Beautiful lines mark this wide and tall version as a fancy simple bird with plenty of tarmac appeal!!

My objective is to construct an aircraft like this one
This aircraft is David Thatcher's wide and tall version. His original design had the same wingspan and fuselage dimensions, but the pilots were restricted to a shorter seating height. After seeing this, David decided to modify the cockpit seating ribs and seat back bulkhead giving a greater seating height for pilots who need it. David Thatcher designed this aircraft and flies it. The wings remove so it can be trailered around to a home garage and save on hanger rental expenses. The VW engine burns automobile 92 octane gas at about 3 gallons per hour while flying 125 MPH. That means this aircraft gets around 40 miles per gallon! Compare to a Cessna 172 burning 10 gallons of 100LL per hour flying the same speed! The CX4 is a great stable single seater.

When my bird is finished and tested, I plan to make a coast to coast flight across the country with it.

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