandsaw blade, vixen/bastard file and 6" bench grinder are making easier work of the angle machining and fabrication! Also picked up a drill press vice which will come in handy for holding the W11-03 wing mounting blocks when I begin drilling them tomorrow.
2013-10-16 Completed Sheet SNX-W11 All of the angle and wing mounting blocks are now complete which wraps up the 14 parts from page SNX-W11! The mounting blocks were challenging with the long drilled holes for the wing bolts. Used a drill press and vice made for the drill press to keep things straight.
2013-10-19 SNX-W20 root rib angle parts Thought I was done with the angle parts for the spars....but no there is another page! SNX-W20 parts 02 and 03. This are mirror image angles for either side of the main spar/ root ribs. One side is bent to about 93deg and the opposite is bent to 87 +/-. Them the are cut to shape, match drilled and pilot drilled for the ribs. Almost done with these 4 parts.
2013-10-21 SNX-W20-02 & 03 complete These parts are now pilot drilled and match drilled so I will call them complete.

All main spar angles and attach blocks are now completed so I can move into main spar lay-up for assembly!
2013-10-26 Working on right main spar Cleared off the work bench and gathered up the main web and doubler web parts, spar channels and angles and began to assemble the right main spar.

Measured everything per the plans and then began to drill the angle parts to the spar web.

Once I felt confident all was in the correct place, I use the spar web spacer blocks and clamped the two spar caps to the web. Spent a few hours pilot drilling through the web into the spar caps an cleco them into place.

I have a spar now ready for up drilling, countersinking and dimpling.
2013-10-28 Countersinking and Dimpling Now that everything has been pilot drilled it was time to figure out which holes got the flush rivets and countersunk screws. Those circled in red are for flush preparation and the blue are normal bolted connections.

Used the drill press with the depth set just right to whip through the countersunk holes in the center spar web material which is .125 (1/8") thick. The thinner web material needs to be dimpled so this material fits down into the countersink and the flush rivet seats properly.

Everything on this spar is nearly ready, just need to countersink about 20 or so holes in the actual spar cap next.
2013-10-29 Completed countersinking and started deburring My son is starting to help me with the project!
Tonight I finished the countersinkin of the main spar cap and we began to debur all the parts for the right main spar. Long process!
2013-10-30 Right Main spar is ready for bolts and rivets Tonight was a good night. Spent a few hours completing the deburring and got the spar reassembled.

I also assembled the air supply and regulator for the 3X rivet gun and tested it on some flush and solid rivets. This is easy stuff!

Bolting the angles on are next and then onto the solid rivets!
2013-10-31 Bolting and riveting right main spar Final assembly has been completed and now the fun part, selecting the correct bolts and rivets and getting it done!

Laid down a nice row of flush rivets on the wing root double area of the spar.
2013-11-01 More solid riveting Almost have all if the solid round head and flush head rivets done for the right main spar! Have the technique down now for my 3x gun!
2013-11-02 Left main spar / assembly and pilot drilling Waiting on some new rivet set tools to completed the right spar. So time to do the left main spar. This one is going much quicker and now that my son is helping the team approach is effective! About done with the drilling through 1/8".
2013-11-05 Left main spar - drilling, deburring and countersinking The left spar is completely drilled out, and marked for the countersinks. Pulled apart the pieces of the spars and have deburred all the spar caps and angle pieces. The center web and lower spar cap are countersunk.
2013-11-06 Left main spar - work continues More deburring and dimpling.

Went back and finished the remaining rivets on the right spar.
2013-11-09 Left Main spar final assembly and riveting All of the deburring is done. Reassembled the spar components, cleco'd into place and bolted up the parts. Move onto riveting / started with the flush rivets first then round head.
2013-11-10 Left main spar completed! Finished riveting and overlapped the two spars and mated up the alignment holes. Lots of work to get to this point!
2013-11-10 Rib gusset and aft rib preparation Started to form w16 parts 7&8. Once those were bent up I began to fit rib 01R.
2013-11-13 Aft rib gusset and rib prep completed Completed drilling, trimming and attaching the aft rib gussets for ribs 01R/L through 5. The remaining ribs are ready to go from the kit.
2013-11-16 Forward Ribs Moving on to the forward wing rib preparation. First thing to do was bend up the reinforcing gussets, then mark and drill/trim ribs 01-04. Once this was completed I riveted the gussets to the ribs.
2013-11-17 Rib/Spar spacer and begin assembling right wing Cut and trimmed the spar spacers and match drilled these to the spar as I began placing ribs fore and aft. Got all 12 ribs attached.
2013-11-20 Root rib prep Got the forward and aft right root ribs completed. All of the ribs are now in place and ready to updrill
2013-11-21 Right wing rib updrilling My son helped tonight and we got all 13 ribs fore and aft up drilled to #30 and ready to pull apart for deburring.
2013-11-22 Left Aileron Bell Crank Thought I was making the bell crank for one side (universal) an when I completed the part it turns out to be for the left wing and not the right side I am working on. Anyway it's done.
2013-11-24 Right Aileron Bell Crank and Rib #9 Now that I know how to fabricate and assemble the aileron bell crank the right one went pretty fast. Once it was cleaned up and bolted together I laid out how it fits and attaches to rib #9. The vertical stiffeners and the bell crank angle mounts work in harmony to create a stiff attachment. Riveted this side (right) together then proceeded to lay out and complete the left rib #9.
2013-11-25 Right wing rib deburring and riveting The right wing Structure is deburred and ready for riveting. I was able to rivet ribs 7-12 tonight with the help of my son.
2013-11-29 Right wing structure is completed! I was able to spend some time today (post-thanksgiving) and square up the spar and ribs and drill out the root ribs fore and aft. Once these were riveted on it was time to complete ribs #1 and #2. With the ribs all riveted to the main spar I was able to rivet the rear spar to all 13 ribs. What a sight and feeling of accomplishment! I am going to hang/suspend this wing structure while I get the left wing to the same stage...then do the wing skins last.
2013-11-30 Stored Right Wing structure Installed heavy duty eye hooks into the ceiling structure and used ratchet straps to hang the wing structure. This will help get it out of the way while I build and skin the left wing.
2013-12-01 Left spar web spacers Fabricated all of the thicker an thinner web spar/rib spacers, pilot drilled these and mounted them to the left spar. The left wing is ready to assemble.
2013-12-03 Left wing rough assembled and updrilled This wing went together quickly, updrilling the ribs to the mains spars as I went - then finally attaching the rear spar and then updrilling! Next step is to take it apart, deburr and then reassemble.
2013-12-08 Left wing rib/spar deburring Got ribs 3-12 and the spar all deburred cleaned up and reassembled ready for riveting.
2013-12-09 Left wing riveting He left wing structure is riveted from rib position 3-12. Just need to make the root ribs, fit and then finish riveting and It's done.
2013-12-19 Left root rib preparations Forward and aft root ribs for the left side had to be trimmed, measured and squared up to the whole wing before riveting. This is now done.
2013-12-19 Complete rib riveting Left wing root ribs, and #1 and #2 ribs are now riveted to the spar! The left wing structure is complete along with page SNX-W14!
2013-12-22 Left Wing Aft upper wing skin Went through the leveling and shimming and squaring the wing for the first wing skin. With the pre-drilled skin and aft spar this process went very smoothly.

Here is the skin all pilot drilled.
2013-12-26 Left wing aft skin Completed drilling the aft upper skin to the spar and up drilled the required holes. Flipped the wing over an leveled the spars and wing up and began fitting the lower aft left skin.
2013-12-28 Left Wing leading edge Fitted the left wing leading edge. Tough to do by myself. Had to get some help from my son Liam. One side was easy then had to flip the wing and stretch the skin back towards the spar. Continued by drilling the ribs to the leading edge skin and then up drilling the spar.
2013-12-29 Aileron & Flap hinges Cut the hinge halves for the control surfaces. Came up with a way to keep the hinge straight and easy to install the other half. With these mounted the entire wing is mocked up and up drilled. Time to pull it apart and deburr. The leading edge skin gets dimpled for CCC-42 (flush) rivets.
2013-12-30 Left wing skin assembly complete - time to debur With both hinges completed and all of the holes updrilled to the final size...it is time to begin pulling everything apart for the process of deburring. Everything is apart expect for the lower aft skin. Almost all of the holes in the structure and other skins are completed expect for the leading edge skin which needs dimpling.
2013-12-31 Left wing skin deburring and wiring The main structure and aft skins are deburred. Also have the leading edge runs dimpled for the countersink rivets (CC c-42's).

While I was thinking about it, this was a good time to get the supplies and run the wiring out to the tips for future lights. Ran 4 wires, red color 16AWG. Color coated each for later.
2014-01-01 Left wing skin riveting Completed the dimpling of the foreword/leading edge skin. With this done I was able to begin the final leveling and assembly of the wing skins.

