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Project Location: CA US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2012-12-11 Built small starter table Turned over crate that rudder came in, and placed it on three simple sawhorses augmented with 2x4 boards.
2012-12-12 Reviewed Plans, Took Inventory, fit doublers in spar
2012-12-12 Measured and Trimmed Spar Doublers
2012-12-13 headscratching and 1st two holes drilled I bought the Homebuilthelp DVD and was ready to drill my 750 rudder, when I thought about the rudder in the video. My doublers were not overlapping by 30mm! But, ah hah!!!! The rudder in the video is a 601! Problem solved. Doublers should be flush with spar.

2nd ridiculous thing I figured out, is that a #30 drill bit drills the final hole for the A4 rivet. The A3 pilot hole is the #40 bit. So, apparently I am drilling all of these holes twice? Gonna check why you can't just start with the #40 bit.

Update....smaller drill bit, the #40 is the right one. Apparently if you start 1st hole with larger drill bit, it likes to wander. So, start with smaller bit, and drill all holes into spar. Then, go back and enlarge them with #30 bit.
2012-12-15 Drilled every other hole on doubler and clecoed after drilling with #40 and clecoing every other hole, I removed all clecos, and removed the doublers before drilling the in between holes. I wanted to make sure that there weren't any burrs or aluminum shavings holding the doubler away from the spar. Sure enough, there was a lot of debris and rough edges. Cleaned them up, and will make 2nd run at drilling tomorrow. Then on to drilling the bottom rib to the spar.
2012-12-16 Drilled rudder horn, deburred, attached to rib Slid the horn/rib assembly into the spar/doubler assembly after drilling. Tried to figure out from drawings whether the flange is supposed to sandwich between the doubler and the spar, or if the horn/rib assembly is supposed to sit on top of the spar/doubler. Will report back.

It's your choice. The flange is either sandwiched between the doubler and the spar, or it can sit on top of the doubler in the spar/doubler assembly. Had to search about 10 builders websites for photo and description, but I finally called Roger at the factory for help on this.

This is the most fun I have had in years! Well, present company excluded. ;)
2012-12-17 Attached bottom rib, rib 2, rib 3, and 4 - Brad assist Clecoed and deburred all ribs except for top rib and rib 6 on the opposite side of spar.
2012-12-18 Installing Nose rib - first mistake Despite marking the flange on the nose rib 75r1-6, and making a nice jig by clamping the rib between two metal rulers to center it on the spar, and using a wood piece for backing, I still managed to mis-drill three of four holes.

Lesson learned? Two lessons learned!!!!

1. Use the rivet spacer accordion to sight the holes with a marker and confirm your measurements. The accordion rivet spacer is far more reliable than your hands or eyes. Now I need to order a new rib.

2. Make sure to cleco each hole after you drill! We drilled four straight holes without clecoing, which was just stupid in hindsight.
2012-12-20 Drilled, clecoed, and installed top rib and L bracket to spar Used the rivet spacer which allowed me to get a second opinion prior to drilling on the holes that I had marked. Much better results.
2012-12-21 Primed rudder skeleton and drilled finishing holes Used the #30 drill to finish all holes. Deburred and lightly sanded frame with very very fine sandpaper, and scotch pad. Primed frame with zinc chromate. Ready to rivet together.
2012-12-23 First rivets! Was pretty excited about putting the first rivets in. Fortunately, a 3 gallon compressor from Harbor Freight and their rivet gun was plenty to put in all the A4 rivets for the skeleton. Was pretty easy. Skeleton is now done and zinc chromated. The chromate was a little streaky, but it is inside the airframe, so you don't see it, and as long as everything is covered that is mating, it's ok.

NOTE: Make sure that when Zenith sends you the rivet heads, that you specify the smaller diameter heads for Harbor Freight, or the heads for the gun that most guys use. The latter gun has larger diamater threads on the rivet heads.

Getting ready to tackle the skin next.

2012-12-25 Fitting skin on skeleton Deburred skin and began fitting around skeleton with tape. Had to wait for new nose rib to show up so I went ahead and fit skin on to make sure it would fit right
2012-12-28 Deburred, painted, drilled, and riveted the new nose rib to rudder structure. Received the replacement nose rib from the factory. Used the rivet spacer accordion to verify hole distances as well as two toggle clamps and a level, to verify proper installation. It's not super easy to install this rib. Awkward piece. Good news. Perfect replacement. Ready to work on the skin :)
2012-12-29 Trimmed top rib to fix factory miscut One flange of the top rib was longer than the other, and was overlapping the spar. The rib, once attached to the L angle which is attached to the spar, should sit above the spar, not overlap it. Then the akin will sit flush with the spar and rib.
2012-12-31 Started fitting skin to skeleton. Drilled three holes My skeleton actually fits pretty well to the skin. A couple of quick tips. Drill holes with #40 bits first. #30 will drift. Also, fit the skin and then use electrical tape on top side to secure spar and skin, as the directions say. Then, lift the skin away from the spar, and use cleco side clamps to clamp the rib to the spar while you are drilling the hole. Otherwise, it is incredibly difficult to drill a hole through the skin and the rib, without bending the rib. So, clamp each rib to the spar with a cleco side clamp, one at a time, and drill a couple of #40 pilot holes. As little as two clecos on the entire side of the rudder skin, will secure it well, so that you can align all of the ribs and drill along their lengths.

