Welcome to The Mike Ellis Gyroplane Project
After much research, careful thought (checking with the wife), and encouragement from the kids the time came to begin the "Gyroplane Project".

This Sparrowhawk Gyroplane will not be like the other gyros out there. It will be the ultimate ranch-roaming, fish-finding, joy-flying gyroplane built to date. With many custom features and expert builder assist by the guys at Airgyro Aviation this gyro will be my entry into general aviation! http://www.airgyro.com .


Starting Flight Training
Flying in the Sparrowhawk Gyroplane is much more exciting than anticipated. Once in flight I was able to take command of the aircraft the first time up. With a little practice the take-off and landings will follow.!


What a ride!
With wheels, steering and brakes, the gyroplane is easy to taxi around like a golf cart and drive it right into a garage or storage barn at the end of a fantastic flight!


Construction has begun!
Check out the progress on my Sparrowhawk Gyroplane by clicking on the "Project" link under the Website Info Pages Menu in the list to the left. There are a bunch of photos and info on how the aircraft is constructed!


Ground Instruction continues!
Proper ground instruction is key to learning to fly!! Here we are having fun as we watch some landings and takeoffs from a different perspective.


Landings take some time to learn
Landing a gyro is fun, but can be tricky at first. Once you learn the perspective and response times on the stick, they come quick and easy. "Start your flare about here, and let the gyro settle into ground effect here..." Andy says.


Preflighting the gyro.
After a thorough preflight check, the flight training continues! Mike Burton, Airgyro CFI says, "better discovered on the ground than in the air!"


Dave is a neighbor who heard about the training and couldn't resist!
Flying in from San Diego and seeing the gyro for the first time gets the blood pumping! The end result of a first flight is the huge smile on Dave's face!


The weather is great and the family is out for a flight!
Isabelle and Nick check out the gyro! Once in the gyro Isabelle wasn't about to give up the pilot seat easily!


Monica takes her first flight
In the gyro with a hopeful smile Monica straps in for the fist flight! Once in the air she loved it and flew like a natural!


Nick after a successful acrobatic course in the gyro
After takeoff Nick took the controls and gave the instructor a lesson in gyro flying! Flying straight and level is boring compared to the Park City slopes Nick shredded the day before, so Nick livened things up with some nice turns and spirals and stuff.


Here Nick is again!
Flying high next to the mountain backdrop. The weather was perfect here on the ground and the snow was great at the ski resorts!


Grandma is a true aviator at heart!
Don't be fooled by her soft voice and her sweet smile, grandma is not timid in the air! After some wild turns and low flying she questioned "Are we landing all ready?" as she beckoned the instructor to go around once more!


Isabelle tests out another flying machine!
Nick supports Isabelle as she takes things into her own hands in the cockpit. Hang on Nick, this could be the flight of your life!


The new seats are almost TOO comfortable!!
Hopefully these seats don't have the same effect on the pilot in flight! The following warning label will be placed on the seats "These seats are extremely comfortable and may cause drowsiness. Sit down at your own risk."

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