Lower aft skin was done first.

Flipped the wing over - releveled and then did the upper aft skin.

Installed the fore/leading edge skin and riveted this on.

Flipped the wing one last time and Stretched the skin to the spar and cleco'd into place. Just need to complete the rivets on this section and the left wing is substantially done minus the tip rib (fiberglass) and the flap and ailerons still need to be constructed.
2014-01-03 Left wing skin riveting complete Finished the leading edge rivets for the bottom surface. The left wing structure is now substantially complete!

I also doodled around on some color schemes.
Liking the military WWII warbirds.
2014-01-04 Left wing flap Decided to take a break from the wing itself and work on the control surfaces. My son even offered to help. The parts are all drilled, deburred and ready to rivet together.
2014-01-07 Prepare parts for left Aileron Today was a snow day at work so spent a few hours assembling and fabricating the base parts for the aileron. Toughest part was working with the lead counterweight. Think I have it figured out. Still need to complete the deburring and assembly of the counterweight and support ribs.
2014-01-08 Aileron Counterbalance Completed the left wing aileron counterbalance and decided to go forward and drill the right wing side. Both are drilled and bolted to the plates and the left wing side is also riveted to the plates and ready for installation.
2014-01-11 Left Aileron is complete Started by marking out and trimming the skin. Then I had to make the it's for the drive horn and counterbalance. Once this was done I laid out the rib pattern and pilot holes. Fitted each rib and transferred the pilot holes an finally updrilled. Taken apart for deburring then reassembled for rivets.

Hung the aileron on the wing and it works and fits great!
2014-01-13 Right wing aileron skin Did the layout and end cutting for this skin. Going to finish the control surfaces for the right wing before I start the. Wing skin.
2014-01-19 Right Aileron continues Didn't make much progress this week....but did squeeze in a few hours today. I was able to pilot hole drill the ribs and counterbalance to the right aileron skin. The tip rib again needed additional bending and trimming to fit.
2014-01-21 Aileron drilled out Hinge and all other pilot holes were drilled out to #30. Time to debur....which was then finished and the parts were all cleaned an reassemble for rivets.
2014-01-25 Completed right aileron and started right flap Riveted up the right aileron and began the flap. Everything is pilot drilled trimmed and cleco'd together for the right flap. Just need to drill the hinge and mate it to the flap.
2014-01-26 Right flap is finished! Completed the pilot hole drilling and hinge mounting, then deburring.

Reassembled and popped all of the rivets so this control surface is done! Time to work on the right wing skins.
2014-02-04 Right wing skins have started With the help of Mike Farley we repositioned the left and right wings, then I was able to start shimming, leveling and skinning the right wing. Top aft skin is pilot drilled and cleco'd.
2014-02-06 Right Wing Upper Skin drilling complete I was able to complete the pilot and updrilling of the upper aft skin. The aileron hinge is mounted and I test fit the aileron. No clearance issues with the counterweight. Time time flip the wing over and do the same procedure for the lower aft skin.
2014-02-08 Right wing lower aft skin Flipped over the wing and re-squared the structure. Skins aligned nicely and wet through the process of pilot drilling each rib an the entire spar. Came back and up drilled to #30 size. Up next the leading edge skin.
2014-02-09 Right wing leading edge skin Flipped the wing over the attach the leading edge skin from the top first then wrap around to the bottom. The pilot drilling went well then when I flipped over the wing it was a challenge to stretch the skin to the lower spar line. Tried a few methods and finally used a long board and a ratchet strap. This worked well and the spar holes lined up perfectly! Aligned the ribs one by one and pilot drilled them all. Once that was done it was time to Updrill the spar to #30. Last thing to do now is Updrill the skin to 7/64" and fit the root doubler.
2014-02-11 Right wing flap hinge Cut, mated, pilot drilled and up drilled the flap hinge to the right wing structure. Tried a new approach to help with the alignment and final pin installation.
2014-02-15 Wing tips, final skin fitting and deburring Wrapping up the right wing prep by installing wing tip, and then starting the process of deburring. Long tedious process. I've learned a few tricks, like deburring with the drill and countersink bit, while the wing skins are still attached, etc.
2014-02-16 Right wing deburring and Pitot/Static system Constructed the mount for the pitot/static system. Made a plate and then drilled out a large hole in the middle for the P/S tube to pass thru. Used nut plates for a recessed mount so the P/S tube can me made removable in the future.

Continued on by flipping the wing and continuing the deburring and skin removal process. The structure is now deburred and dimpled on the leading edge ribs. Mounted the tabs for the pitot/static lines. Enlarged the machining holes and inserted rubber grommets to run my wing lighting wiring.
2014-02-19 Final right wing prep, wiring and skin riveting Got all of the dimpling done, wing pre- wiring and the pito/static tubing. It was time to reinstall the skins and begin riveting. The wing laid out nicely again so the clecos went on and the rivets were inserted. Adjusted the rivet gun and it was the pull of the gun, and retraction of the clecos! Top side is finished, flipped over the wing and have about 75% of the bottom side finished.
2014-02-22 Right wing skins are complete! Finished the riveting of the lower aft skins and flap hinge.
SNX W07 is now finished. Time to begin the fuselage.
2014-02-22 Polishing wing skins Before storing the right wing I wanted to make an attempt at polishing the skins. Using a Granitize product Titanium, I was able to bring a shine out with 3-4 passes of the product. Looking good so far.
2014-02-24 Clean-up wings, shop prep and begin fuselage Today I finished an initial polish of the right wing underside, then prepared the garage / shop to store the right wing. With some assitance the wing was stored and them I began to pull together the parts for the aft fuselage. Turns out I mistakingly used one of the 120" pieces of the 1"x1"x1/8" angle for my wings which was for the longerons. The right side is mocked up and ready for drilling.
2014-02-25 Drill longerons and rough assemble right aft lower fuselage Went through the process of drilling out the right upper and lower longerons, then cleco'd these to the fuselage panel. Install vertical formers 2-5 and updrilled to #30. Worked on the splice plates a bit more to get the fit better then pilot drilled these to #40 size. The right side is ready to be taken apart, deburred, polished and then it's on to the left side.
2014-03-02 Right aft lower fuselage is done Went through the deburring and initial polishing of this panel. Got it a little shiny and then reassembled and riveted up this section. Time to move onto the left side.
2014-03-03 Left aft lower fuselage parts prep and longeron drilling Began by figuring out the splice for the lower longeron. Decided to do this instead of purchasing a new 120" long 1" x 1" angle. Will use a bolted connection similar to the other splice plates. I made a 7" long splice piece from a modified 1" x 1" x 0.125" angle, rounded over the outside corner so it fits within the angle and then trimmed down the legs so it's flush with the outside edge of the 1x1. It will span over the longeron and the short tail section and have five bolts in each leg.
Finished tonight by locating drilling And updrilling the lower longeron to the aft side panel.
2014-03-05 Left side lower fuselage up drilled Was able to drill the upper longeron to the side panel and then mount and updrill the vertical channel stiffeners. This side is ready to deburr, polish and rivet!
2014-03-08 Left side done and rear box assembly begun Finished mounting and drilling all of the left side splice plates, then deburred the left side parts. Once everything was put back together it was a matter of bolting the lower splice plate connection, and riveting the lower left longeron with CCP-44's and the vertical stiffener channels with CCP-42's.

Thought I would start clecoing together the upper and lower channels to connect the two sides!
2014-03-10 Begin to make angle parts Trimmed the box beam to fit within the upper fuselage sides and maintain the 40" width. Moved into a piece from sheet F22. Lower web spacer with support angle.
2014-03-15 Tail cone assembly Worked on the rear tail cone area, including the angle cross bracing, tail skid and reinforcement pieces. Made some decent progress and getting closer to having items updrilled.
2014-03-16 Bottom Aft F-box skin and splice plates Mated then began the pilot the drilling of the bottom skin to the aft fuselage box section. Once all of the pilot holes were done through the lower longerons I then updrilled to final #30 size. One of the last items was to flip this whole assembly on the side and attach the upper seat belt harness reinforced attachment points. Then I reinstalled and drilled/updrilled the splice plates to final size. Just about ready to pull this apart and deburr prior to final assembly and riveting.
2014-03-21 Fabricate fairlead blocks and vertical channel supports Tonight I completed the last of the part fabrication. This entailed making four fairlead blocks from 3/4" phenolic sheet, drilling and riveting these to former #1 and 5. Then I completed the vertical channel supports for the elevator pushrod. Everything is now mated and updrilled so it's time to take it apart and deburr...my favorite task (not).
2014-03-22 Rear fuselage deburring and riveting Went through part by part and began to disassemble and debur. That took about 2 hours then I started final assembly and riveting. Ended the night with the cross structure and tail skid support all riveted to the longerons and side panels!
2014-03-23 Turtle deck skin, formers Moved into the next chapter of the rear fuselage - installation of the turtle deck. Started by following the plan spade SNX-F-21.