Also, use an Avery marking block to insure that your lines are centered and straight on the ribs when marking alignment lines to match up with the holes in the skin.
2013-01-04 Finished drilling and clecoing all #40 pilot holes on rudder rear skin Things went pretty smoothly. Not one bad hole fortunately. Be careful when you are drilling, don't push too hard down on the rib flange. Started fitting the nose skin in, but didn't do final placement prior to clecos. Had to run.
2013-01-06 RUDDER READY FOR RIVETING!!!!!!!! Holy Moses. This is fun. So, I spent a lot of time making sure that the nose skin went on properly. Make sure you use a rivet spacer and recheck the line you draw on the skin over the nose rib! Make sure that you keep rechecking your square to insure that nose rib is at 90 degrees.

Trimming the top of the skin was a little bit of pain around the leading edge curve.

Yep, my time to do the rudder is gonna be higher than a factory workshop, but I am not in a race.

Gonna do the deburring, reassemble, and start the riveting!

2013-01-10 Disassembled rudder, deburred all holes, riveted, DONE!!!! I removed all clecos, deburred, and then added a little more corrosion protection. Then, I riveted it all back together. Had two rivet stems stay on, so I had to the task of drilling out two rivets. But, man, that was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be. The prospect initially scared me, but I created a little divet in the head with a dremel tool, and then drilled out with a #40, and they fell apart. Riveted back in a couple of seconds more.

It looks great! I am so proud of my first mechanical masterpiece!
2013-01-11 Tail kit arrives - inventory Setting up half of horizontal stabilizer at office to work on. Half at home. Can knock out a couple of hours here and there during lunches and slow times.
2013-01-16 Started the riveting on stabilizer spar To place the doubler in the spar, you need to position the spar 10 mm from the 710 mm hole. Make sure that when you place the doubler into the spar for the stabilizer, that the measurement is 10mm from the center of the hole, not the edge of the hole. Otherwise, the doubler will not be centered on the spar.

Another cheap tip, I have been using the crates that the kits come in, as inexpensive but flat worktables.
2013-01-18 Finished drilling and Clecos on spar doubler
2013-01-29 Clecoed #30 holes and placed parts on front spar Fastened L angles to front spar ends. Began measuring front brackets on center of front spar. Thankfully this version has the holes predrilled in the brackets. As these brackets are key to the centered installation of the horizontal stabilizer to the fuselage, I imagine the amount of errors from having to place these items in the proper place were mountainous. But, so far, that's why I love Zenith. They make it easy to build a plane. There are plenty of challenges for the first time builder, and having to measure crucial measurements in thousands of places has not been one of them.
2013-02-01 Horizontal stab Drilled, Clecoed, and installed all of the ribs and assembled the horizontal stabilizer skeleton. Attached the top skin.
2013-02-03 Clecoed and formed skin Drilled all holes to #30. Flipped Stabilizer over and used four straps with a 2x4x8. Make sure the board goes closer to the leading edge, rather than spar, it will give much tighter fit around ribs.
2013-02-03 Continued pilot drilling on skin Despite my best efforts, I am going to have to put some filler and shims in the leading edge of my stabilizer. There is a couple mm gap. Oh well. It's not a safety concern, but it is a little annoying. Thought I had that wrap dialed in.
2013-02-04 Pilot drilled all holes. Ready for #30 holes
2013-02-04 Continued #30 skin drilling/cut bracket with snips-filed
2013-02-07 Continued drilling #30 and restretched skin Took boards off of skin and wrapped the straps around the nose to get a tighter fit. The gap between leading edge and rib was too much for my liking. Then, had to redrill holes to size #20 as the holes did not match up after realigning skin. Fortunately, larger rivet size completely covers bad holes. No new part needed. Will match opposite end rib with a5 rivets to match asthetically.
2013-02-08 Disassembled, deburred, and applied corrosion proof paint Ready to reassemble. Always remember to number your parts prior to disassembly. One ribs holes and alignment won't fit another rib's spot without affecting overall alignment.
2013-02-13 Riveted skeleton I still need to go back and construct the center bracket and rivet the A5 rivets, but otherwise good to go. When riveting the L flange between the tip ribs and spar, make sure to rivet the flange, before you rivet the tip rib on, because you will not be able to fit the rivet gun in there if the skeleton is completed.

