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Log Entries for Ribs

Log Entry Date: Jan 29, 2012


Rounding the edges of the bending blocks
On the plans you'll notice it calls for a 1/16" radius rounded edge but the question is "how do I do that?" Well, time for an old canoe paddle building trick:

  1. Find an old piece of scrap metal. In my case it was that little cross brace you find in a light fixture.
  2. Drill a 1/8" hole through the metal piece. If you have one of those little cross braces laying around (or you go buy one) you'll notice that the holes are already 1/8" how convenient :)
  3. Take an angle grinder and grind a straight line into the hole (or metal cutting jig saw will work too). You want to hit the hole so your cut line comes right in at the tangent. Aim a little high and then grind off (or file off) the extra.
  4. Now do the same at 90 degrees to your original cut. I would suggest making it a little more than 90 degrees because it just works better for some reason. See the picture for the final "tool."

Take this tool and run it around the edge of the form block. You will get a very consistent very easy 1/16" radius. It doesn't take very long to get some nicely rounded bending blocks. REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO ROUND BOTH SIDES!!! You'll be making left and right ribs!
My nifty little 1/16" radius making tool made from a light fixture cross piece.
Finished bending and backing blocks. The aileron pocket ribs aren't right. See 2/3 entry.

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