Assembled left and right skin to the spine, the fitted the skin in between the longeron and side panel, bent the skin over to connect with same area on other side.

Went through by installing and pilot drilling formers #5 then 1, moving back with 2, 3, then 4. Everything is done expect for formers #3 and 4 on the left side - updrilled to #30.
2014-03-28 Completed fitting for turtle deck formers All formers are now fitted and the entire turtle deck is updrilled. Began to take everything apart and debur, ready for final assembly.
2014-03-29 Turtle Deck is riveted - aft tail cone is complete Completed the riveting of the turtle deck skin and formers to the aft fuselage tail cone. This is now COMPLETE,
2014-03-30 Upper Firewall Time to begin a new area with new materials! The firewall is all stainless steel material. The fuel fillet area has to be bent so I used my small metal brake. Then following the plans joined small filler section and doubler to the filler piece. The sub assembly then gets drilled to the upper firewall. Last section is the lower wind screen bow strap. The SS material is tough to drill through. After it was done I realized several areas get flush rivets which require dimpling. Completed. The deburring and dimpling and finished riveting everything together for a nice completed assembly.
2014-04-03 SNX-F16 page Time to start making angles! Went through and found the pre made parts then rough cut, and finished up four of the five angles for this page. My metal working skills have improved since starting.
2014-04-05 SNX-F15 Angle Parts Time to attack the remaining angle parts and pieces for the kit which all go into the forward fuselage. Page SNX-F15 has 6 complex parts (right and left for each so total of three unique pieces) which are made from 2" x 2" and 2.5" x 2.5" angle 1/8" thick.

Parts include: upper and lower motor mounts, and rudder pedal support angles. These have all been rough cut, deburred, scotch brited and pilot hole drilled as required. The rudder part also received an additional angle that is flush riveted on.
2014-05-10 AeroVee 2.1 engine arrives, engine prep started I've been pretty sick for the last month and haven't built much. My engine kit did finally arrive on May 1st. After completing the inventory (everything was delivered, nothing was missing or back ordered).

Began by cleaning up the case halves, taping off the piston barrel holes and openings, and painting the magnesium Gloss Black engine enamel.

Mike brought over the engine rebuild stand, so I mounted this to my work bench, and bolted up the right case halve.
2014-05-15 Crank shaft, connecting rods and cam shaft assembly Got the connecting rods assembled to the crank shaft, with the starred bolts torqued to the proper value of 38 ft/lbs with Moly Lube applied.

Installed the cam gear to cam, shaft, and then the cam shaft bearing halves to both right and left cases.

Last item was the main bearing dowel pins, and bearings. Installed the crank shaft into the left case and rotated the crankshaft around to see if there was any interference. No issues here.

Next was the trial fit of the cam shaft into the bearing seats. The front cam bearing was having clearance issues with the cam shaft and cam gear seat.

Talked to Joe Norris at Sonex and he said to sand down the flange(s) of the front bearing. Did this with 400 grit sand paper and the cam fits down in nice and tight.

Rotated the cam and crankshaft assembly and did not see any clearance or interference issues.
2014-05-18 Completed main case assembly Went through the process of temporarily attaching the flywheel then measuring end play and choosing the right thickness of spacers.

Once that was done it was a final check of he crank shaft and cam movement then I decided to seal up the case halves. No turning back, as the anaerobic gasket maker was applied. A couple of quick texts to Mile F and it was right half meeting left half. Installed the 6 large nuts for the main case cross studs, then applying 15 lb/ft of torque. Check for crank rotation, the. Torque to 25lbs. The rest of the 10 smaller nuts are installed and torqued and rotation checked once more. Going to left the sealant set up for another day then start on the piston barrels.
2014-05-19 Prepared piston/cylinders and studs Took each piston barrel and cleaned the causoline off and painted the same black paint as engine case. Finished installing the piston barrel and cylinder head attachment studs. Once the paint dried I began fitting the pistons, by checking the ring gap, and compression ration / deck height. Test fitted one cylinder.
2014-05-24 Cylinders, cylinder heads and rocker arms. Made some greats progress and finished fitting the piston/cylinders for the right side. Cleaned up the cylinder head of metal shavings, installed the copper head gasket and mated the two together. There is a torque sequence to follow when tightening down the cylinder head. Once that was accomplished I started in on the rocker shaft assembly. Took some fitting and adjusting to get the rocker arms to sit and strike the valves where they were suppose to. Three of the four head bolts need to be trimmed down for interference with the rocker arms.

Finished their got side and then took the left side to same position with cylinder head tightened down. Rocker arms are next.
2014-05-26 Completed cylinder heads, started accessories The left cylinder head is now complete with the rocker ams and pushrods trimmed to length. Struggled a bit with the left rocker arm as I torqued the assembly down it would bind the arms. Kept relocating spacers until it seemed right.

Finished today by installing the oil pump and the other anodized Red aluminum block off plates, etc.
2014-05-27 Flywheel is attached The flywheel and shims for end play went on for the last time along with The main rear seal. Almost forgot to apply the RTV sealant to the inside of the flywheel where it meets the crankshaft.

Installed and torqued to 227 lb/ft which also is equal to 31.3 kg/M. (I used a metric torque wrench from work)
2014-06-08 Back to working on angles! After a hiatus from making the angle parts...mostly from being sick and having a surgery to remove an enlarged lymph node...with a follow up hospital stay for a follow up infection.

It's time to finish up the forward fuselage angle fabrication.

Back to where I left off. Sheet SNX-F13: lower and upper forward longerons.

Completed the rough cuts, edge finishing and pilot hole layout for the lower longerons (right and left side )

Up next are the upper longerons. The right side receives the piano hinge for the canopy frame, so it's simpler. The left side is a mirror of the right except it received two additional slots for the canopy latching mechanism. This will be a bit more complex to make.
2014-06-14 SNX-F14 forward fuselage angles This is a compilation of this last weeks work combined with today's efforts.

After rough cutting all 14 pieces for the forward fuselage sheet F14, I began one at a time marking the pattern for a 1"x1" angles. Once these were finished I moved onto the 2"x2" pieces for the seatbelt attach point.

Last pieces I finished today were the wing attach angles F14-12 R & L.

I have completed 12 of the 14 angles. Only two to go and then he layout can begin for he side panels.
2014-06-15 Completed angles begin layout Sheet F14 is done, all of the angles are completed. So it's time to layout the parts on the forward fuselage side panels!

2014-06-18 Assemble Right Side Foreward Fuselage The right side layout was completed and time to drill the upper and lower longerons to the skin. Since the skin had no pilot holes, everything is aligned and started from the angles. One at a time the pieces are added, pilot drilled and cleco'd to the skin and table.

With all items and angles attached, then the gussets can be added and pilot drilled. With this done it was then time to Updrill to final hole size (rivets or bolts) and then everything comes apart for deburring.
2014-06-21 Rivet and finish right fuselage side Completed the deburring, and initial polishing of the panel skin. Installed and riveted the components together then finished with the bolting of the rudder support, seat support and upper and lower engine mount angles.
2014-06-22 Left forward fuselage assembly After completing the right side it was time to start the left. Layout, angle placement and pilot hole drilling went quickly. Finished the day by updrilling to 1/8" and 3/16" for the bolted areas. Also picked the location for the Vans NACA vents for the fresh air system.
2014-06-25 Left side forward fuselage - polishing and riveting Once the drilling was done, deburring, and polishing was next...followed by riveting!
2014-06-25 Completed left side fuselage panel - attached sides to aft fuselage Installed the bolted connections, finished the naca outlet cutouts and decided to mate the fore and aft fuselage. Kids took a seat in the "cockpit" for a test flight!
2014-07-10 Flipped over aft fuselage to begin forward assembly After a two week vacation it's time to work on the project again. Rearranged the garage and moved the fuselage over and upside down to begin assembly of the front section.
2014-07-12 Drilling of floor and firewall to foreward side panels Positioned the floor, and made the pilot holes to the lower longerons. Continued by bending the stainless steel firewall and positioning it onto the sides. Ran into my first issue with the matched holes not matching up. Checked the plans to insure I had the correct measurements for the upper cross tie angle support (32").

Decided to redrill the holes and use a doubler to strengthen this connection.

