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Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2008-01-22 Ordered Kits So today i started the journey and wrote my check to Van's for the empennage and both practice kits. I'm excited to get started. looking for tools now!
2008-01-23 Tools ordered I wen't with cleavelands offering. This is getting expensive fast.
2008-02-04 Empennage Arrives! Plane parts are in the garage. All parts are inventoried and waiting for me to start. I'll do the practice kits before acctually starting the plane. Man, am I excited or what?
2008-02-05 Toolbox Practice Kit Well I finished the first practice kit today. I'm not taking any formal classes so I'm doing both practice kits prior to starting, try to get my mistakes out of the way. It went relitively smoothly; 3 drill outs, I dimpled one piece the wrong way, and a copule instances of the universal head rivet gun walking off the rivet head. I think i need to clamp my work down when trying to rivet by myslef, duh.
2008-02-06 Aileron Practice Kit. Today I nocked out the second practice kit. This one went much smoother, 1 smiled rivet and only 1 drill out. It took awhile to figure out the double flush rivets but I got them figured out and looking good. Wild game tomorrow then on to real plane parts!
2008-02-08 HS Rear Spar First work on real plane parts today! drilled a bunch of holes, riveted the elvator bearing bracket.
2008-02-08 HS Front Spar I Drilled and bent the HS Front Spar
2008-02-09 HS Ribs Today I prepared the HS ribs. Starting to see plane parts. Wild game tonight, skins will have to wait for tomorrow.
2008-02-10 Drilling HS Skins Today was fun. it looked like plane parts for the first time. Also got the ribs and spars deburred and dimpled before calling it a night.
2008-02-11 HS Ribs/spars prime. Today I primed the ribs. I used plastic to close off the side room in the garage, I will do all my priming in there. I decided to just do a light coat of rattle can primer on the outside of the ribs (where they join the skins). quick and easy.
2008-02-12 Dimple HS Skins, Rivet Rear Spar Today I deburred and Dimpled the skins. then riveted the Rear Spar.
2008-02-13 HS Riveting Today was a good day. the left side of the HS is now riveted. It started off very frustrating, trying to get one of the ribs leading edge hole riveted. 1st rivet didnt work out, drilled it out but got the hole in the rib oblong. the skin hole was still ok so I just make a doubler plate for the back side. did that and when driving the new rivet smiled the skin. First skin rivet and I already lost my Lindy ;) oh well build on, filler can fix that before paint. The rest of the process went well, very exciting to see it come together.
2008-02-14 HS Done! Today I finished the horizontal stabilizer woohoo! The right side went very smoothly and it looks great. This is the coolest thing I've done, its really neat to see it go from parts to complete piece. There have already been some frustrating times but I'm very glad I decided to do this. Also, today I got a letter from the FAA and my plane is now officially N914N, My brothers birthday and first initial.
2008-02-16 VS structure and skins The VS is going really fast. Today I clecoed the structure and skins together and final drilled everything.
2008-02-17 VS dimple and prime Today I deburred, countersunk/dimpled, and finished all the edges of the skins and ribs. Then did a quick coat of primer on the ribs. Wild game tonight the rest will have to wait for tomorrow.
2008-02-19 VS Done! Today I finished off the vertical stabilizer. I was on a roll with the rivets I was thinking "these are looking much better than the HS"; then honestly the next rivet after that I smiled the skin. Lesson learned. overall it looks really good though.
2008-02-20 Rudder stiffeners today was the least fun I've had building so far. first off it was about -10 degrees, and my garage doesn't get real warm even with the propane heater. second I prepared all the rudder stiffeners, long tedious process. you have to cut them out of angle stock, then taper one end so it fits in the trailing edge. Then you match drill to the skins, then dimple, then prime. what a day.
2008-02-21 More Riveted Stiffeners All I got done today was riveting the stiffeners to the skins.
2008-02-22 Rudder Skeleton Today Tabby worked a double so I got alot done on the project. I matchdrilled all the ribs and skins. then primed everything just riveting to do tomorrow.
2008-02-23 Riveted the Rudder. Today I riveted the rudder skeleton and some of the skin. I need to pick up some RTV and angle stock from home depot to finish the trailing edge and the ribs. Prolly best I spend some time with Tabby and Roli at the park today, it's beautiful outside.
2008-02-25 Elevator Stiffeners Today I made the elevator stiffeners. I still have to shorten three of them to fit the left side.
2008-02-27 Riveted Elevator Stiffeners Today I got the elevator stiffeners dimpled deburred primed and riveted. this empennage is getting close to done :D
2008-02-28 Elevator Structure Today I made the eleator structure, drill deburr dimple prime. time to start thinking about ordering the QB kit.
2008-02-29 Right elevator done* Today I got the right elevator closed up.
*trailing edge rivets still arn't done. I was looking for some way to get a solid rivet in there but it sounds like I'll be going with blind rivets.