2013-02-27 Constructed and Riveted front and rear attach brackets Don't use homebuilt help DVD for primary reference! Make sure your drawings and photo assembly guide is the primary source of information. barely missed a big error.
2013-02-28 Finished riveting bracket/hinge assembly Started to cleco skin back to the skeleton after finishing riveting of rear bracket. Had to file back the skin a bit around the front bracket assembly as it was slightly touching the skin. Easy to file it about .25-.5mm.
2013-03-02 Reassembled stabilizer and riveted entire structure
2013-03-02 Assembled skeleton clecos and inventory
2013-03-06 Picked up Corvair engine!! Had to drive to Bay area.
2013-03-07 Engine core disassembly
2013-03-12 Continued disassembly
2013-03-16 Drilled A4 holes and installed trim servo cable
2013-03-17 Disasembly continued, cleaned Cleaned the front oil cover assembly housing. Used carb cleaner, then brush, then bottle of gunk, then brush, rinse over and over...Think I have it cleaned out inside, might blast the outside for good paint adhesion. Was trying to avoid going to blasting.

Cleaned the valve covers with carb cleaner, gunk, sandpaper, scotch pad. Primed them, and painted them gloss black 500 degree paint! :)

My first engine parts look great!
2013-03-19 Soda blasted oil housing cover
2013-03-25 replaced rear oil housing before rebuild Noticed when I was cleaning the housing, that the flange where the rear seal goes, has a hairline crack and a divot in the flange. Likely where somebody put the harmonic balancer puller bolts too far through and put too much pressure on the flange.

So, bought a new one for 15. Decided to go with a 60-61 which is a bit heavier and should hold up better. It fits on the 65 motor.

Also painted the 2nd coat on the valve covers and removed rust from the retention plates and bolts for the valve cover.

2013-03-29 Cold bath new rear oil housing and oil pump Also painted valve cover bolts and clips
2013-04-05 Continued clecoing the skin and skeleton Installed the trim tab channel before the nose skin to add more rigidity. Will add bent strips to tip ribs and add the hinge pin to each next.
2013-04-12 Primed and cured pushrod tubes
2013-04-13 Drilled oil pump bypass hole to 3/8 inch need to debur the hole. Also cured pushrod tubes to 600 degrees after 250 and 400 cycles.
2013-04-19 Rebuilding Oil pump to High Volume Pump Using Otto high volume pump and high pressure spring. Enlarged pump bypass hole to 3/8, and heated housing to 300 degrees. Then pressed in idler shaft for larger pump. Starting to size the gaskets for the pump cover.
2013-04-25 Disassembly and painting Removed all pistons, connecting rods, lifters, crank and cam. Case now in two halves. Taking it to power wash it tomorrow. Will mail off crank to be redone, and cam as core for new ot-10. Painted cylinder baffles and clips. Finished pushrod tubes with white gloss.
2013-04-28 various fitting Fitted bent angle onto ribs, installed middle spar, starting fitting front skin to structure. Realized that drill holes were off for middle ribs. May have to order two new ribs. Otherwise, skin seems to be coming along.
2013-04-30 Fitted elevator nose skin
2013-05-01 Finished clecoing nose skin
2013-05-02 Continued drilling holes with 40 drill bits
2013-05-06 Started attachment of elevator trim tab to hinge
2013-05-10 Installed trim tab and replaced bad ribs, A4 cleco Installed trim tab, trim tab hinge. Replaced 3 badly drilled ribs. Drilled one side to A4 Clecos.
2013-05-12 Nose skin trimmed and Servo Soldered trim tab servo wires. Tested indicator and rocker switch with the servo and cordless drill battery. Started fitting the servo, pushrod, and trim tab horn. Trimmed the nose skin overlap closer to the rivet.
2013-05-13 Fitting of trim tab horn, servo and wire Cut off pushrod with steel tool. Grinded on wheel. Used ties to secure servo wire. Decided to use a5 rivets on trim tab horn to correct misplacement of horn initial hole. Need to make shim for back of servo for more strength and to fix misplaced initial hole. This will act as doubler for servo on skin.
2013-05-20 Continued final fit of trim servo Cut the pushrod, clecoed the servo, continued to enlarge holes to A4 around elevator. tested with 12v battery to look at range of motion on elevator trim.