All holes matched and drilled.
2014-07-13 Spar tunnel Installed the forward z-tunnel piece and then fitted the aft spar tunnel assembly.
Once I was happy with the fitment and I completed the 5-pieces of support angles for the spar tunnel and firewall support. Last I Updrilled everything installed to 1/8" and 3/16" for the splice plate bolted connections.
2014-07-16 Completed drilling of firewall - decide to remake parts After consulting with Sonex Tech Support, it was determined I had the measurements off on the upper firewall cross support. After an attempt to save the parts it was determined better to remake three pieces and start over on the firewall fitting. The firewall attach angles, and upper cross support angle will be remade and redrilled.
2014-07-19 Remake parts, complete firewall and fwd and aft fuselage joining Today was a big day, completed the fitting and remaking of the firewall parts. Insured the measurements and motor mount all fit correctly, then pilot drilled the new angles. From there it was a thorough deburring off all fwd fuselage parts for this step.

SNX-F11 is now mostly complete. I have left the floor un riveted at this time to allow access to the fuel tank and wiring.

Firewall is done, riveted into place.
Fwd spar Z tunnel is riveted to fwd wig attach angles
Fwd fuselage is riveted to aft fuselage and the splice plate bolts are connected.
2014-07-20 Aft lower cabin details sheet SNX-F10 Now that the fwd fuselage box is constructed and joined with the rear fuselage, time to make and gather the parts for sheet F10.

Idler assembly is done and all other parts are prepared except for the lowered sheet support angle SNX-F10-03
2014-07-23 Sheet F10 complete, begin assembly lower cabin I am building the lowered seat mod and dual controls. This requires consulting different sheets in the SNX-C section - specifically sheets C06 and C07. Completed the parts from c06/F10 and began to assemble the seat support/seat belt brace and idler control bracket. With that done all of these parts were fitted into the lower fuselage for trial and then updrilling.
2014-07-26 Updrilled the seat support structure to the lower fuselage floor skin Went through the lower seat structure and updrilled the holes to #30 (1/8"). Made sure everything was in alignment for the seat belt support brackets in the middle and had to remove the rivets that held these angle brackets on to the lower seat cross tie. Access to the pilot holes was impossible without doing this. The entire group of parts are now match/updrilled and removed from the fuselage box for deburring and final riveting. It can be reinstalled as a group of parts.
2014-07-27 Completed lower aft seat structure This section of parts is completed with assembly and riveting taking place outside of the airframe. Cleco'd them back into place and prepared to rotate the fuselage back into the work surface. Finished the day by trimming the windshield bow at firewall and riveting the upper firewall into place.
2014-07-28 Flap detent angle and trim lever Rough cut and cleaned up the flap detent angle and mounting angle brackets. Bent the trim lever and flap lever. Installed the mounting brackets to the fwd and aft wing attach angles. Cleco'd the flap detent bracket into place. The flap handle does not fit the detents so more work is required here.
2014-07-29 Glare shield, instrument panel and Went to the basement and uncovered the canopy box and brought the glateshield up for fitting. The prebent material requireste front and rear section to be cut to fit the upper firewall and for the IP slope. Glareshield is ready to go with pilot holes for instrument panel. Laid the IP in place and climbed in for my first sit inside the plane!
2014-08-01 Completed fitting of glareshield and instrument panel Bent over the edges as required for the instrument panel. Positioned and drilled the glareshield to the upper longerons. Cleco'd and centered the instrument panel and lower brace to the glare ship and pilot drilled the IP to glareshield.
2014-08-02 Re-fitted the glareshield and remade forward firewall supports Fuel tank would not fot so had to take a step backwards and remake and drill again several parts. By the end of the day it was fitting good and fuel tank filler neck was in the correct spot.
2014-08-05 Constructed seat pan, bent and fitted to fuselage This step required the layout and cutting of several openings in the seat pan for the dual stick controls, and the cover for the elevator control rod. Once the openings were cut and cleaned up, then it was time to bend to layout lines. One is 11degrees and the next is 88degrees. Not hard to do with the Aluminum 0.o25" material but just takes time. Drop it in for a test fit and looks great!
2014-08-07 Completed seat This step required cutting and drilling hinge sections to the now bent seat pan. The idea is the hinges hold the seat to the fuselage structure and the pins can be removed to take the seat out for access to the controls.
2014-08-10 Rear spar carry through This is a relatively simple assembly that required construction 6 angles for the support, then drilling and bolting together the parts for the rough assembly. This gets permenately mounted next weekend when the wings get rigged.
2014-08-11 Main landing gear leg weldments These are pre welded and powder coated items. Align to the designated distance off the lower longeron, then clamp and drill to the structure. One side at a time and then it's all done to final rivet or bolt hole size.
2014-08-13 Engine mount plumbed and drilled to firewall mounts Had to remove some metal from the lower engine mount tabs to get the whole thing to plumb and level up to the required distance from lower firewall of 22-13/16". Once it was located it was pilot hole, then add the shims as needed. Now the engine mount is located and drilled to the fuselage. I can do the nose gear next.
2014-08-15 Begin nose gear strut assembly This part is already powder coated so the first step was to torch and wire brush off the powder coat from the area where the bronze bushings ride for the nose strut spring. Also had to continue the pilot hole the factory drilled for the axle through to the other side.
2014-08-16 Prepare for wings - part 1 Today I prepared the garage and work bench for mating the wings. Moved items around the garage and repositied the fuselage. Then I leveled and clamped the fuselage to the table.

With my sons help we brought down the right wing and inserted it into the fuselage. Tomorrow my friends are coming over and we insert the left wing and finish the process.
2014-08-17 The wings are attached! Well at least for a short time they were. Both wings were mated to the fuselage today, and the process of measuring, leveling, more measuring, clamping finally paid off. Once we did this we pinned the rear spar to the carry thru assembly, then drilled and drilled some more. The rear spar carry thru gets riveted to the fuselage structure and then it's time to transfer the bolt holes for the wing mounting blocks to the support angles. First 1/4" holes are drilled from rear to front on both sides, then the front is drilled to thru the rear spar tunnel and angles. Once that us completed it's the piloted 1/4 to 3/8" double margin bit. Long day but productive results.
2014-08-18 Finish spar tunnel and lower seat structure Now that the wings are drilled the central spar tunnel and structure can be finished and riveted.
2014-08-21 Rivet on bottom fuselage floor skin With the spar tunnel and central structure complete I decided to rivet the floor on for good. Some claim access is better to panel and fuel tank with it off, but with the tri-gear the flor is not removable when the gear legs are installed.
2014-08-22 Nose wheel is attached Drilled out the nose wheel leg and assembled the wheel and tire. Completed the drill of the nose wheel steering drive horn, which en allowed the spring to be compressed and the nose wheel to installed on the engine mount frame.
2014-08-22 Final panel layout design Completed my final instrument panel layout in AutoCAD and imported color images to visualize the design. Taped this onto the aluminum panel and cleco'd it back into place.

With that done I've ordered the remaining switches, circuit breakers and wiring and terminals. May start the panel layout and wiring soon.
2014-08-26 Main landing gear weldments - drill for leg I began the process of drilling through the Titanium gear legs. What a job. The first stage is to drill a pilot hole thru two layers of carbon steel tube. Transfer the mark for the hole to the TI, then drill into and through the TI rod with the drill press. To do thiamin requires great patience, cobalt drill bits and lots of oil/cutting fluid. I began with an 1/8" drill bit, updrill to 3/16" and finally to 1/4" size.

With the holes coated and drilled into the weldments, I made the final installation of these to the fuselage. Machine screws from the spar tunnel and then rivets through the fuselage and gear angles.
2014-08-30 Main landing gear axle drilling Continuing with the process of aligning and installing the axle assembly in order to drill there the lower section of the TI legs. Used the same process as drilling the upper weldments and TI leg. Once everything was aligned and drilled I completed the mounting with the bolt and shafting epoxy for added strength.
2014-09-03 Complete main gear assembly and drum brakes Assembled the wheels and brakes, drilled the brake mounting plate and attached each brake to the axle. Then it was a process of greasing the needle bearings, and placing the spacer, dust cap, bearings and the wheel on the axle, followed by the large castle nut. Once this was done I was able to drop the airplane done on its landing gear for the first time!
2014-09-07 Horizontal stabilizer is attached This assembly step required many trial fitting and minor trimming of the lower skin where it interferes with the fuselage mounting surface, to allow the stab to be positioned far enough forward for full up elevator deflection.

After achieving the right fit, it was clamped to the fuselage, and the mounting holes transferred to the longeron and support angle structure. Final hole size is a tight fit 1/4" hole.

It looks great in place, and the trial fit of the vertical stabilizer is next.
2014-09-08 Vertical Stabilizer Worked on trimming the necessary material from the turtledeck to allow the from spar attach angle for the vertical stab to fit down against the horizontal stab spar. Once I had enough material removed and a close fit, I inserted clecos into the rear vertical spar to the back of the fuselage channel. Centered the leading edge of the VS and then transfered the mounting holes to the spar attach bracket.
Had to order the anchor nut plates since they were not in my Aircraft Spruce hardware order.
2014-09-12 Vertical stabilizer is done The fitting and drilling for the bolt holes on the vertical stabilizer is now done. I also decided to add another doubler plate for good measure.
2014-09-12 Polishing not painting There is no log journal topic for polishing so I'm going to place all my finishing reports into Painting.

