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Log Entries for Ribs

Log Entry Date: Aug 1, 2012


Flange Block Part 2
As promised here is the process for pressing the flanges using a vice.

I sandwich the aluminum between two nose rib form blocks. That gives me the 3/8" opening that the plugs go into. The center screw on the back of the form block goes through a scrap piece of steel which can be rotated to cover which ever hole I'm pressing. This distributes the pressure of the vice across the form block. I tried using a second scrap piece of steel to distribute the vice pressure across the plug but that is more trouble than it's worth. In the end it's easier to just crank directly against the plug, but a scrap piece of hard wood may be needed as I move along. Well see how it holds up.

The pressing procedure is fairly simple.

Small Hole: Place the plug in the hole and tighten down with the vice. Make one half turn and then check to insure the plug is centered and going in even on all sides.

Large Hole: Since my vice isn't big enough to get the jaws centered directly on the plug, I make a half turn with the jaws on "the bottom" of the plug and then flip it over, make one turn with the jaws on "the top" of the plug and continue flipping and making full turns until the plug is in far enough in. This gets the hole nice and evenly flanged.

HINT: Make sure you put a line on the plug to mark how far you want to press it in so you're getting consistent results.
Aluminum sandwiched between the form blocks. Ready to press the holes.
Scrap steel that is used to distribute the pressure on the back of the vice.
Finished product. The slight arch in the nose rib gets taken out later by hand.

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