Log Entries

Project Location: TX US

Entry Date Summary Description
Entry Date Summary Description
2007-07-14 Purchased Kit in Dalllas Tx Drove 500 miles each way to pickup kit. Kit was purchased with rudder and elevator built by previous owner. Previous owner unable to continue due to ill health.
2007-07-15 Built building table outside workroom under a shade. Built the table that I will be building the aircraft on.
2007-07-17 Ailerons
2007-07-25 Main Wheels and brake calipers Make sure to buy a 12" drillbit for the holes in the landing gear. Saved me a lot of time and trouble. Cost me $11 at Home Depot.
I installed the calipers on the bottom. Not sure if this will be a problem but can easily be moved if necessary. The main problem I see is that air will be trapped in system when charged with oil. If anyone is reading this and is sure it is wrong please e-mail me at mosquito-56@hotmail.com.
2007-07-26 Flap 1 completed, painted and ready to rivet
2007-07-27 Flap 2 Completed and ready
2007-07-31 Installed bottom skin
2007-08-01 Installing nose ribs
2007-08-03 Installed Leading Edge
2007-08-10 Completed cutting holes for Fuel Tanks
2007-08-11 Installed Fuel Sender Installed fuel sender on side of tank. Verified resistance full and empty. Tested for leaks with air pressure. Removed quickdrain and filler cap and flushed tank with water to remove any filings from drilling the fuel sender hole.
2007-08-12 Completed Landing lights.
2007-08-13 Cut hole for Landing Light and Wired the Gas tank fuel sender
2007-08-14 Removed bottom skin and rear channel for cleaning, painting and riveting.
2007-08-15 Riveted bottom skin
2007-08-16 Installed fuel tank permanently Finished drilling the leading edge. Drilled, deburred, painted le ribs.
2007-08-17 Cut Wing Tip, Installed Wing tip
2007-08-18 Installed blind nuts in wingtip lighting
2007-08-20 Installed the wiring for everything I purchased some inexpensive wire wrap from autoparts store. Tie wrapped them to wing ribs.
2007-08-22 Installed Flasher for strobe light
2007-08-24 Removed top skin, deburred and painted ribs
2007-08-29 Cleaned and primed top skin
2007-09-04 RIGHT WING COMPLETED I have wrapped the right wing in plastic and moved it for storage. When I unwrap it I will take final pictures
2007-09-05 BEGAN LEFT WING The left wing will go alot faster since I cut many parts for the left wing when I did the right wing.
1. RR1-4 stiffeners
2. Aileron bellcrank completed drilled and assembled
2007-09-07 Installed Left Main Ribs
2007-09-09 Installed Left Bottom skin
2007-09-11 Install Left Top Skin clecoed
2007-09-13 Left Wingtip ribs
2007-09-16 Installed Left Leading Edge Skin
2007-09-17 Cut Hole for fuel Sender and Holes for quickdrain and overflow tube
2007-09-21 Installed Fuel Tank
2007-09-27 Fuel tank installed, wiring completed
2007-09-29 Started on the fuse. All bottom parts done except door
2007-10-05 Rear fuse door hinged and cut, still need screws.
2007-10-07 Pretty much done with bottom rear of fuse, need to clean, deburr and paint.
2007-10-09 Completed rear bottom fuse assembly. Not riveted or painted
2007-10-11 I will only do one area regarding Instrumentation Began researching intruments. Have pretty much decided on Dynon100 and Dynon ems.
2007-11-08 Wing Center Spar, landing gear channel painted, riveted
2007-11-08 Recieved Radio, Elt, Intercomm from Stein Air Radio IC-A200
Intercomm PM300
ELT Orange Monster

Radio is prewired at no extra cost. I only have about 6 wires to hookup. Intercomm is done. Mount plugs and plug in connector and ready to go.

Stein seems to be good dealer will update further as info becomes available.
2008-02-29 Quick update, in case anyone is actually reading this Have 2/3 of body complete. Will update later with photos

Right side done
left side done
Seat backs complete
upper longerons complete
One set of brake pedals complete. Ordered slave cylinders but not installled
Wing templates completed
Seat fronts with bolt installation doors completed not installed yet.
Wing strut installed and cleckoed
Firewall completed and installed, Front wheel completely drilled

Left uprights from wing, and wheel uprights completed yesterday
2008-07-25 Working on top front. Have done alot just not keeping up with internet.
Expect to complete fuse in next 2 weeks, begin paint preping and riveting body.
Recieved Jab3300
2009-03-12 Completed foot pedals Have been working on plane but problems with computer. Finally fixed and will catch up soonest.
2009-03-16 installed bottom brace for instrument panel
2009-03-18 Installed 6c15-4 bottom brace
2009-03-25 Primed 6c2-1,2,3 Primed the striker stud, bottom piece and canopy brace.
2009-03-26 Installed gas springs Installed 6c2-1,2,3, stricker stud, bottom bracket and canopy side frame.