My plane will be a combination of polished aluminum and painting. Decided on a WWII scheme for the Tuskegee airman,Red Tail squadron!

I really gave the polishing go at it on the pilot (left) side rear turtledeck. Several passes with the Titanium grit then one area did the medium to see he results
2014-09-14 Metal fairing attempt #1 I've been considering making a 1-piece Fiberglass fairing, but thought I should try to make and bend the plans design for a metal one first. Transferred the shape to the metal, and cut out the piece, then Annealed the aluminum sheet with the torch to make it easier to bend. I should have bent the flanges first them tried to roll the shape. It came out okay but I'm not happy with how it looks. Still thinking about making this in fiberglass.
2014-09-21 Dual control yoke The Sonex has a standard center stick, or optional dual controls, which is what I went with. You first take the bronze oil impregnated bushings and fit them into the central yoke system, then ream the bushings so the control stick fits snugly thru, but still freely moves. This requires removing the factory applied powder coat to the moving surface. The bushings wanted to rotate with the control stick so I epoxied them into the central frame. Then the control stick extension is drilled for 1/4" bolt through the assembly so it's all tight up against the bushing. Both sides are done through this step. Next is connecting left and right stick.
2014-09-26 Completed both rear fairings After trying another approach of using clay and fiberglass, I abandoned that idea and finished the metal fairings. Both rounded sections were completed and the small angle sections were finished and all parts mated to the fuselage and stabilizers.
2014-09-28 Aluminum prep and priming Began the process of using PreKote for the tail section aluminum prep and then also applied 2K (catalyzed) epoxy primer to these surfaces. Going to paint the rear section to match the Red Tail squadron.
2014-09-29 Completed dual yoke control assembly and installation This is now finished and installed!
2014-10-07 Elevator trim tab This,part needed to be fabricated and attached prior to completing the painting of the tail sections. It looks good, bit I needed to apply a layer of fiberglass to the trim tab for stiffness since I couldn't find any 0.032" stock that was called for on the plans.
2014-10-11 Painted tail surfaces Applied two coats of Viper Red paint to all of the tail surfaces!
2014-10-13 Begin final assembly of tail - 1 Moved the horizontal stabilizer into position and bolted it in place for the final time! Then the elevator was rigged and installed. Last was the placement of the vertical stabilizer. This has 14 bolts of which many are hard to reach
2014-10-19 Completed tail assembly - 2 After finishing the forward bolts and rivets for the vertical stabilizer front spar, I was able to finish up the trim tab and it's attachment plate for the cable which controls it's movement. With that finished I installed the cable housing.

The rudder was last to be installed today.
2014-10-20 Rudder cables, trim cable done I completed installing the rudder cables to the rudder, and then ran these up to the cockpit through all of the bulkhead fairleads.

Bent the end of the trim tab cable then greased this and fed it through the cable housing up to where the lever is mounted. The tail section is almost furnished.
2014-11-03 Rudder pedal phenolic blocks Started making the two sets of phenolic bearing blocks for the rudder pedals. Got the left side started.
2014-11-07 Completed rudder pedal installation Got the left and right side phenolic blocks done, then installed the rudder pedals into the fuselage.
2014-11-08 Rudder cables, flap drive rod,flap handle Today we got the rudder cables connected, then worked on the flap drive rod, flap handle and the flap detent angle. With this all done I was able to connect the elevator trim tab. Finished up by working on the elevator control rod and cover plate.
2014-11-09 Elevator push rod Completed the installation and drilling on the elevator push rod. Took a lot more work than expected to connect everything. Had to shorten the long push rod, and file away material on the rear bulkhead for push rod clearance.

Also installed the inner seatbelts and idler pushrods cover
2014-11-11 Final Wiring Diagram A few more revisions and here is a pretty "final" wiring diagram! Time to start of the firewall components.
2014-11-13 Battery Box Followed the Sonex plans for the battery box size, but revised the construction method to have a hinged front panel for ease of install and removal of the battery. Thanks to Bob Meyers for the idea.
2014-11-15 Battery box and engine electrical items installed Fitted the battery box. Laid out the location for the master contactor, secondary electrical coils, voltage regulator. Got these installed. Turned my attention to the nose gear steering rod, and a fire resistant boot cover for the steering rod. Buttoned up the engine mount with its final hardware.
2014-11-16 Completing engine assembly Back to the engine set-up. Turning my attention to the rear components:stator pin, x-casing for engine mount, upper and lower mags, stator ring and the alternator pick-ups. Once the mag gaps were set, all of the items were either permanently mounted or removed so the x-casing could be taken off and installed on the engine mount.

Final item for this weekend was completing the nose gear pass thru for the steering rod and sleeve boot.
2014-11-23 Cut out panel for instruments Made the final decisions on the instrument panel. Also completed my wiring diagram. Had to order some more supplies from Aircraft Spruce. ELT is on the way. Panel is basic but up to date and high tech. Using a Foreflight on an iPad Mini for navigation.
2014-11-27 Replace firewall nuts with anchor plates For future maintenance and access I replaced all of the firewall nuts with anchor plates
2014-11-28 Install Gascolator Placed the gascolator close to the passenger rudder pedals. Had to drill the firewall for the fuel line fitting.
2014-11-28 Completed nose wheel Had to remove nose wheel and drill then tap the bronze bushing top and bottom. 10-32 thread. Reinstalled the nose wheel and then had to figure out how to compress the strut. Used a ratchet strap. Reset the steering rod and made some final adjustments.
2014-11-29 Prep and paint panel Removed instruments, prepped aluminum for primer. Used etching primer. Applied one coat, the sanded. Had to fill a few holes. Prime red two more coats. Them applied three top/color coats in metallic charcoal. Will use white lettering for better contrast on the gray panel.
2014-11-30 Engine installation Mike and Steve came over to help with the engine installation. It went very smoothly and now I have an AeroVee hanging from the front of my airframe!
2014-12-03 Install flight instruments, switches and labels Finished painting the panel, and then installed the MGL Xtreme Mini EFIS, V6 com radio and all of the circuit breakers and switches. The last big item was the RAM iPad mini mount and the VANs airvents.

Panel looks really nice and clean after assembly and riveting to cross brace.
2014-12-04 Began wiring tonight Once the panel was installed with clecos, I could start wiring the primary buss, circuit breakers and switches.
2014-12-13 Brake handle components Fabricated the brake handle, pulley, and mounting angle parts today. Also finished doing the red plasti dip on the brake handle.
2014-12-14 Firewall wiring, engine misc items Worked on the electrical coil wiring, master relay wiring.

Installed the intake system and AeroInjector carb.
2014-12-16 Magnetron wiring, capacitor filter Completed the mag wiring to the switches, and installed a capacitor filter inline on the voltage regulator charging circuit.
2014-12-22 Completed brake system Installed the brake cable routing block through the spar tunnel. Ran the cable sheathing from the spar tunnel to each wheel brake. Ran the braided 1/16" cable out from the brake handle to each drum brake lever, connected with a Aszua wire swivel. Reinstalled the flap drive rod, brake handle bracket and the brake handle.

Needed to add a small hook bracket to the flap detent so the hand brake can be pulled back and set as a parking brake.

It's a simple system but it seems to work!
2014-12-25 Fuel Tank prep Cleaned out the threaded ports for the fuel tank fittings. Installed the finger strainer, fuel level probe, and plugs for the drain and unused holes.
2014-12-26 Complete fuel tank prep Made the fuel line today that connects the shut off valve to the inlet on the Gascolator. Test fitted the tank and glareshield to get the final length of the fuel line. Tank Is ready to remove and continue with the electrical wiring.
2014-12-27 Throttle located and attached Made a bracket to extend the location of the side mount throttle out so it clears the longeron and mixture control.
2014-12-27 Push to Talk switch, audio sub panel Wired up the Ray Allen simple grips with PTT button/switch for each grip, and then installed these on the dual yoke sticks. Had to enlarge the hole for a rubber grommet to protect the wires comin out the base of the stick.

Completed the test fitting of the headset jacks on the audio sub panel. The little middle jack is for the audio Aux MP3 input that works with the intercom for the MGl V6 radio

Used the space below the spar to install some large grommets for running the Coaxial RG58 cable for the ComAntenna.
2014-12-28 Lighting harness to left and right wings Today I ran the wires from each switch out to the flap opening that goes to the wing root. At this location I installed a weather pack connector for water proof and easy connection for the removable wings.

