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Log Entries for Ribs

Log Entry Date: Jan 29, 2012


Return of the flap ribs
So we screwed up the flap ribs a little. Neither Chris nor I noticed the little not on there that said you should notch the ribs like the aileron ribs. Oh well. The good news is that now I have a chance to try out my own advice. Specifically:

  1. Sandwich the ribs between MDF.
  2. Drill the holes
  3. Take the top piece of MDF off.
  4. Cut to slots to the holes.

Good news! It works great!
Bad news! It works great for about 4-5 ribs at a time. I stacked up about 16 or so. Two words: blade wander. That's the good thing about having a log on the Internet. You get to show the whole world when you screw up :)
As you can see from the pictures, the pieces at the bottom of the stack were WAY off. I had to fix them in groups of three with more cutting and more filing. It took a long time to fix this little mess.
Here are a few tips after having actually done this.

  1. Do them in groups of 4-5.
  2. Make the initial cuts to the hole INSIDE of your line, then final cut making a very thin and precise cut, almost shaving it off.
  3. Ignore the advice of your shop teacher and as you pull the blade back out of the work for the last time, put a very slight sideways pressure on the blade. Not enough to actually bend the blade, just enough to hear it rubbing against the aluminum. This will do two things. It will shine up the inside of the cut AND when the blade gets out of the slot it will "slide" back into a straight position and when it does that it will round of the outside edge just a touch so you don't have a sharp point there.
  4. Take the "finished" slot over to your drill press with the 3/16" bit and use it like a dremel. Just run it around the inside edge to take off any burrs you have left.

Me stacking up about 16 ribs to cut all at once. Aren't I brilliant?
Nope. The blade wandered by the time it got to the bottom ribs. Fabulous :(
This is what I get to fix.

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