N127PZ Sonerai


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Welcome to my Homepage for Sonerai N127ZZ "Christine" and my log of construction for filling the FAA builders requirement. This project is my passion and fulfillment of love of flying. Always the right seater with my brother, the only plane owner in the family, I have been grounded since he has Gone West. The Sonerai is a fantastic value for the time and money invested, and there are a number of projects unfinished available. Many seem to enjoy the welding process and then lose interest, which is how I acquired my project. Thank you for visiting my site. It is under construction as I fill in the timeline from my photo history of the last 4 years. Please sign the Guestbook and feel free to look around.

Good Bye N127PZ
Today is the sad day I say good bye to my Sonerai project. Christine and I are moving to the Chesapeake Bay and despite my desire to finish N127PZ "Christine" I am unable to do so, and the salt water will destroy her.

A local EAA member, Konrad, has found a Charitable Foundation in Albuquerque that will take her. A branch of the Confederate Air force. I hope this Sonerai will bring enjoyment and learning to all those who work with her, as she did for me. Blue Skies.

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