Going to: add doubler to elevator skin, and doubler under servo on skin. final fit on skin. Drill nose ribs on leading edge skin, add upper and lower horns.
2013-05-21 Clecoed upper rudder horn and internal ribs Continued opening holes to A4 throughout elevator.
2013-05-25 Rebuilt oil pump and reg spring with high volume Installed Otto high volume oil pump and high pressure reg oil spring. A little bit of a pain to set up, but got it pretty smooth. Primed it with a long screwdriver and a vice grip.
2013-05-25 Continued drilling to A4
2013-05-27 Painted oil housing, installed regulator spring installed new crank seal as well
2013-05-27 Installed lower and upper horns
2013-05-27 Disassembled fittings and fuel sender for inspection Purchased fuel tanks from another builder. Decided to verify if everything was done right. Will disassemble all parts of fuel system an rebuild with new fuel tank sealant and wiring.
2013-06-02 Discontinued Corvair Engine Found a buyer for all corvair parts and the warp drive prop and assembly
2013-06-10 Disassembled, assembled, sealed fuel tank fittings
2013-06-10 Continued fitting elevator horns and flanges
2013-06-20 Derusted, cleaned, and assembled brake discs/master cylinders Took some corrosion off of brake discs with solution. Cleaned off all sealer from threads on master cylinder and fittings, disassembled and inspected all four master cylinders. Only one needs rebuild kit.
2013-06-22 Fitted and drilled outboard hinge, finished fitting hinge brackets Center hinge bracket and side brackets fit, clecoed and assembled. Started fitting stabilizer to elevator. Need final fit for nose skin and we are ready for disassembly and deburring!
2013-06-23 Trimmed horizontal stabilizer bracket for elevator clearance Trimmed back bracket distance to provide more clearance for leading edge nose skin. Bumped two rivets with dremel tool. Drilled out and replaced rivets.
2013-06-23 Fitting custom L angles to further support outer hinge brackets Felt that outboard bracket needed more support. Using standard scrap L angle.
2013-06-25 Fitted and clecoed nose skin replacement on elevator Going to start trimming inboard skin edge to clear center hinge assembly and will bolt center hinge together.
2013-07-06 Drilled new holes in replacement elevator horn
2013-07-06 Drilled A4 holes and installed all doublers in 4 slats.
2013-07-08 Built all ribs and hardware, and built one slat Not happy with first slat, has some twist in it. But, I took it apart and most of twist came out. I think matched holes in skin are a little but off. Will be resolved when I go to larger clecos as it relieves some stress in structure.
2013-07-11 Built 2nd slat. Drilled most of holes to A4. Will disassemble now to debur.
2013-07-19 Fixed elevator horn
2013-07-19 Replaced shaft and seals on brake master cylinder
2013-07-20 Final drilling and fitting of elevator to horizontal stabilizer!!!! Done!!!!!
2013-07-20 Rudder scotchbrite, priming!!!!
2013-07-21 Final drilling 1st slat, primed and first coat horizontal stab and rudder
2013-07-27 Priming deburring and final construction of slat - need to rivet
2013-07-29 Started riveting first slat
2013-07-31 Finished first slat and drilled 2nd to A4
2013-08-05 15 hour two day session! Took apart elevator, deburred, and applied corrosion proofing zinc chromate. reassembled, and added some discretionary stiffening angles and doublers in a couple of places. now ready to rivet and the prime and paint.
2013-08-08 Started final riveting of elevator, fabricated doublers/longerons Learned how to use safety wire pliers for the piano hinge for trim tab. Installed 2 doublers, one on a rib, and one to reduce oil canning of skin on top of elevator. Impressed that I can make discretionary decisions on the issue of adding safety components for my piece of mind. Started final riveting.
2013-08-13 Elevator done!!!!!!!
2013-08-14 Finished with tail!!!