After completing this I studied the panel some more and decided to add a dedicated circuit breaker for the radio. This required removing the right air vent, cutting holes in the panel for the resettable CB and a switch. Make a new buss bar and do some wiring for this new setup.
2014-12-29 Begin wiring of MGL V6 Com radio Moved over the fast on leads to the switches to make room for he new audio/radio switch. Wired this to the new CBi installed yesterday. Inserted the headphone jacks into the audio sub panel, and finished by wiring the 12v+ lead from the V6 harness to the radio switch.
2014-12-31 Completed MGL V6 wiring and panel updates Got a little advice from fellow builder Dana Baker and proceeded to finish the wiring connections for the V6. What's interesting is the extra features built into the V6 that I m not using. This amounted to about 8-10 extra wires in the harness that I bundled up for storage behind the panel.

Basically this is the wiring:

Radio ground to battery/airframe
Install pilot and passenger headset jacks (come prewired)
Install MP3 audio jack
Connect pilot and passenger PTT switches / wiring to leads in harness
Connect RG58 antenna wire to antenna.
2015-01-01 Completed wiring the MGL Xtreme mini EFIS Installed the harness in the Xtreme EFIS unit and the other harness in the RDAC unit. Had to complete the wiring for the 12V+, grounds, and then make the fuel sensor unit wiring harness. Almost done with behind the panel wiring.
2015-01-02 Sourced and purchased materials for interior Was out shopping with my wife today and we found some really cool dark khaki vinyl upholstery. She is going to sew up the seat covers for me. I also ordered the foam for the cushions. I got two different densities of foam.
2015-01-03 Seat pattern for the upholstery Took a little time and drafted up the seat pattern in AutoCAD. Oversized the bottom and back to fill the gaps In the factory sized seat pan.

Will print this out full size at work and try the fit.
2015-01-05 Main battery cable wiring Made the battery ground wire (from negative terminal to ground stud) and the battery positive cable (+ terminal to battery post on master relay).
2015-01-05 Installing engine sensors (part 1) Changed out the main sump plate with the AeroVee sump cover so I could install the temperature sensor and oil return line fitting. Installs the oil pressure sensor in the side port (right side) of the engine.

Began drilling the heads for the CHT sensors. Got all four cylinders finished.

I wrapped up the night be gapping the upper and lower spark plugs to spec, applying anti-sieze and then torquing the plugs to 12 ft/lbs as required.
2015-01-05 Finished seat pattern Today at work on my lunch break I finished the seat pattern and printed these out full size. Unfortunately I left the plots on my desk when I came home. Got a FedEx delivery notice that the foam is being delivered tomorrow.
2015-01-07 Installed battery and powered up EFIS First attempt and powering up,the electronic systems tonight and so far everything on the MGL Xtreme works great! It's exciting to get this done and working!
2015-01-09 Powered up MGL V6 Completed the shielded RG58 antenna cable BNC connector, and powered up the V6 com tonight. All systems are good. Tested both headset jacks, both PTT switches, the transmit and receive and the intercom with MP3 sound input.

I continued by testing the wing lighting wiring circuits at each side weather pack connector. The only item that isn't working is the iPad mini charging wire inside the RAM mount. The lighting plug is working but it's not making a full connection inside the mount.
2015-01-10 LED red lighting, misc panel items Made a checklist for wrapping up behind the panel and glareshield items.

Completed cleaning up the wiring, and also ran the throttle and mixture cables thru the firewall. Finished by paining the section of the firewall and longerons exposed after the glareshield is mounted.
2015-01-11 Completed Battery Hold down strap Made the final piece for the battery box - the hold down strap. This is now complete.
2015-01-11 Fresh air system & Fuel Tank Completed sealing and connecting the scat tubing from the NACA inlets to the panel mounted eyeball vents. This is now completely finished!

Also trimmed the filler neck of the fuel tank so it sits down below the cowling elevation. Not sure if I trimmed enough off, will test fit the glareshield one more time.
2015-01-11 Pitot/static connection to MGL Xtreme Tried to finish this system today, and discovered my new edition Xtreme has very small nipple ports on the back side of the unit. The standard 1/4" ID tubing will not mate up, and I need to make or get from MGL the adapters.
2015-01-17 LED lighting and Pitot/Static tubing done Received the connectors needed for the pitot static tube adapters so I was able to finish this. Ran the tubing down to the right wing root and installed barbed connectors here for the wing tubing.

Wired up all four under panel LED lights. Tested it all out and it works, but I may need one on the panel so I can see the switches.
2015-01-18 Riveted Glareshield to fuselage Completing my checklist for closing in the panel and forward fuselage section, it was time to install the glareshield. The fuel tank is setting in place on the rudder pedals, but not yet strapped in ( this requires climbing in upside down).

The glareshield is now riveted to the upper longerons and firewall. I want to create a ski jump style glareshield extension to help cover the top of the avionics and possibly create some shade. Two of the three pieces are made.
2015-01-20 Completed glareshield I finished fabricating the remaining pieces for the glareshield extension. Primed and painted. These were riveted in between the panel and glareshield for a cleaner look. Laid the vinyl over the surface to see how it looked.
2015-01-23 Footwell floor carpet Purchased a roll of indoor/outdoor loop carpeting in charcoal gray. Cut two pieces to fit the fuselage floor from the spar tunnel to the firewall. Used double stick carpet tape and spary adhesive to secure the carpet to the floor.
2015-01-24 Fuel tank final installation My friend Steve (Waiex #056) came over today and made the valiant effort to climb inside the fuselage and lay on his back for over 2 hours while we bolted up the longeron at the glareshield, and then installed all four tank straps.

The completion of getting the fuel tank installed and strapped into place was nice, and then he hooked up the fuel line from the tank to the gascolator.
2015-01-24 Glareshield covering Covered the glareshield wig the same loop carpet material as the fueslage floors. It turned out great, just need some push on U channel vinyl edge trim to finish it up.

Began looking at the windscreen bow and brought up the lexan sheet material to start this project next.
2015-01-28 Begin windscreen installation - part 1 The pre bent windscreen bow from Sonex was not fully bent to the correct radius. I struggled with trial fitting, so I drew the pattern in CAD and printed a full size plot to use for reference. I took several blocks of wood and made some jigs for increasing the radius and bending the 1/2" rod to approximately the right size. It's not perfect but everything is beginning to fit.

I am going to leave the lexan sheet the width it came from Sonex at the rear, and taper trim the sides so the front fits flush.
2015-02-01 Continue to fit windscreen - part 2 Began by marking the sides and trimming approximately 5/8" off the front sides and using the bandsaw to make a tapered cut from front to rear. Reinstalled the windscreen then marked the front for the cut on the length. After each cut on the bandsaw, I sanded the edges of the lexan with the belt sander, then 120 grit and 320 grit paper to relieve any stress risers and make the edge smooth.

After reinstalling the windscreen is very close. I think once the drilling and clecoing go the front will lay down snug.

Finished by drilling the mounting holes for the rear windscreen bow, and updrilled to 3/16" which is final size.
2015-02-02 Began drillling wind screen to fuselage - part 3 Marked then drilled the windscreen bow. Dulled two bits then began drilling through the lexan into the bow and firewall strap. I'm committed at this point to my fit and finish...
2015-02-07 Continued windscreen fitting - part 4 Completed updrilling the windscreen, countersinking the lexan for the mounting screws, and dimpling the fuselage sides.

Cleaned all of the holes up and began to install the windscreen. Like others I've found the screws are not long enough for the front and sides. Also running into some fitting issues with the bow strap (should have done this sooner)...
2015-02-12 Windscreen install complete - part 5 Finished installing all of the new/longer machine screws, nuts and tinnerman washers. The finished product looks really good!
2015-02-14 Making parts for canopy frame Sheet D-02. Began making the parts for the canopy frame. Cut the 1/2" square side frames, hinge halves, cross tube brace, and last the hook latch.
2015-02-15 Continued making parts for canopy frame Remade the canopy hook angle with a larger 2.5" x 2.5" angle. Added a second hook so I can open the canopy about 1" and latch it shut while taxing, etc.

Drilled the longeron for the canopy hinge.

Need to make the latch flat stock and the two retaining clips for the canopy latch spring.
2015-02-15 Progress update on the Prince P-Tip propellor I've been in contact with Lonnie Prince this week and he sent me some updates on my propellor. It has been CNC cut (wood) and the carbon fiber wrap and the leading edge protection are done. It goes to paint tomorrow!
2015-02-17 Canopy latch and spring clips Continued making small parts for the canopy latch tonight. Also cut and drilled the two small clips for the canopy return spring.

