This Web Page will document our construction of an all aluminum Light Sport Airplane called SONEX!

This is for the FAA's requirements as well as to keep friends and family updated on our progress. Please visit often. Feel free to contact us via email at

Sonex 1196 has shipped, should be here 6-16-08
Since ordering in April we have been updating our workshop with a drill press, table saw, chop saw, vise, many drill bitts, clecos, clamps, and a Scotchbrite wheel and pads (Thanks Nelson!).

Lots of boxes and parts, there was no damage. Sonex did a great job of packing and protecting.
Added some new racks to store raw material.

Kit and Parts arrived 6-16-08
Very exciting rainy day! They sent a 48 foot truck which could not fit in the driveway so we backed a pickup behind it and unloaded then backed to the garage. The camera's battery was dead and I had no time to mess around so there are no pictures.

After unloading I started taking inventory, lots of stuff! This continued into the next day.

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