2013-08-16 2nd slat final riveting and painting
2013-08-16 Unpacked all parts and assembled ribs to spar
2013-08-25 Drilled and shaped L angles to nose ribs of left wing Installed slat attach brackets between l angle and nose rib
2013-08-27 Fitted nose ribs to spar, and fitted root rib
2013-08-27 Fitted rear channel, doubler, and root ribs Plus associated parts. Going well!
2013-09-01 Installed fuel senders
2013-09-01 Installed fuel senders
2013-09-01 Fitted bottom skins, trailing skins, l angles
2013-09-04 Started drilling bottom skins to A4 clecos
2013-09-04 Continued drilling of bottom skin, fitted trailing edge
2013-09-10 Contined drilling wing skeleton and skins
2013-09-14 Drilling wing skeleton to #20 with long drill bit
2013-09-15 Deburred skeleton, corrosion proof, started A5 rivets
2013-09-19 Bottom wing skins ready to rivet to skeleton
2013-09-19 Bottom riveted. Ready to flip over
2013-09-21 Built 2nd wing skeleton
2013-09-21 Assembled Flaperon skeletons for both wings
2013-09-28 Installed fuel tank channel, drilled final on trailing edge and skin
2013-09-28 Drilled, fitted, deburred, painted flaperons
2013-09-29 Final details to fuel tank, final wing finishing
2013-10-08 Drilled A4 longerons on top wing skin
2013-10-09 Soldered wires for right wing lights
2013-10-09 Drilled and fitted axle to caliper mount
2013-10-12 Fitted leading edges and internal doubler for top/bottom skin Drilled to final size, primed, and deburred. Ready for riveting!
2013-10-13 Finalization of wings Installed root skins, installed tie mounts for lights, installed skins and leading edges and now ready for riveting. Fitted outside edge fairing-ready for riveting.
2013-10-15 Fitted fiberglass wing tip, fitted skin patch over hole Was not happy with fit of skin between tip and first rib. Trimmed skin and then overlaid patch.
2013-10-19 Mil spec heavy duty toggle flap switch installed and fuel line secured against vibration
2013-10-23 Final riveting and finishing Drilled final size on root skins. Installed fuel filler trim plate, finalized light wires and fuel hose. Riveted entire skin except for fiberglass tips and root skins.
2013-10-26 Final riveting of skins and fiberglass tips
2013-10-26 Assembly, drill, deburred, painted, riveted skeleton of flaperons
2013-10-28 Start of second wing Drilled, deburred, assembled, primed all ribs and slat supports. Drilled entire skeleton to final size, deburred, and primed. Will rivet select items and then move on to skin
2013-11-05 Final riveting of left wing Skeleton
2013-11-07 Started drilling lower wing skins and doubler
2013-11-10 Final drilling, fitting of right wing and parts for bottom skin
2013-11-10 Deburring, corrosion proofing, riveting bottom wing skin
2013-11-14 Final wiring and placement of cork
2013-11-14 Drilled flaperon arm supports and mounted to ribs and skin
2013-11-20 Installed new bolts and brake pads, fitted assembly to wheel Started fitting caliper and axle assembly to wheel. Think I need a thinner washer so that inner brake pad will clear the rotor. Currently the spacer is too long, and is pushing the inner brake pad into the rotor. Only need a 1/16 to 1/8 of inch it seems. Will use grinding wheel to take some length off of it.
2013-11-24 Picked up o-200!!!! Clean, painting, ordering parts Cleaned and painted intakes and intake tubes. Replaced brackett air filter and carb intake box with new box. Painted oil sump. Painted dipstick and removed corrosion. Ordered all new gaskets, spark plugs, etc
2013-12-01 Fit left wing trailing edge and fuel tank
2013-12-01 Final drilling of left wing, fitting leading edge
2013-12-09 Fit wingtip
2013-12-09 Repainted engine, replaced all gaskets Cleaned carb, replaced air box, replaced brackett air filter and gasket
Replaced all gaskets throughout engine
Removed #1 and #4 cylinders for overhaul or replacement
#4 cylinder has stuck valve
#1 cylinder has broken ring, bad piston, and eroded exhaust port

