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Log Entries for Ailerons

Log Entry Date: Nov 30, 2018


Thinking About Closing Wings
I had disconnected the aileron pushrod from the bell crank during the wingtip installation, so i needed to re connect.
Ended up removing one of the ailerons entirely . thought I had something jammed in it , a cleco or wedge of wood.. turns out the push rod was caught on the wrong side of the bellcrank .
While looking at the drawing to see if I had it assembled correctly . I found a mistake I had made earlier... the bolt the connectes the big pushrod from the control stick to the bellcrank is suppose to have a washer under the head of the bolt... somehow I had missed it. now its there on both sides.
Called AFS today ... need to understand the wing wire harness they sent me ... only has (4) wires ...need more than that for the landing lights and nav/position lights i've got.
Tomorrow I'll try to safety wire the bell crank bolts

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