Log Entries

Project Location: IA US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2013-02-19 Underconstrution
2013-02-19 rudder 90% complete The rudder is 90% complete we have to do the rudder horn.And it needs to be riveted place.

Its now 2013 and the drive horn and Other Misc Parts have been added to the rudder.
We are now adding the Hinge to the Vertical and Rudder.
Hopefully we can get this completed Somewhere in March this year as we have holidays.

Challenges faced were finding where and how to Seperate the Hinge. It was measured for 1 length on the plans (or so it seemed)
But we got a good friend Ken to help us out and see where we needed to Seperate the 1 hinge into 2 hinges (for dis assembly of the vertical)
2013-02-19 fuselage and empange-Due to be started fuselage and empange-Due to be started but longeron have been cut to length
2013-02-19 Horizontal Stabilizer Information At this point in time, the horizontal was at one point about 50% completed, but we found Major problems with the Ribs, they were way out of line, and the entire horizontal section was about 3/4" too big (width)

So Trent right now is rebuilding the incorrect ribs, and a very good Jig has also been designed (photos to come!)

2013-03-26 Vertical Assembly Tim decided to work on the Vertical Assembly,
He started with looking at the plans and then started building about 10 minutes later.

It currently is 90% complete, all that needs to be done is the Hinge (likewise with the rudder) so then it can be fully completed.
Pictures yet to go up :)
2013-03-26 Flaps-Completed Flaps have been completed so they can be added to the wings Once the wings are Completed (along with all the other control surfaces)
2013-03-26 Aft Fuselage We are currently starting to read the Plans and get a basic overview of what needs to be done,
We are also collecting material for the Fuselage
2013-03-26 Ailerons-Completed Another control surface Complete. With counterweight and every other Component that needs to be part of it completed!