Early Sonex Prototype
Most recent photo, taken at La Grange, TX.
Another pic of me taxiing around. You may not be able to tell, but there is a big grin in there

Welcome to the Home of N157SX

After a trip to Airventure in 2004, I saw a Sonex for the first time. I looked at many aircraft while I was there, and I concluded that the Sonex is the one for me. I tracked down a nearby builder (Mike Singleton) who was near the wing attachment stage when I met him. I started making trips to his project and helping him with it. He also took me for a few flights in Larry Perryman's Sonex, which really got my blood pumping! While shopping around on Barnstormers, I found a set of plans for sale, and bought them.

I started building in January, 2005. I did not document the project well, just kept an Excel Spreadsheet of the parts made and the progress. Some of the pictures are bad, taken with my camera phone. Please forgive these.

She flew March 29th, 2009. No surprises, minor problems to rectify, which I did. I have 220 hours as of 10/9/10, which should tell you I am having a lot of fun. Keep building, it is a great feeling!

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600 hours later...
I have not updated this page since 2010. Sorry about that. Been too busy flying! I have flown to 38 of the 50 States and 4 Canadian provinces. Yep, I flew "Sexy Hexy" to Alaska. I currently hold the record for flying the Farthest North (Fort Yukon) in a plans built Sonex! Or any Sonex, for that matter. I managed to get Sexy Hexy on the front page of "Kitplanes" magazine for doing this too.

I can't tell you how much fun I have had in this little winged hot rod! If you have any doubts about the Sonex, consider them dismissed! Gotta go fly some more!

If you found that you posted a question that went unanswered, I changed email addresses and never updated this website, so I never received notification. Try again!

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