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Log Entries for Ribs

Log Entry Date: Aug 12, 2012


Maple flanging plug
Made a new maple flanging plug. Wow. The hole cutter really doesn't do well on maple. I got far enough to have a flat surface for the chamfer bit to run on and then took a jig saw and cut it out by hand since that part would be routed off anyway.

The maple plug lasted about 9 more ribs before it developed a crack! Very disappointing. I pressed some more with maple and the crack doesn't seem to be affecting anything, but it's getting bigger. I suspect it will fail and at that point I'll end up making MDF plugs to finish up. With the drill press all set up to cut these things out, it only takes me about five minutes to make a new plug out of MDF.
Finish cutting out the maple flanging plug.
Finished maple flanging plug.

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