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Meet "Mojo"
Ask anyone who is flying an airplane they built themselves this question: "Are you nuts?!"

The answer could well be "maybe", but when the result of all those years of money, sweat equity, emotional thrill-rides, pain & small victories first departs Planet Earth, all of those things become ancient history. N51PW first took to the air on January 31, 2004, and as of this time (June, 2007) has accumulated over 400 hours of safe and sane airtime. Her name is "Mojo" because she possesses an interesting little bag of tricks, revealed throughout this website. She has been honored with a Bronze Lindy at Oshkosh (2005), Best Metal Homebuilt at Sun&Fun (2006) and Grand Champion at SERFI (2006). She's a good girl!

Thanks to Expercraft, I am offering my experience here for the following reasons:
1. Hopefully show that if I can pull this off, so can you!
2. Share lessons learned
3. Possibly stimulate some "outside the box" thinking, and
4. Show that this really ain't rocket science- If you enjoy a real challenge, possess decent mechanical skills, a fair amount of discipline and dedication, and are interested in meeting some really fascinating people, this trip's for YOU!

I've intentionally omitted much of the typical building process, since there are lots of websites available that do that. I've focused more on things I did during the project that you likely won't see elsewhere. Some of it is just stuff I found useful, or made the task easier, and a lot of it is defined by this phrase that kept showing up in my builder's log. That phrase is "deviant behavior", and you'll see a fair amount of it here.

SITE NAVIGATION NOTE: Most of my entries aren't easily categorized into typical "building" areas in the index column- if you don't see what you're looking for, go to the "Assembly" category and click "Miscellaneous"; Final assembly, Inspection, First Flight, Phase I Testing and subsequent work on the plane are included here.

As you roam around the site, pay particular attention to the "Miscellaneous" listing in each category. A lot of stuff I've included that doesn't particularly fit the standard categories is found here, in date order. Also please be patient as I refine the entries, their order and organization, and be gentle regarding obvious errors to speling, grammar' and just plane bad writing. (It's obvious I'm no journalist) But I DID build this airplane. Really!

Oh yeah, one last thing: If you see something here that is not in the factory-supplied manual from Van's Aircraft, understand that if you do likewise, it's you and/or your passenger's butt in the plane. Make absolutely certain you understand the responsibilities and risks that come with modifications. These are "EXPERIMENTS" and many are unique and being tested on ONE airplane (mine!). Airplanes are serious business, and RVs are serious airplanes, so evaluate, duplicate then aviate if you'd like. Thank me if it works for you, but don't blame me if it don't!

If you'd like to comment, criticize or complain, feel free to contact me at e-mail address below or please sign the Guestbook, found near the top of the left column.

Thanks again to Expercraft for the opportunity to do this!

From The PossumWorks-
Mark Phillips
Columbia, TN

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