Little Old Me
Hello my name is Rick Clendaniel a long time aviation enthusiast and 1 time plane builder. My father Bruce and I built the pictured Fisher FP-303 from basically tooth picks and fabric. It was a fun 6 year project, and I can remember it like it was yesterday. I had an interest in building an all metal plane, and the CX-4 was the perfect choice. So I put some thoughts together and decided to do it.

On the left is my father Bruce. This is a plane that he and I worked on for several years. It is a Fisher FP-303, with a 45 horse "Hirth" 2 stoke. I have always enjoyed the build and hope to have several more after this project.


Shop Completion & Move In
Her are a few pics. of the new workshop as it is finished and all stocked with the essential tools minus a few of the special ones needed to be ordered at a later time.


Work getting done
This stage of the project I have built the elevator, horizontal stabalizer, rudder and the vertical stabalizer.


On The Gear Finally
This is a day that I have been working hard to reach. I decided that getting the bird off the table would give me a better vantage point to get a lot more done inside the cabin area. This way I do not have to worry about leaning over the sides on a ladder to reach what I need to get at. Working at a moderate pace on the project now and plan on hanging the engine in about a week or two.

Final Leg Folks
Well for all who have visited this site, I hope that it has been of some help or at least a little encouragement to those who are building this type of plane or wish to build some day. I have had these plans and the dream to build this plane since my father Bruce, who I might add has been my inspiration for this build, ever since we went to Airventure back in 2004. The photo of the orange and white "Fisher FP-303" is the first project that we started together years ago, and due to reasons beyond my control, he had to complete it with out me.

I have wanted to construct an all metal plane for many years, but was a little reluctant to do so. This was due to not having the working knowledge of metal fabrication and the tools to do so. Metal construction is really pretty simple to understsnd. You still need to measure twice or even sometimes three times before making the cut, and even then it does not work. It happens to be the same in wood as well.

It has taken me about 3 years to get to this stage of the build, with several breaks in between. The breaks were to collect my thoughts or move the project to another location. A good portion of my build is documented with an accompanied expercraft site at A buddy of mine wanted to build this plane as well, and we started to build both identical projects in his 2 car garage. After time the shop got to be too crowded for both projects and the ability to work on them when our schedules would cooperative was getting more and more difficult. I constructed a shop at the rear of my property to house the plane and started the next chapter of my build.

It has been about 8 solid months and I have completed approximately 65% of the now 90% completed project in the new shop. I am happy with the state thus far and have had several positive comments on its progression from a couple of FAA reps that have seen it. The last 3 somewhat big ticket items needed to complete the plane will be forth coming in the next 2 to 3 months. The cowling installation is being done now, the final layup of the instrument panel is in the works as I type, and preparations for paint will be started in the next few weeks.

So stick around folks, things are going to start to move at the speed of flight. I hope to have the project completed by years end. Thanks for the visit.


I had a special guest come over several months ago from Virginia, he brought his wife and they stayed for a few hours looking over the plane and asking several questions. They were kind enought to sent me a picture standing next to my project. I really enjoyed the visit and hope to see them again soon.


Paint Design
In the past few months I have been trying to decide weather I was going to paint the plane with my first difficult but doable design. I decided on a more traditional and elegant paint scheme. This is a definate. The paint chip colors are easy to match, and just straight simple lines.


New Home Base Runway
This will be my new home for the plane in a very few short months. The painting is just about completed minus the external decals that need to be painted on. The Runway in this pic is at the west end looking down its 3200 length.

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