Also made the pilot side canopy trim piece, and riveted the hinge to the longeron.
2015-02-22 Front canopy bow Completed the trimming, bending and fitting of the front canopy bow. Had to rework the radius several times, and trim a little at a time from the ends. Have this drilled and cleco'd to the canopy welded connectors, the side hinge and the hook latch.
2015-02-25 Rear Canopy Box Worked on trimming down the rear bow and attaching it to the canopy frame. Once this was connected with he clecos the cross brace tube was positioned and the gusset plates were drilled into place.
2015-02-26 Canopy Frame completed Finished drilling the rear canopy bow cross brace and gusset plates. Deburred then reassembled, and riveted the frame together.
2015-02-27 Prince P-Tip propellor arrives! My new Prince P-Tip propellor arrived today.

Carbon fiber wrapped
AeroVee 80 hp
Pitch 54-44
2015-02-28 FAA registration application and to do list Completed and sending in the registration packet today. Also drafted up a to do list for completing the airframe.
2015-02-28 ELT support tray Decided on the location for the ELT. Made a support structure from 1" angle, sheet aluminum and plate aluminum. Will rivet this to the cross former and upper cabin box beam and upper longeron.
2015-03-03 Start right side cowling Began the process by cutting out around the prop hub. Read and re-read he directions for the cowling and began cutting a little fro. The right side. Maybe 1/2" so far and it still needs some more, plus removing from the bottom edge.
2015-03-04 Received new seat foam and cut shapes I had previously made seat templates in AutoCAD and ordered foam. When my first order of foam arrived it was not dense enough. Put this project away for the last few months...then recently my wife said to just get the good stuff. Dyer ordering and receiving the Confor Foam, from aircraft spruce, in medium 2" density it arrived and after trying the product I determined it aS too dense, and not comfortable. Kept researching, and found another product called Sun Mate, made by Dynamic Systems. After receiving their sample kit I ordered a sheet of 1" medium firm, and 1" of medium soft. Just got done gluing the sheets together and cutting it to size.

Comfortable and I'm happy.
2015-03-06 Continue right side cowling - part 2 & 3 Tonight is a double post for two days worth of work. Many on and off sessions with this cowl half, marking a trimming a little bit each time from the side, bottom and top.

I now have the side hinge clecoed in place, and just cut the bottom rear hinge, and made the witness marks for the bottom centerline trim.
2015-03-07 Right side cowling - part 4 I have an overall pretty good fit for the left side. Both side and bottom hinges are connected, drilled , countersunk and riveted in place.
2015-03-07 Start left side cowling - part 1 Having learned a lot from the left side, the right side is already going faster. I did a quick trial fit then trimmed a straight line while taking off about 3/16" of material from the side and bottom corner. Have it installed and see the top is out of shape and sitting up. Need to think about some ways to tackle this.
2015-03-07 Left side cowl - part 2 Got the hinges fitted for the sides and bottom. I got ahead of myself and riveted the bottom hinge before making sure it complete fits. Looks like I need to drill some rivets out and fill the holes and redrill and relocate the hinge.

The top still does not want to lay down. I have heat on it now seeing if This will help.
2015-03-08 Left side - part 3 Decided to take the side and bottom hinges off, trim more material. I tried a relief cut but it didn't help lay the top down. Had to fill the old rivet holes...and let the fiberglass and resin cure before I do any more sanding.

Oh well, not everyday can be productive.
2015-03-11 Left side cowl - part 4 After talking to fellow Sonex builder Dana Baker by email and then in the phone, he convinced me to "keep trimming and sanding". Glad I did, I couldn't beileve it would help, but after taking off another 3/16-1/4" of material from the sides,and the. Fitting the bottom and top, the left side is laying down pretty well.

Remade the side and bottom hinge. Trimmed the centerline (not completely done) and then connected the top halves with four temporary aluminum tabs.
2015-03-15 Join cowl halves Worked on trimming the top cowl centerline, and the fuel door openings. Worked on aligning the sides, then pilot holes drilling the piano hinge. The cowl is starting to look a lot better.
2015-03-16 Continue joining cowl halves - part 2 More updrilling of the hinges. Filled in the cut lines I made a few weeks ago on the left cowl. Added another layer of fiberglass and resin behid this cut area. Filled some holes near the rear hinge. Countersunk all of the rivet holes, the. Reinstalled the left half and riveted the three hinges on. Finished by removing the right half and riveted on the top hinge. Just need to mate the bottom and get this hinge connected next.
2015-03-16 Begin sewing seat covers - part 1 My wife and I started cutting (me) and sewing (her) the bottom cushion seat cover today. It's an intricate pattern with three materials. It's turning out nicely, but will take more time to finish.
2015-03-17 Finished cutting seat fabric Completed the lower seat cover and back material layout, and cutting of the pattern.
2015-03-18 Bottom seat cover almost done May wife continued sewing the bottom materials together for the seat cushion. I cut a backing fabric.
2015-03-19 Cowl joining-part 3 Continued by adding the forward lower hinge to join the two halves. It's mostly drilled, but I need to remove the right side and sand away some material from the edge for the alignment.
2015-03-21 Fuel door in cowl - part 1 Cut measured and riveted the hinge to the fuel door. I ordered some hartwell latches for the fuel and oil door. I have the fuel floor about done, it's clecoed to the cowl half.
2015-03-22 Seat cushion covers - part duex My wife had another idea for sewing the accent piping (red) strip. So today we did the back cushion cover. It turned out so well, she wanted to re-duex the bottom. Needed to get another 0.5 yard of the textured fabric to complete the bottom panel, and more red vinyl to do the back. I think the seats turned out excellent!
2015-03-26 Cowling joining - part four Completed the last sections of piano hinge underneath the engine and behind the nose gear back to the exhaust opening.
2015-03-29 Cowl joining - part 5 Filled the holes in the bottom edge, then fiber glassed in the tab for joining the front section between the prop hub and oil pan opening. Riveted on the lower left hinge halves. Getting the left side closer to being finished.
2015-03-30 Cowl joining - part 6 Riveted the lower left hinge and rear lower center hinges today. Also decided to fill in the opening for the fuel door some. Cut a section of fiberglass to fit, then glassed this back into the right cowl half. Glassed the hinge to this section for a better overall fit.
2015-03-31 Cowl joining - part 7 Continued with updrilling the final centerline hinge. Made the right side exhaust outlet deflectors, and cut down the fuel door and redrilled this to the hinge.

Reattached the right cowling half and riveted the hinge to the cowling. Getting closer!
2015-04-03 Begin Engine baffling Today I began another milestone and started to put together the engine baffling kit from Sonex. All of the parts are laser cut, but come as flat stock and require the builder (me) to make the final bends as required. Formthe most part all of the parts fit into place, except for the rear fence baffle (minor interference at engine block) and the lower left corner baffle (part is wrong size and would never fit). I'm modifying my rear baffle per the newer Sonex plans for the top mount oil cooler which requires an air exit opening in the rear baffle. I modified the other part that didn't fit by cutting it at the break, then remaking another piece to fill the gap.
2015-04-04 Attach side baffles and oil cooler baffle I finished making the attachment angles for the two side fence baffles. Got these attached with rivets and M6 machine screws to the heads.

With the top mount oil cooler you need to create an exit for the air flow. Here is he mockup and final version in aluminum.
2015-04-05 Baffle rubber seals Once all of the baffles where fitted and attached, I started on the rubber seals. This first required making sure there was enough clearance (1/2") for the seal. There are patterns for the aluminum strips which help distribute the rivet load on the seals.

So far the rear fence, oil color fence, and side baffle fences are all done.
2015-04-06 Rivet front baffles together Updrilled and completed the riveting of the 6-7 pieces of the front baffle sections. I'm now ready to cut and fit the rubber seals.
2015-04-06 Order nut plates and remove Southco fasteners I have given up on the southcos. I ordered more nut plates for the firewall strap and cowling tab at the front. I installed 5 nut plates for the cowling attachments and will use standard AN525-10 screws for the cowling.
2015-04-08 Final trimming in front baffle I had to reinstall the cowl to confirm everything would fit, then mark for any additional trimming on the front baffle section. Then remove the cowling remove the baffle and trim. I cut out the paper templates for the last sections of alum backer strips and the rubber seal. One more night of this and I should have the baffles done.
2015-04-09 Finished the rubber seals on front baffle Completed the trimming of the aluminum backer plates and installed the rubber gasket seal for the front baffle sections. After riveting the rubber to the structure I test fit this back on the engine.

Now on to the exhaust system.
2015-04-12 Fit and finish exhaust system I was able to completely install the exhaust system today. After a trial fit, it was determined that 1" needed to be trimmed off the headers, and 2.75" from the exhaust tips.

Once this was done, I had to shorten the connection springs. The exhaust was wrapped with titanium enchanted fiberglass 2" tape. This will help keep the heat in the pipes and the cowling temps lower.

After wrapping the exhaust pipes I marked for the EGT probes. They are located approx. 4" away from each exhaust port.