Stripped and painted
Replaced countless bolts, washers, and lock washers with FAA-PMA parts
Replaced intake and exhaust gaskets
Replaced intake hose seals
Repainted intake spider and tubes
Installed F and M oil filter adaptor and removed oil screen and bulb.
Installed new oil temp bulb and oil temp gauge assembly
2013-12-12 Soldered lights, ran wire, deburred and painted skin and skeleton All I have to do, is debur top center skin and prime, install pitot tube, and rivet it all up!
2013-12-12 Installed pitot tube and lines, skin doublers, deburred, etc A long day of little stuff.
2013-12-13 Tested controller and led strobes/Nav. Works!!!!
2013-12-22 Final drilling of right wing two ailerons Ready to corrosion proof, debur, and rivet
2013-12-22 Installed vaccuum pump and gasket with Used permatex aviation sealant on all gaskets on engine
2013-12-29 Left wing done!!!!
2014-01-01 Firewall half done Went really well. Once again. Match drilling by factory has made it very, very easy for the newer builder. Although 350 hours in, I don't think I qualify as new builder anymore. A couple more hours over the next two days, and I will be done.
2014-01-02 Assembled most of baggage area. Will final drill in the next week Ahhhhhhhh. Match drilling.
2014-01-03 Firewall done! Forward cabin assembled. Seats done Firewall ready to be deburred and painted. Forward cabin assembled with silver clecos. Seats done except for painting and deburring.
2014-01-03 Forward fuselage pic
2014-01-04 Bottom fuselage all done. Need to debur and corrosion proof Everything drilled out and fitted. Used cardboard over plywood to get a surface that was flat, but would allow clecos to poke through. Looks great!
2014-01-05 Debur, paint, rivet firewall! Still need to find flat head riveter for A5 around bungee pin to complete.
2014-01-05 Debur and corrosion proof bottom rear fuselage
2014-01-09 Final rivet of lower fuselage and firewall
2014-01-09 Initial fitting of rudder pedal assembly
2014-01-09 Fitted rudder pedal shaft guides Trimmed off part of the front of the aluminum guide so that the shaft would be parralel with the pedal bearing channel. It was a little too long
2014-01-09 Formed toe brakes and piano hinge attachment to rudder pedal Broke 4 drill bits on steel piano hinge, but we got it :) got a nice curve on hinge around pedal shaft
2014-01-13 Drill, debur, paint of 1st side panel. Ready to rivet
2014-01-14 Completed riveting of first side fuselage
2014-01-16 1st drilling of 2nd side. Ready to debur and paint
2014-01-18 Top final rivet. Placed sides on bottom. Started fitting side and top channels We have a fuselage!!!!
2014-01-19 Rear fuselage all assembled and ready for final drilling!!!!! Well, except for controls.....
2014-01-20 Monumental!!! Baggage area all final drilled!!! Rear fuselage is done. Just need to drill along longerons. Baggage and front frame is all final drilled. Going to keep it together while assembling controls. Rear parts associated with rudder, all deburred and painted
2014-01-20 Started fitting flaperon controls
2014-01-22 Fit top skin and it fits perfectly! That's the final piece of the fuselage! Fits square! Everything looks beautiful!
2014-01-22 Drilling of longerons. just need final drilling
2014-01-24 Drill longerons to final size along rear and fit cabin side to rear
2014-01-27 Battling week long cold but fit Hor. Stab brackets Rear fuselage is almost done. :))))
2014-01-31 Fit flaperon control bar, drilled final HT attachment brackets Installed L angles on baggage area, installed HT brackets for hor stab, installed rear fuselage angles on rear cone, installed flaperon control tube and brackets on inside of fuselage skins. Almost ready to debur remaining rear fuselage and finish with rear. Can start working on cockpit soon. Just need to drill that to final. Already together with silver clecos.
2014-01-31 Final drilling and fitting of flaperons/deburring and painting These things are so tedious. I can't wait to be done with these. I had to bite the bullet and finish them this weekend, instead of working on fuselage. :(
2014-02-01 Final drilling top channel, side channels, all skins!!
2014-02-01 Final drilling, painting, deburring, riveting of 2 flaperons
2014-02-01 All rear fuselage deburred and primed! Ready for rivets!!!!
2014-02-02 Deburring, painting, riveting of rear fuselage! Almost done!
2014-02-04 Fitted A6 rivets and An3-5 bolts on corners of top channel and side channels
2014-02-06 2 flaperons final riveted!!!
2014-02-08 Top fuselage fitted and ready to rivet all rear fuselage!
2014-02-09 Installed new pushrod housing gaskets and prepared cylinders for installation Received the freshly overhauled cylinders. $1500 :( But, wow are they beautiful. got them ready to put on engine. All new gaskets, matched weight pistons, new rings, new pins.

