Wing Span- 29 ft. 10.5 in.
Wing Area- 122.46 sq. ft.
Wing Chord- 42 in.
Wing Chord Including Flaperons- 51 in.
Aspect Ratio- 7.29
Wing Loading @ Gross- 9.39 lbs.
Length- 17 ft. 11 in.
Length with Wings Folded- 19 ft. 9.5 in.
Width with Wings Folded- 7 ft. 9.5 in.
Width of Horizontal Stabilizer- 93 in.
Height- 71 in.
Cabin Width- 39 in. (not including bubble doors)
Across Ears (upper carry thru tube)- 33.5 in.
Across Seat Truss- 35 in.
Across Bottom of Panel / Knees- 33 in.
Seat Truss to Firewall- 25 in.
Toe Room (Cross Tube to Floor at Firewall)- 11 in.
Across Panel- 29 in.
Empty Weight- 440-510 lbs.
Gross Weight- 1150 lbs. (+4.4 / -2.2 G's)
Useful Load- 540 lbs.
Fuel Capacity- 26 US gal. + Header
Fuel Consumption- 4 gal./hr
Cruise- 90-100 mph
Range @ 65%- 500 mi.
Endurance w/ reserve- +5 hrs.


Stall Speed- 32mph solo, 36mph gross
Never Exceed Speed (VnE)- 135mph
Rate of Climb- 1700fpm solo, 1000fpm gross
Climb Angle - 45 solo, 28 gross
Best Rate of Climb Speed (VY)- 45mph solo, 50mph gross
Best Angle of Climb Speed (VX)- 40mph solo, 50mph gross
Takeoff Distance- 90ft solo, 140ft gross
T/O Over 50ft Obstacle- 200ft solo, 350ft gross
Landing Distance- 150ft solo, 200ft gross
Service Ceiling- 12,500+ ft

* Performance with liquid cooled 65hp Rotax 582 and Rotax 3.0:1 model "C" gear reduction drive at sea level and standard temp conditions.

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