PS cutting the led counter weight with a hacksaw sucked
2008-02-29 Bonded Trailing Edge Today I finaly got some RTV on the trailing edge. looks really strait now, I'll let that cure a couple days before riveting.
2008-03-01 That sinking feeling... Well it happens to the best of us,my time in the garage ended today with "that was expensive". I was working on the left elevator. bending the edge where the trim tab goes, well I effed it up. I got the bend to far outboard and tore the skin a little bit. right there I knew I was probably done. however, in an attempt to save it I stop-drilled the tear and acctually got it looking pretty good, sure there would be a little bigger gap but I'm not building a show plane. Then the nail in the coffin was when i put in the 609pp spar was too narrow. Call to van's on monday will get the new parts on my way, hope its not too expensive.
2008-03-02 Trim Tab Structure. Today I started the trim tab because of a recomendation from VAF after I wreked the left skin. bending the trim tabs is just like what I screwed up yesterday. but today, it went ok. I'm pretty pumped that I got it done with no problems.
2008-03-02 Riveting Rudder Trailing Edge Today I finnaly got the trailing edge done, it turned out perfect! The instructions had me worried about this, they made it sound like it was impossible to get strait. Mine turned out perfect, very exciting. I couldn't find a broomstick suitable for rolling the leading edge so that will have to wait.
2008-03-02 saving the left elevator? well after some thought I decided to go see just how bad the elevator/trim tab look together. I clecoed the understructure and skins. Put the trim tab in and heres how it looks. a bigger gap then I would like, I'll have to think about it.
2008-03-05 Rudder Done! Today I finally got the leading edge rolled; way more of a pain than it sounds. I figured it would take 20 min, an hour and a half later the rudder was finished.
2008-03-05 Left elevator riveted well after talking with van's it was decided the elevator is OK :). So today I got it put together, I need to order more blind rivets to finish it up (you can't reach some of the rivets in the trim tab spar). Just have to roll the leading edges, trim tab, and fiberglass tips then the emp is done!

Quickbuild kit was ordered yesterday.
2008-03-06 Trim Tab Done Today I got the trim tab finished. As of now I am in the one trim tab club.
2008-03-06 rolled leading edges I'm taking it easy on the project right now cuz really there's nothing else to do. I've ordered the QB kit that should be here in 3-4 months. utill then I'll be twidling my thumbs and starting to make decisions on avionics, power scheme, lights, and the engine. I did get the leading edges of the elevators rolled so I guess it counts for somthin. sorry no pics, I'll put it all together temporaily and take some pics of that.
2008-04-26 great day Didn't get much work done today, but I did put everything together for some pics. I've been really busy with school so I haven't worked much on the project + I have about 10-20 hours left and the rest of the kits wont be here until the middle of june. It was awesome seing it all together!
2008-06-10 Fun with fiberglass over the last couple of days I've started on the emp tips. It's good to be working on the plane again. My quickbuild kit is schedualed for early in July. getting excited!
2008-06-20 more fun with fiberglass I've riveted the tips on and I'm planning on starting with some filler when it gets here from spruce.
2008-06-21 wing cradle I knocked out the wing cradle today. pretty self explanitory. I called van's and my kit is due to them July 8th. I'm hoping it's in my garage and inventoried before I leave for oshkosh.
2008-08-24 It's Finnaly Here! Well I havent updated in a while because I've been waiting for the rest of the quickbuild. IT FINNALY CAME!!! Friday was the day, the driver from Partain showed up around 10 and we were done unloading by 11. It's nice to have plane parts in the garage again. My compressor went tits up so I had to get that replaced on waranty.

The inventory was a slow process tabby helped me a count the hardware and go through the box of other parts, it was nice to have someone to talk to during the tedious workd.

Starting on the quickbuild is quite a slow process, you have to go through step by step to make sure everything has been done. so in four hours of work all I have doen is drilled the firewall recess and riveted some seat back supports.
2008-08-25 Seat Backs Today I caught up with the quickbuild...theres some little things left to do here and there but the main start for the qb is around building the seat backs, so thats what I'm starting with.

After figuring out the right parts after some confusion on the inventory sheet, Me and Tabby cut the angle to size. Tonight I drilled the front angles and clecoed them, should be able to finish the seats tomorrow.

