My current Paint scheme

Bobs Sonex #243 Plans Built - N243SX
Why the Sonex ?

Some of my criteria:
1. All metal construction, low wing design, Tricycle Gear (my personal preference)
2. Affordable to build, own and operate (Sport plane)
3. Support from Local builders and factory. There are several builders in the San Diego area. I'm the 3rd one in our EAA Chapter to build one.
4. Good performance and reasonable payload (~400 lbs) I hope to get the published numbers of 150~170 MPH

Photo's of my Building Progress and how I got started
After spending several months reviewing material packs and plans I read the article in Sport Aviation. That put the Sonex on the list of Planes to "Check-out". Purchased Info Pack and video, visited (2) local builders to check out their planes and ask questions. I bought some plans and materials from another builder then got to work. I didn't even have a workbench until August.

My Sonex Configuration:
* Jabiru 3300A (New Change-Aug 2017)
* Tri Gear
* Dual Controls - with Center Brake Handle (like Sport model)
* MGL Xtreme EFIS w/RDAC (Flight Instruments & Engine Monitoring)
* FlyQ efb w/ Syn Vision / Moving Map on iPad Mini
* Prince Propeller (Upgrade w/Jab 3300)
* FSG-90 Comm Radio
* Collins TDR-950 Transponder with Amer King Blind encoder
* UMA 2-1/4" Airspeed Indicator (MPH & KTS)
* Todd's Canopy
* Grimes Position / LED Strobe (Upgrade)
* LED Landing Light
* RAMI AV-17 Com Antenna (Belly Mount)
* uAvionx- echoUAT ADS-B In/Out
* uAvionx SkyFYX /WAAS GPS Receiver/Antenna

Future Add-On's
* TruTrak ECO Auto Pilot- if they release it

Hours invested:(Oct 2018)2,031 hrs (Est ~2,200 to complete)
(Remember Scratch built from Plans - Except welded parts)

- Currently working on wiring Panel / Engine / canopy
- Installing the Jab 3300. Working on Intake/ AeroInjector
wiring MGL RDAC engine instrumentation

Next is the Cowling

Bob Wilson
EAA Chapter 286
- Several Videos and Photos of Sonex on our Chapter website

Sonex Inc. Home page:

Sonex Builders Blog - good info to check out

Sonex Articles may be found in the Following:

Other Aircraft I looked at building:
RV-9A - More expensive and involved than I was ready to commit to
Zodiac - Didn't like the wing design and performance
Lafayette - Nice design but pricey
Pulsar - Decided to build metal plane
Vision - Low number of kits & Decided to build metal plane

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