Tiger and mural of Cascade Mountains.
Yakima Airpark at YKM

Where, What and Why.
I live in Yakima, WA and find myself looking for another project. After twenty plus years as a financial and estate planner, I sold the office and built a log cabin in the Cascades. The old one burned up so I started from the ground up. At the same time a couple of us have been in charge of building 13 hangars at Yakima Airport. We now have a great GA community with meeting rooms and about 25 planes. The local EAA 206 has this location as its gathering place.
I have been flying a Grumman Tiger for the last 11 years and enjoyed every moment. It is a great toy.

Why build a S-19? It is cute as hell and seems to fit my needs.

I need a project. The building process will be a new experience for me. I have been pushing buttons without knowing much about what happends at the other end of the line.
If I'm lucky enough to grow old and need to fly on a SPORTS licence, that would be good. 100LL could be an issue. and I need a reason to loose enough weight for couple of gallons of fuel.

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