New ground breaking New house and garage/shop
wooden balkheads

No place like home for a project to begin ..long over due..
I just wanted to build a dream of a life time, and fly what i just build. The plans finally arrived from W.S. Evans Aircraft, Jolia Calif. The VP-1 later modified VP-2 my own chosing to use as a single place,using my own design and modification, but staying with in the primary structure - as W.S.Evans asked to do. First of all Iam not an Engineer or claim to be one. I am retired Army Aviation VietNam Era Vet with over 20 years working on and flying helicopters UH-1H,UH1C-M Models OH58's and verious fixed wing aircraft and the pleasure of rebuilding an 1947 aerocoupe for the sign-off on my license airframe and engine repairman certificate.
I picked the Volksplane from Evans Aircraft because it is a basic aircraft professionally designed for the Aircraft Homebuilder

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