Installed pushrod housings as per manufacturers torque with permatex aicraft gasket maker and superior gaskets. Torqued bolts to 110 in lbs for oiled stud spec
2014-02-11 installed two cylinders with a and p oversight That went pretty well! 4 all new pistons and pins. All balanced and weighed. Learned how to break the hydraulic lock if the lifters won't depress when the pushrods are depressed while installing rocker arms. I love learning this stuff!!
2014-02-12 Final riveting rear fuselage except for baggage area!!!! Leaving baggage area unriveted to access controls better during installation.
2014-02-12 Final drilling of forward cabin area!! Just need to add a couple of l angles, lower longerons, and begin work on cabin frame top and firewall fitting next
2014-02-16 Final drilling of forward cabin. Finished Rudder pedals/brakes
2014-02-17 Fitted floor longerons to cabin floor final drilling
2014-02-17 Fitted and trimmed start of flaperons and elevator controls
2014-02-18 Last overhauled cylinder, new piston, rings, and new piston pin installed! Engine is ready :). Just need to install spark plugs, harness, time the mags, and fill it with oil, in the reverse order :) going to put mineral oil in it in the next 1-2 days and circulate with prop on every 2 days or so.
2014-02-22 Primed all controls except for rudder
2014-02-23 Final enamel coat applied on all controls except rudder
2014-02-24 Drilled flaperon actuator plate and flaperon bell crank and bushings If any of you are having trouble drilling steel, make sure you are using cutting oil! Makes it easy as butter!
2014-02-24 Cylinders on, spark plugs in, mount fitted, oil in Engine is ready to run except for spark plug gaps and mag timing. Just to need to attach to firewall, and attach muffler and accessories. :)
2014-02-26 Deburred baggage area. Will prime and final paint over next two days
2014-03-01 Assembled 3rd slat and readied 3rd aileron for debur and paint
2014-03-02 Holy cow! So much done! Flaperon and elevator controls done. Cabin sides for and drilled to final. Gear channel fit and drilled to final. Seats done. Flaperon motor tested. Started deburring front fuselage. Baggage area complete and painted. Will wait to rivet until all controls are done.
2014-03-02 Deburred and painted front fuselage-cabin
2014-03-10 Final joining of fuselage. Riveted cabin bottom, all interior of cabin is painted with final.
2014-03-14 Drilled and clecoed firewall to front fuselage
2014-03-15 Miscellaneous engine Torqued spark plugs and crush washers with anti seize. Installed all new pushrod housing seals and clips. Torqued all cylinders studs in a cross pattern to 490-510 in lbs.
2014-03-15 Installed motor mounts. Drilled to final. Got a great fit on lower and upper interior engine mounts. Started to trim firewall L angles to mount full engine mount on exterior side!! Cabin fuselage, landing gear, and doors/windows is all that is left other than attaching all wings and control surfaces.
2014-03-16 Massive amount of stuff done Final Drilling and fitting of cabin frame
Final drilling of bottom of firewall
Began fitting of nose gear and bottom fitting
Final drilling of instrument panel
Final drilling of glareshield
2014-03-16 Final fitting for landing gear mounts and interior L angle
2014-03-23 Drilled glareshield L angles, and firewall flanges Used hole finder. Very easy to do.
2014-03-25 Fit door sill and motor mount top drill holes
2014-03-25 Riveted lower door sill, drilled final firewall, drilled engine mount to cabin Riveted floor stiffener as well
2014-03-30 So much stuff. Finished front landing gear
Deburred firewall
Deburred glareshield and L angles
Deburred and painted cabin frame
Drilled and fitted gear channel doubler
Painted main gear fitting
Riveted cabin frame to rear fuselage
Riveted cabin floor
Primed glareshield
2014-04-04 Attached rudder pedals to front landing gear Also primed interior motor mounts
2014-04-06 Main gear drilled and fitted. Various other cabin finishing items
2014-04-12 Drilling of motor mount to firewall. Miscellaneous riveting Riveted all of rudder assembly. Final riveting cabin floor. Riveting and drilling around seat assembly. Getting ready for putting main gear on. 10 more rivets and main gear gets bolted on. Front wheel safety wired. Front gear bottom bushing bolts safety wired. Gear channel doubler and interior motor
Mount bolts torqued to final spec.
2014-04-13 Finalized main gear, finalized firewall, finalized engine mount Finalized rudder pedals, just need to attach brake toe pedals. Need to attach engine and wheels to landing gear, then on gear!!!!
2014-04-20 Installed sky tech starter to replace pull starter
2014-04-20 Fit front L angles on cabin side
2014-04-26 Alternator fit and engine mounted! Removed gears from generator and installed on alternator. Installed engine on mount. Laid out panel design.
2014-04-27 Plumbed the brakes, filled with fluid
2014-04-27 Started fitting panel and throttle/mixture
2014-04-30 Wanted to verify that I had the right pressure.
2014-05-02 Finalized brakes and built reservoir retainer
2014-05-02 Mounted intake spider and carb with lock o seal washers Followed manuals instructions for lock o seal washers and finger tight castle nuts
2014-05-04 Installed engine intake tubes, gaskets, and rubber seals/clamps
2014-05-07 Prop blades set and bolts torqued. Safety wire drilled prop bolts
2014-05-11 Muffler installed, airbox installed, various riveting, carpet installed and wing walk material on pedals and brakes
2014-05-11 Installed new tach drive housing and new seal. Timed mags for first time!!!!! Followed procedure with flower pot, mag synchronizer and piston pin to find TDC. O-200 is at 24 degrees BTDC
