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Log Entries for Ribs

Log Entry Date: Jan 29, 2012


Bending the aileron ribs
It's odd. Those aileron ribs that I sweated over to make smooth and perfect I now clamp in a vice and whack with a hammer! After hammering out enough ribs for two airplanes, the MDF started to come apart on us. That shouldn't be a problem for someone building a single airplane UNTIL you get to flap and aileron ribs where they have that point on them. A solution that has been proposed by other builders is to put a couple coats of polyurethane on the form to harden them up a bit. Our solution is to make those forms out of oak. Both should work. Anyhow here are a couple of shots of the process.

Remember you're making left and right, so split the unbent ribs into two groups and flip one shiny side up and the other white side up. That way you'll know when you're done making one set and it's time to shift to the other side.

A few examples of bent forms and one ready to go.
In mid bend. Follow the recommendation in the wing manual. One hit to "set" the angle and then bend. Notice Chris deburring in the background. Joint building goes fast!
The last rib. Notice how the form block is coming apart after doing enough ribs for two planes.

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