I'm going to turn the pieces in the front to the plane in the back.

Chris' QB RV-7
So I'm building an airplane, in my garage, (mostly) by myself. I must be friggn nuts!

My first inspiration to build a plane was my CFI's midget mustang he built. I decided building my own plane was somthing I wanted to look into. At first I had my mind set on a four place plane, but after stuying my logbook and realizing I only used the backseat in the Stinson I was flying at the time twice, I decided a two place would be the ticket. I had narrowed my options down to a Mustang II or RV-7. After considering both options I finnaly decided on the RV-7 largely because of the pre-punching and the number of previous builders available. I'm looking forward to learning and growing through this project!

FYI: Beginning October 2008 I decided I was spending too much time updating this website, from now on I will be doing one entry a month in Fuselage: Misc.

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