In other news, I got confirmation on my finish kit today. Scheduled to ship 10/14. That will be a good belated birthday present to myself.
2008-09-06 last few days.... I haven't been real good at updating this lately. I've been really busy between building and school so the site has taken a back seat... In fact I think I'm gonna do a weekly update vs. a daily blog.
Since last update I've finished the seats, Installed the flap weldments, and started working on the rudder pedals. I'm getting back into the swing of things again. My compressor is still giving me problems so I'm not sure what I'll do there.
2008-10-01 duplicate entry
2008-10-01 Back to school Wow...thats all I can say...school is brutal right now. hardly any time to work on the plane, even less to update the site. I've put in about 15 hours over the last couple weeks. Working on the pedals, baggage floor, aileron pushrods, and aileron brackets. It's been pretty hectic but I thought I'd give a quick update here.
2008-11-02 October Well school is still super busy but I have been working on the plane some, just no time to update the site. I've been working on the wings. today I got the first flap on. Both ailerons are on. pushrods are done. I got the engine early this month, IO-3360-M1B looks beautiful. My phone is broken so I have no pictures now. I'll get them up when my new phone gets here next week hopefully.
2008-11-25 November Well it's crunch time in school right now so I'm not getting a whole lot of hours out in the garage. However, I am getting close with the wings, I drilled the skins tonight and I still have to finish the tank. The flaps were a bit of a pain getting them lined up correctly be myself but I got it done and their pretty close. Looks like it will fly one day
2009-01-29 December/January Between finals and such the plane took a backseat to school and holidays for most of December. so whats been done since the last update? well I got the last wing skin dimpled, but am waiting to finish that until i have the pitot and autopilot installed. then I switched my focus to the fuselage, and got the following done: rudder pedals installed, rudder cable ran, sticks installed, elevator pushrods completed, tailwheel braket installed, seatbelt cables installed, and the top forward skin prepped. I have a bit more free time this semester so hopefully I can really put the project into over-drive.
2009-02-28 February Well February was certianly a good month for the project. The tail is on and fully functional!!! that was probably the biggest milestone of the month, I also have the fuel system ran to the firewall, and got both the pitch and roll autopilot servos installed.
2009-03-31 March March was another good month for the project, got the cabin frame and forward fuse pretty much finished up, and also finished the canopy frame. Now I'm just waiting for some warm weather to paint the interior and get that canopy on! Meanwhile I think I'm gonna move on to the FWF, maybe even hang the engine, I prolly have a month or better until temps are good for plexi cutting.
2009-05-03 April April was a little slower wrapping up with school and all. It's hard to believe I'll be a college graduate in 5 days. I have a job lined up. I got the fuse standing on its own feet. I also painted the interior. I used rustoleum hammared in dark bronze and it turned out pretty good. I used the roll on vs spray kinda as I thought it would be easier; if I were to do it again I would just spray it.
2009-05-31 May Well, I'm on my way to South Dakota. I am going to be working at my uncles business. That means I had to move the plane some 900 miles, not exactly fun. I used a penske truck, but was so busy I forgot to take pictures. Not a whole lot of actual building but she's at her permanent home. I'm relieved to have it done with.
2009-06-30 June Well I'm starting to get settled in to a new job and a new location. Tabby is still in Duluth, It's not very fun being this far away from her. It sounds like she'll be moving down next month sometime. I've just finished the canopy frame, it's taken a fair ammount of bending and pulling to get to line up like I would like but I think I fianaly got it.
2009-07-31 July Well this month has been hot and smelly and itchy. yep, you guessed it, the canopy. the first part of the month was putting the finishing touches on the canopy frame. then I moved on to the plexi, It really wasn't as bad as it can be made out to be. It does take alot of concentration and patience. It's done and it looks beautiful if I do say so myself!
2009-08-30 August I finished up the canopy. finishing the edges, and attaching it, then I removed it and stored it safely until I need it. I also did the avionics shoping, you'll have to wait until next month to see what I decided on.
2009-09-30 September there is literally more than half a mile of wire in my plane now. everything went smoothly one wire at a time. the final decision one the panel are : MGL Odessey EFIS, MGL v10 com, TruTrak adi backup attitude, microair transponder, 2 1/4" bacup airspeed, and a jensen dvd player.
2009-10-31 October Running the last few wires, things are going pretty slow with the wedding planning and trying to find a house.
2009-12-31 November, December, and January Almost no work on the plane between the new house and wedding. I can't believe I'm getting married in 9 days!! We ended up buying my uncle's old house, so we have our own place to start our new life together, between the honemoon and taking over my new position at work it will probably be until february before I can make any real progress on the plane.
2010-02-28 February Big milestone this month I got the engine on the plane!! With me and my uncle it took us about 2 hours. The bolts were pretty difficult to get in and torqing the nuts was even more so but we got er done. It's really starting to look like a plane now!
2010-03-31 March alot of work on the baffling and cowling, slow tedious work with not alot to show, somewhat disheartening but sure looks nice when its all together, even if it is only temporary!
2010-04-20 Bose for sale uploading pics for sale
2010-04-30 April Wrapped up work on the baflign and cowl, and moved the plane up to the front of the hanger for final wing fitting, should get them on first part of next month, looks like I'll be flying in june/july, getting very excited!
2010-05-28 May Wings are on for good, what can you do with wings on and an engine? Thats right its time to start it up!!! First engine start was May 17th approx 7:00pm video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe-MHifZ8PI and first taxi is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QilWwKUwcXI. very exciting. I also got the wing tips on and lights wired.
2010-06-30 June 2010 Finishing up! Reattached the canopy, painted the pink cowl and started reviewing everything for inspection, which is scheduled for July 20th. Taxi tests and fixing some small discrepencies. I also did a rough fit of the gear leg and the wheel pants.