Finally installation was completed, and another large item checked off the list.
2015-04-13 Baffle nut plates Worked to install the nut plates for easy installation and removal of the baffles from the engine. Had the nut plates facing the wrong direction and realized I couldn't get the screws in between the intake and side fence baffle.

This is now done.
2015-04-14 Completed ignition wiring Ran the magneto wires to the upper plugs, and the electronic coil wiring to the lower spark plugs.
2015-04-17 Completed FWF engine wiring (sensors) Ran the CHT, EGT, oil pressure and temp, and tachometer wiring all to,the RDAC and connected the terminals. This completes the wiring for,the engine bay!
2015-04-18 AeroInjector set-up To set-up the AeroInjector for the throttle cable, it requires taking apart he assembly. I also wanted to change out the mixture needle to a 2.5 (factory installs a 2) for better mixture control.

It was pretty straight forward to do. Once the throttle cable (solid wire) was bent and installed in the blue slide, I could reassemble the body. I think the cable/wire had too much bend in it as it's not allowing a smooth movement of the throttle right now. With the quadrant connected and installed it should move easily buts it's not....so I will take it apart and try some different things.
2015-04-19 Oil cooler bypass line Made a braided an-06 line for e oil pump which bypasses where the oil coler would have been.
2015-04-24 AeroInjector Final set-up After stripping part of the fuel port threads, I have been struggling all week on what to do. Mike Farley allowed me to borrow his carb to take the body apart and utilize it for my engine. Once I had his disassembled I noticed he had an older AeroInjector version. Once again I. Decided to try and clean up the threads so I drilled the port down deeper so the tap would go in further (1/8" NPT).

It worked. Once the fuel port adapter once seated, the AeroInjector was put back together. I also ordered a new braided throttle cable with sheath this week from Sonex. This worked much better and now the throttle slides smoothly.

Connected the AeroInjector to the intake. Routed the throttle and mixture control cables and it's done.

Lastly I made the fuel line and insulated the line with aeroqup Fire sleeve.
2015-04-26 Air filter and fuel tank vent Safety wired the AeroInjector to the intake maniford, and then installed the air filter.

Fabricated the fuel tank vent line, and attached is to the firewall.
2015-04-26 Back to Polishing the fuselage Ordered the Nuvtie polishing set from Sonex this week. Went at the pilot (left) side of the fuselage. Most areas have two pass of the F9...one section has four passes.
2015-04-28 Oil / Air Separator Reusing and older style Sonex oil separator, the trick was to find a permanent spot that will not be in the way of a future Turbo unit. Made two flat stock mounts attached to the engine mount frame, using Adel clamps. Refitted the cowl to see if it all clears and it does.
2015-05-01 More polishing Continued polishing the left side. Four passes of F9 are complete and 1 pass of C grade.
2015-05-02 Preparing to start canopy Made two wood blocks to support the back of the canopy then brought up the canopy box and wheel pants.
2015-05-04 Installed Propellor and misc FWF items Completed the oil temp sensor relocation and filled the engine with oil. Also attached the Prince P-Tip prop for the first time. Ended up needing to ream out the holes for the bolts to fit correctly.
2015-05-08 Complete oil fill, mark dip stick and spin prop for oil pressure Powered the starter and spun the prop for the first time to attempt to build up oil pressure, and prime the engine. After two attempts I was able to register oil pressure on the Xtreme EFIS display!
2015-05-09 Begun fitting canopy With the help of Steve Stahl we were able to do the initial trimming and sanding of the canopy. The front and back edges are now close enough to finish with the belt sander.
2015-05-10 Polishing left fuselage side and apply vinyl decals I polished more on the left side of the fuselage using Nuvite F9 (5 passes) and C (2 passes) and then finished up with a micro fiber towel. The vinyl decals went on last and they look great!
2015-05-17 Polishing right side of fuselage Completed the F9 polishing stage (5 passes) from the tail to the rear of the cabin. I next applied 2 passes of the C grade. I am ready to apply the vinyls.
2015-05-18 Vinyl graphics right side Installed the Stars & bars, squadron letters, and N629SX numbers.
2015-05-22 Polishing right side fuselage Applied and polished four passes of F9 on the front section of the right fuselage.
2015-05-24 Completed polishing fuselage side Finished the right foreward side of the fuselage.
2015-05-25 Fitting Canopy - Part II Today was the 2nd day for working on the actual canopy material. It was a few sessions of placing the canopy on the fuselage, marking a line with tape to trim/ sand...then removing to do the work. For the major cuts I used the bandsaw with a woodcutting blade. I discovered the angle die grinder with the small abrasive scotch brite pads does a nice job of taking the edge down and melting the material at the same time. Once I had the canopy fitting well, I made the leap and strated "drilling" with a uni-bit which again actually melts a hole. This is the new Sonex recommended method. Pilot hole is 1/8" then updrilled to 5/32". Both sides of the canopy are attached to the canopy frame! Need to drill and tap the bows.
2015-05-30 Completed Canopy Finished the final edge sanding and trimming, and began to rivet the sides of the canopy to the frame.

To make up the difference in the gap between the frame and canopy I used small vinyl tubing cut to length as a spacer in conjunction with longer screws to complete the canopy attachment.

Some tweaking was required on the latch, and then the restraint cable was installed.

Canopy looks pretty good overall, have a few areas where in bubbles out around the windscreen...
2015-05-30 Completed the ELT installation Finally drilled and riveted the sub-structure and mounting bracket for the ELT. Once this was finished I was able to route and connect the antenna cable.
2015-05-30 Main gear wheel pants and fairings Trimmed the main gear wheel pants and worked on the nose gear fairing.
2015-06-02 Completed gear leg fairing and main gear wheel pants Polished the fairings, installed the himges and test fit the wheel pants. Drilled and tapped the brakes for the main wheel pants.
2015-06-14 Wing Storage Stand Built the wing stand, moved the wings down from the ceiling and began to get the wing tips ready for completion.
2016-01-28 Nose Wheel pant modification Split apart the nose wheel pant into 4 sections, then glassed them back together with a vertical split to allow for removal / installation without taking off the nose gear. Found out later that Sonex changed the install instructions which I missed on the plan revisions. I am happy with how it turned out.
2016-02-06 Transported Airplane to MRT Union County Airport Borrowed a truck and trailer, then we loaded and secured the fuselage for the 15 mile drive to the airport. Took two trips to move the fuselage and wings. Got it tucked away in the hanger. Ready for final assembly.
2016-02-14 Polish Ailerons & Flaps The dreaded job of polishing the ailerons and flaps...this was done at home and then transported to the airport.
2016-02-20 Installed wings to Fuselage for final time! My son and I completed the tough job of installing the wings. With patience, we were able to get this done with just the two of us. Now the final tasks of installing the flaps, ailerons and controls can begin.
2016-02-26 Wired up tip Nav/Strobe lights & landing light Now that the wings were installed, I could finish the nav/strobe LED light install. These work great. Also the final install of the landing light and wiring this up to the left wing. Again it works great!
2016-03-03 Painted ailerons, installed vinyl Painted the aileron tips, and installed the yellow vinyl. After this was done I was able to "balance" each aileron.
2016-03-06 Wing Root doubler and rubber seal Completed the "vans" root seal and wing root doubler installation. This cleans up the connection of the wings to the fuselage.
2016-03-14 Main wheel pant reinforcement Doing some preventative work on the wheel pants to avoid future problems. Traced a pattern for a 0.025" aluminum backer plate. Mated these with fiberglass resin and CCC-rivets to the inside of each main wheel pant.
2016-03-19 Fitting gear leg fairings, and wheel pants My son helped me install the gear leg fairings, and wheel pants. This cleans up the undercarriage. Now that these are fitted all fiberglass parts can be brought home for painting.
2016-03-19 Installed flaps & ailerons, begin rigging One at a time, the flaps, and ailerons were installed with the piano wire hinge. Then the ball joints were fitted to the control rods, and connected to the control sticks and bell cranks. The flaps are dialed in.
2016-03-27 Install remaining vinyl decals Completed installation of the yellow stripes on the wings, the Star&Bar on the left wing, and the "no step" decal on the flaps, and the "experimental" decal inside the cockpit.
2016-04-09 Primed Cowling & Wheel Pants Completed the priming of all parts. Paint is next!
2016-04-10 Base Coat of Silver paint Applied 2-coats of silver metallic paint to wheel pants and cowling.
2016-04-13 Applied Clear coat to cowling and wheel pants
2016-04-15 Masking Cowling & Painting Black top panel
2016-04-16 Final assembly of cowling & wheel pants
2016-04-19 Completed weight and balance and report
2016-05-18 FAA airworthiness inspection complete Had my field inspection completed by Lee Thiel of the Columbus FSDO today. I received the Special Airwothiness Certificate and my operating instructions for Phase 1 testing.