This is the runway where I'll do my first takeoff. Looks pretty good, doesn't it?
Here's how the plane looks in my garage as of the first of August. The windshield, doors, and skylight are done, but I'm leaving them off for the time to keep from scratching them.
This will be my airplane's new home in a few weeks. You can see Terri and Jake checking it out.

Almost done (I hope)
I'm coming into the home stretch, I think. I've about got the wing mounting and struts done. Next I need to finish building and mounting the flaperons. When that's done, I'll move the airplane out to its hangar for final assembly. I rented a hangar at a great little airport nearby, and I already can't wait to be there.

To see the recent progress from here on out, go to "assembly". Some of the items probably should go under other headings, but I'm counting all I'm doing from here on out as final assembly.

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