2014-05-12 Com antenna, baggage area soundproofing, Installed soundproofing on the back of baggage compartment. Installed com antenna and coax cable. Finished elevator and aileron controls. Just need cables!!
2014-05-14 Mag timing and harness hooked up!!!! Engine is ready to run!!!!. A and P confirmed my timing and confirmed harness locations
2014-05-21 Installed CHT probes. Cut and fit baffling. Fit throttle, mixture, carb heat Using scrap aluminum from build for baffling. Installed spark plug cht probes with 4 switch
Started routing the mixture control, throttle control, and carb heat and placing mounting hardware.
2014-05-27 Fit the torque tube bearing and front torque tube
2014-05-27 Installed oil pressure sender
2014-05-27 Installed pitot static matco fittings on instruments
2014-05-27 Installed Starter Solenoid
2014-06-01 Installed gauges in panel, did extensive wiring
2014-06-03 Wiring - starter solenoid, master solenoid, battery, starter, alternator
2014-06-08 Wiring of all grounds, lights, power sources A long day of wiring. But I feel good about the results. Used ratcheting crimp tool. Made it easy. Mostly spade and amp connectors. With 20-14 awg wire
2014-06-13 Wiring all complete except for four wires to fuses!!!! Everything looks fantastic!!!! Going to add a dimmer to my led strip to make it a little quieter on panel. Otherwise, working like a charm!!!
2014-06-17 Tested Starter! It works! Riveted panel, started fitting throttle and mixture. Installed primer.
2014-06-21 Installed fuel line, preoiled with pump for start, misc Drilled and fitted front torque tube bearing assembly. Cut and fit baffling. Preoiled engine with pump attached to oil temp fitting for pressure. Engine is ready for start. Going to buy a fire extinguisher tomorrow morning and hook up CHT gauge
2014-06-22 Baffling work, routing of cables, little electrical panel details
2014-06-23 Started wiring Ray Allen grip and soldering
2014-06-26 Preoiled engine with borrowed pressure pot
2014-06-26 Added 50 amp circuit breaker for alternator to bus
2014-06-26 Completed Ray Allen Grip Will have elevator trim, flap activation, and indicators for trim and flaps on panel. Ptt wired as well.
2014-06-27 Assembled door sill and skylight, assembled diodes for starter and master relay, added another ground bus, wired oil temp gauge and sender,
2014-07-01 Replaced oil pressure relief spring and copper gasket, and used crocus cloth to clean off carbon from plunger Want to make sure that the valve doesn't stick and maintains oil pressure.
2014-07-04 Attached throttle cable, replaced oil temp housing gasket, safety wired a ton of stuff
2014-07-05 First engine start!!!
2014-07-06 Pictures of safety wiring for adel clamps and cable
2014-07-09 New seats! Sat them in cockpit to insure fit
2014-07-09 Drilled side windows to final
2014-07-09 Painted tips
2014-07-16 Completed front torque bearing assembly for control stick Don't like it though. Called Zenith. Turns out a part was the wrong size. They are sending all new parts for entire doubler assembly. Pain to rebuild, but glad I will have right part. Made assembly a lot harder with wrong part. Will take two hours to rebuild once new parts show up.
2014-08-12 So many little things Installed air box bracket,
drilled, painted, riveted remainder of inside L angles to cockpit
2014-08-13 Replaced from bearing assembly Wasn't happy with construction, and wanted to replace the rivets with AN3 bolts as the plans have changed since purchase
2014-08-16 Front bearing, air oil separator, grip molex connectors wiring, front side l angles Front bearing ready to debur and paint, Side l angles done, fuel hose planning, parking brake planning, air oil separator installed with hoses,
2014-08-18 Molex connectors for grip, connectors, Flap and elevator trim done!
2014-08-22 Front bearing final assembly, fit seat belts, final panel wiring Wired CHT gauge with switch and carb heat gauge final. Used molex, bullet connectors, and terminal connectors as needed. Ready to seal up panel an glareshield after I confirm wiring on grip works as this connects to led indicators in panel. Next is windshield, doors, and overhead glass, then final assembly fuel line, and rudder fitting.
2014-08-24 Removed exhaust for straight stacks, riveted final uprights on side columns,
2014-08-30 Many things Started rerouting cht probes with adel clamps on pushrod housing. Started rerouting lower ignition wires out by rocker covers with adel clamps. Wired fuel pump to panel switch. Wired nav/strobe lights to power panel. Drilled all control arm bolts for castle nuts vs friction nuts
2014-08-31 Built braided fuel hose with an6 fittings for cockpit. Ran first line from bulkhead fitting to fuel pressure fitting.
2014-09-10 Replaced Carlisle 8.00-6 with certified Michelin Aviators! Bought carpenter beam clamps to clamp the sidewalls while bringing halves together.
2014-09-11 Assembled cockpit fuel hose and wired indicators Panel is ready to seal up!
2014-09-21 Finished glareshield, finished top door sills, started trimming cowling
2014-09-28 Installed center console, installed gascolator and fuel line, started to replace w started to replace 2nd carlisle tire with Michelin aviator
2014-10-06 After a week of struggling, other main tire is on!! And drilled top window for placement!
2014-10-19 Windshield trimming and fitting. Starting to look amazing!
2014-10-22 Started fitting cowling Trimmed baffling and rear cowling edge
2014-10-29 Trimming and fitting, trimming and fitting, trimming and fitting
2014-11-01 Cowling, windshield, top window Cowling fit almost perfect! Waiting for Camlocs to secure it! Windshield almost perfect! Using #8 sheet metal screws to hold it, with a larger hole in windshield to prevent cracking when it expands. Top window and strip will be riveted with soft aluminum rivets. Going so well!
2014-12-15 Renaming slats and flaperons completed