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Log Entries for Flaps

Log Entry Date: Dec 4, 2018


Flap Pushrods ... Casters for main Wheels
Constructed the flap pushrods... exactly as the the Vans directions say to...
1. Cut the AT-6 tube to length (4 7/8")
2. Drill out with a #3 drill bit ($4.00 @ ACE hardware)
3. Tap to a depth of 1" with a 1/4-28 tap
4. Assemble with required hardware
With that completed I started making a better set of casters for the main wheels... nothing has worked so far. In fact , what I have now sent me to the hospital.
Need to get some swivel wheels now.
Dwg 33
drlling and taping
here's all the hardware
Completed F759's
start of wheel casters

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