Log Entries

Project Location: AR US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2008-10-13 Rudder Workshop Back dated this. It was fun to be the first 650 rudder though the workshop. Found the ZAC staff helpful as ever. They made notes as we went that I think resulted in a couple of notes added to the constuction manual.
2009-01-03 Front Spar Average about 2 to 3 hrs a weekend when honeydews don't get in the way. Cut the spacing jig for the attach points from the top of the crate. Hey wood is wood.
2009-01-23 Rear Spar About 3 Saturdays worth of work here. If I were to do it over I would have used my Drumel tool to rough out the rear attachment.
2009-02-08 Ribs Could be going faster, but El Cheepo is useing C clanps I already have. Time I got, money.....
2009-02-15 Rear Spar to Ribs Talked my wife into helping make sure nothing moved when drilling this up. Only cost me 2 trips to the movies.
2009-02-21 Ready to Deburr Today I made the L brackets for the end ribs. Opened all the holes to rivet size. I'll have my Tech Advisor take a look then deburr and prime.
2009-02-28 deburred Deburred Stabilizer skeliton. Day cut short by snow and slick roads. Had to get home while I still could. Prep for primer and maybe shoot some next week.
2009-03-07 parts primed buffed with 3m pads. Used Duplicalor self eching primer.
2009-03-14 Skeleton Rivited Reassembled and rivited stabilizer skeleton.
2009-03-21 jiged up ready to skin Level this, sqare that, draw rivit lines, block it up so it won't move. Details, details. All needed to make it right.
2009-04-04 drilling skin drilled and clecoed skin to rear spar.
2009-04-19 time to turn finished dilling deburring and riveting bottom side of horizontal stabilizer
2009-06-28 top skin Top skin drilled and clecoed. Got a little help from fellow Zodiac builder to strap things down and line things up. Thanks Dave.
2009-07-26 top skin Finished drilling top skin and drilled and trimed end ribs. On to drilling elevator hinge next.
2009-08-01 hinge Spent the afternoon marking out the hinge rivit line and spacing. The 40 pitch called for in the plans doesn't match up with the photo guide at the end of the hinge. Changed the rivit spacing (closer) in that area.
2009-08-08 hinge drilled and clecoed After checking with other local builders I stayed with the layout I had. They agreed it was more important to have a rivit in the proper distance to the end of the hinge.
2009-08-15 ready to close All deburred and end ribs primed. Check to see if Tech Councilor wants a peak first. Then rivit it down.
2009-08-30 Closed Top Skin Closed top skin and attached end ribs.
2009-10-17 Added tip ribs and tips drilled and riveted stab tip ribs. clecoed tip in place
2009-10-25 center ribs drilled and clecoed center ribs.
2009-11-22 positioned ribs positioned ribs. drilled and clecoed front of ribs.
2009-11-28 skin Drilled and clecoed elevator skin top and bottom
2009-11-28 skin Drilled and clecoed elevator skin top and bottom
2010-01-01 hinge drilled and clecoed hinge
2010-01-18 hole for horn doubler cut hole top and bottom for horn doubler. cut bottom in wrong side of c/l. will repair with L angle under skin.
2010-02-27 horns aligned fitted and drilled elevator horns.
2010-03-28 finished horn Finished drill horn doublers and reinforcement.
2010-04-20 trim tab channel layout trim tab channel drilled and clecoed bottom flange to skin.
2010-05-01 drilled tab hinge Drilled trim tab and hinge per construction manual.
2010-05-23 Formed front HT frame The scratch build begins. Formed front HT bulkhead from sheet. Tried flanging dies made from hard wood.
2010-06-13 L angles worked making L angles need 25 4 footers for the fuselage. cutting sheet with laminate scoring knife
2010-06-19 trim servo marked out and drilled servo position. drilled horn to tab
2010-06-20 primed and riveted Primed and riveted the elevator except for hinges the need to be safety wired.
2010-07-31 Mated stab & elevator finished mating elevator will install trim motor just before mounting to fuselage.
2010-08-18 layout lower skin laid out cut and drilled lower fuselage skin.
2010-09-16 drilled longeron splice matched and drilled front and rear longerons at doubler.
2010-10-10 finished lay out of cross members placed and drilled all fuselage cross members
2010-10-24 lower rudder hinge laid out, cut, formed and drilled lower rudder hinge.
2011-01-29 anti-corrosion de bur and corrosion protect
2011-02-19 rivit fuselage skin pulled all rivits on lower fuselage skin
2011-02-19 access door cut blank and formed fuselage access door
2011-02-21 installed access door hinge debur applied anti-corrosoin to access door hinge and installed door.
2011-04-03 rear side skins Laid out rear side skins, L angle positions and rivit spacing. cut out and debured edges.
2011-05-01 drilled right side rear skin Drilled right side skin. Drilled and celcoed L angles.
2011-05-07 minor setback after drilling fond I had placed front HT bracket rivet line 16mm to far fwd.
2011-05-07 positioned side skin drilled "L" angles and clamped right rear skin in position.
2011-10-27 fit up left side skin finished making and drilling L angles. positioned and drilled left side skin to HT frames