Why Building Makes Sense To Me
One question that is often asked is why would you spend years and years building an airplane when you could just go out and buy one?

There are many good reasons for building your own aircraft. The strongest factors for me are: reduced cost of ownership and the ability to pay as you build. I feel that the homebuilding movement is finally providing a way for the common man to experience the thrills of recreational flight. Prior to all of the product liability issues stemming from senseless litigation in general aviation a good production airplane was relatively more affordable. Thanks in part to the folks who decide to sue the aircraft manufacturer when it crashes much of the cost of defending these suits is passed on to the aircraft purchaser.

The kit companies out there are not burdened with the same issues. Since the builder is the one who puts the thing together (and often the one who flies it). There's really no one left to blame but he or she when something goes wrong.

Awesome Web Log System!
I have created this on line project log with a free product called ExperCraft Simple Log. This system allows me to have a great looking web site without spending too much time on it. Hey - I'd rather be building my airplane than typing up a bunch of html pages for people to look at!

Anyway it is very easy to use and the website looks pretty nice (I can change the way it looks with a series of settings). If you like my site and you are building an experimental aircraft (or restoring one or finishing one up or whatever) check them out!


The only things missing from this photo are the blood, sweat, tears and time it takes to build it!

What Am I Doing???
It's a question that I have often asked myself. The simple answer is I suppose, building an airplane!

I have always been an "airplane guy" and have held the belief that one day I would own my own aircraft. Since I am not getting any younger it's time to begin to do something about it.

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